Letter of Request for Material Needed


I hope you will be doing well. Through this letter, I want to share with you the progress of our ongoing project and an unanticipated problem as well. My team was about to complete the project within the stipulated time deadline, and I was happy to see the pace of the project. But suddenly, we came across a problem. I came to know through my storekeeper that the material supply was ending and if we keep going with such pace, it will soon be vanished which was an alarming thing because we were looking forward to completing the project within a few days.

I have already informed you verbally and you promised to supply the needed material as soon as possible but unfortunately, we did not receive anything yet. Due to this reason, we had to stop the project.

Now, I am requesting you formally to make sure the supply of all material which is needed at the project site immediately so that we could proceed further and meet the deadline. I have attached with this letter a list of all such material.   

I hope my request will be given due consideration by you and you will make a quick supply of needed material at the site as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,


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Subject: Request for material needed at site [X]

Dear Manager,

I, James Anderson, working as an assistant manager in Stars Marketing Company, would like to request an urgent supply of material from your company which is needed immediately. A list of materials has been attached to this request letter.

We had already worked together once in 20XX on a project. Getting the material supply from your company was an excellent experience for me altogether. This year, as we are going to start our project again, I have decided to complete it with your help and I am therefore requesting you through this letter to supply us the material of our need as early as possible. I also assure you of early payment for our ordered material.

The bank credit statement for the material is also being sent to you with this letter. If you have any queries regarding or need to ask for any information before processing the order, you can contact us through official email. Therefore, feel free to contact us. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,


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