Letter to Confirm the Changes in an Event

Events can be of different types such as cultural, social, fundraising, business, and sporting. The management of all these events is different depending on their nature. But for handling all kinds of events, a proper channel and chain of command are followed. As all kinds have their own importance and acceptability.

Nowadays, the launch of any new brand in any field is also followed by an event. Events are a great source of awareness, information, and entertainment. And, event management helps much in achieving the required result. Sometimes, various situations come under which amendments are needed in an event. The changes required are exercised formally.

Proper channel is followed to demand changes. And, after being changed updates are given accordingly. Such situations include any natural disaster, social chaos, etc. In such a situation, event management plays a wide role as it gives a way out to cope with all kinds of circumstances.


As you understand we are organizing an exhibition at [venue] from [date] to [date]. This event is being held to showcase and highlight the products produced by the cottage industries of our country and we are very happy with the interest shown by the participants.

People from across the country have approached us and the stalls were sold out within two days. We are expecting foot traffic of [number].

However, there is one minor change as according to the latest weather reports, a thunderstorm is expected on the dates announced earlier so we have moved the event to the next weekend. So now the event would be held from [date] to [date].

We regret any inconvenience this might cause you but this decision has been taken keeping the best interests of both the sellers and the visitors in mind. This decision has been taken to ensure that a maximum number of people can attend and enjoy the event and the stallholders can make maximum profit.

Looking forward to a very profitable and interesting event.


I am writing about the fundraising concert being held on [date]. As you are well aware that this concert is being held to generate funds for the poor disaster-struck people of [region].

The floods and resulting famine in this region have affected almost [number] of people and with the winters approaching these people to require blankets and warm clothing in addition to food and medicines being provided now. Our goal is to raise [amount] by the end of this month and different events have been lined up for this purpose.

In regards to the concert planned on [date], there has been a change in the singer’s lineup. Earlier singers [name] and [name] were going to perform. We are very happy to inform you that Mr. [name] and Ms. [name] would also be joining us. They wanted to contribute to this worthy cause hence they have volunteered.

It has been decided by the central administrative committee that in the light of this development, the price of the tickets should be raised by [amount] in order to generate the maximum funds possible. Please update the advertisements and as the number of audiences is also expected to increase due to this, ensure that all the relevant arrangements are made to accommodate a bigger audience.

In addition, the managing staff on the ground would have to be increased too. We are looking forward to active participation by all parties to make this event a success.


John De Wilson
Block 25C, Sunset Boulevard Avenue, New York.


Mr. Ben Wordsworth

Block 54D, Pearl Avenue, New York.

Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope everything is going great. We are glad to know that you will attend the birthday party of my son Henry. As it is his first birthday, we are much excited about the event running smoothly.

It is to inform you that due to snowfall, we made some changes to the event. It is to provide ease to all the attendees so that everyone can come to join us. As you know that the event was previously arranged in the garden of the Creek Club on Saturday 15th January 20XX.

Now, it will be on Sunday 19th January 20XX in the Blue Hall of Creek Club. All entertainment and games for kids will be arranged in the Blue Hall now. The timings are the same 12 p.m. to noon 4 p.m. As per the weather forecast, Sunday will be a sunny day. We hope and pray for the best. We look forward to having great fun for both parents and kids.

We will be pleased to see you.


John De Wilson


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