Letter to Bank for Change in Client Detail

Banks have become an important part of our lives. They help us save pour money and any other precious items. The increasing demand in opening a bank account has facilitated all of us at large. Life has become easier with banks as one can easily manage money-related transactions through banks even while sitting at home. If you wish to open an account in any bank, the bank would require certain important details of yours to be disclosed to it for verification purposes.

Any change in details would certainly require an update of information by you to the bank so that all new records are made by using the updated information. If by any chance you fail to update any important information to the bank, then you are at fault. Likewise, if the bank fails to update you regarding any change in policy, then the bank is at fault and for no reason, you will not be held accountable.

In today’s world where communication is no more difficult, it has become rather easier for all of us to effectively build our communication channel and move on with the same. You need not worry about things while sitting in an idle place. Certainly, an update of any new information is required by all. Whether you are running an institute, self -employed or an employee in any organization an update of information by you to the organization and by the organization to you, both are important.

Sample letter


Mr. Smith,


ABL BANK, London.
Subject: change in client detail

Dated: 21st May,20XX

Respected Sir,

I, Smith the CEO of TRG have been availing of your banking services for the past 10 years. We have also managed four of our clients through your banking services as all of them do not reside in London. Mr. John who lives in Mexico and to whom we sent money through your bank has recently updated his personal information with us. I would like to share the same with you so that all future transactions are managed according to the updated detail sent us by Mr. John.

Mr. John had previously had an account in XYZ bank but as of now he has changed his bank from TRY BANK and has shifted to ABC bank in Mexico City. The details of which are under:

ABC Bank.

Street number 5, Broadway,
Mexico City.
Account holder’s name: MR. John
Account number: ABC 3345677

From now on all the transactions which are related to MR. John will be dealt with this new bank account. Next week I will be sending him money through your bank for which I require an update at the bank by you of all his previous information. You can also verify the same by calling Mr. John on his office number but still if you face any difficulty, please call me at my number I will guide you accordingly.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Smith,

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