Letter to Confirm the Changes in an Event

Events can be of different types such as cultural, social, fundraising, business, and sporting. The management of all these events is different depending on their nature. But for handling all kind of events, a proper channel and chain of command are followed. As all kinds have their own importance and acceptability. Nowadays, the launch of any new brand in any field is also followed by an event. Events are a great source of awareness, information, and entertainment. And, event management helps much in achieving the required result. Sometimes, various situations come under which amendments are needed in an event. The changes required are exercised formally. Proper channel is followed to demand changes. And, after being changed updates are given accordingly. Such situations include any natural disaster, social chaos etc. In such situation, event management plays a wide role as it gives a way out to cope with all kind of circumstances.

Letter to Confirm the Changes in an Event


John De Wilson

Block 25C, Sunset Boulevard Avenue, New York.

19th February 2017


Mr. Ben Wordsworth

Block 54D, Pearl Avenue, New York.


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope everything is going great. We are glad to know that you will attend the birthday party of my son Henry. As it is his first birthday, we are much excited about the event to run smooth. It is to inform you that due to snowfall, we made some changes in the event. It is to provide ease to all the attendees so that everyone can come to join us. As you know that the event was previously arranged in the garden of the Creek Club on Saturday 15th January 2017. Now, it will be on Sunday 19th January 2017 in the Blue Hall of Creek Club. All entertainment and games for kids will be arranged in the Blue Hall now. The timings are the same 12 p.m. to noon 4 p.m. As per the weather forecast, Sunday will be a sunny day. We hope and pray for the best. We look forward to having great fun for both parents and kids.

We will be pleased to see you.


John De Wilson


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Letter to Confirm the Changes in an EventLetter to Confirm the Changes in an Event

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