Letter to Employee to Return the Company Laptop


Re. Return of the company’s laptop

Dear Nelson, I hope you find everything fine around. I believe you must have an idea about the company’s policy after an employee gets terminated or resigns. You have been a part of this firm since March 20XX.

According to the company’s policy the employee, who is no more part of the company, must return all its property within a certain period given by the company. The property should be in its same exact state in which it was delivered to your hands otherwise the person has to pay for the damages as compensation.

In the wake of the above-mentioned statement, I, as an HR Manager of Kato Planet Groups, request you to return the company’s laptop which was a deposit at your end for safekeeping and use for official purposes.

I mean to write this request to you to make the return of the company’s laptop at your deposit soon within a given period which is one week (28th September 20XX to 2nd October 20XX). The company regularly sends the laptops or other electronics for the refurbishment of the articles to bring it to the effectiveness in performance for the use of the other employees. 

According to the jurisdiction of the Company Law, all the employees are liable to return the company’s property in its original form or pay for the compensation in case of loss or damage. Otherwise, local law enforcement intrudes into the matter and takes strict actions.

For more queries, you are welcomed to call at [X] or write directly to Mr. Nobel Rich, the HR Deputy Manager at [email]. I hope you will make the tabulation until the 2nd of October 20XX. In case of any delay kindly inform the company at any of the above-mentioned contact details.

Thank you


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Re. Return of the Company’s Laptop

Dear Emmy,

I feel really delighted that our organization has been blessed with the talent of an employee like you in its recent past. It was great working with you as many of our employees are working on your model of working. I regret that you could not work for long here and resigned on the account of your migration to Scotland, UK. We all wish you a great career full of success ahead.

Emmy, after the lockdown has been lifted, we are trying to bring everything lined up and well-organized again like before. I got a list from the Assistant General Manager of the company which also lists your name among our former employees who did not return a few items related to the company’s property. To line up the stuff, we have set a certain date as a deadline to accomplish this.

For this sake, I request you to return the company’s (HP core i5, specter 489) in its actual form before 10th October 2020. According to the company’s policy, the employee, after resigning, has to return all of the company’s property in its original form or/and with compensation in case of loss or damage.

The company would give articles of use to other employees for working. For smooth working, we need you to return the laptop in its original form before the given date. In case of damage or loss, please report our Inquiry Department and Restore House as soon as possible, so that they may guide you further in this regard. 

For queries, kindly write directly to the HR Manager, Mr. Noah at [email].

Thank you for the cooperation


Size: 22 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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