Letter Requesting Discount on Price

Letter requesting discount on price


I am John Smith, CEO of Smith interior Design. We have had a good business partnership with your hardware company for the past six months and have regularly been purchasing bathroom tiles from you to use in our interior design business. I have noticed a sharp increase in the price of your tiles by $3 per unit.

I am writing this letter today to request a discount on the price of these tiles as they are not market competitive anymore. We have been approached by another vendor who is offering us tiles at a lower rate than yours. However, as we have been on good business terms with your company for a while now, I would like to continue getting our supplies for you but at a discount.

We request you to please provide us with the tiles at the previous rate or to give us some discount so we can continue with our partnership which has been fruitful throughout this time. We hope that you will give us a positive response and will do the needful at your earliest so we can purchase our next order of tiles.

Our company has signed for a new interior design project starting from next week and therefore we need to get our order of tiles as soon as possible. Please reach out to us with your response at your earliest. Feel free to email me at [email] or call at [X].

Thank you for your consideration.


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John smith

Dear Ms. Anne Scarlett,

Hope you are well. With reference to our previous meeting, I wish to inform you that we have chosen to purchase your jewelry designs for our daughter’s wedding which is scheduled to happen on 15th November 2021.

We made this decision based on the fact that your jewelry is of good quality, and you have a wide variety of stones and color customization available. I do however wish to request a discount on your jewelry items as they are at least fifteen percent more expensive than your competitors in the market.

As much as we like the designs, we still think it would be a bit too expensive for us to purchase all the wedding jewelry from you. We can however work this out if you offer us a discount of ten percent on the total purchase of five jewelry sets that we require.

Many well-known celebrities and media personalities will attend our daughter’s wedding and it will also be a chance for you to market your jewels to them.

Moreover, I will personally recommend your store to my friends and family if you agree to cooperate with us and offer us a discount on our purchase. This agreement shall prove to be beneficial to both of us. Please reach out to us with your response as soon as possible as we have little time left to make all the arrangements for the wedding.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ms. Sonia Jonas.

Size: 17 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

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