Power of Attorney Letter

Power of attorney or POA is a legal term which refers to the authority of acting on behalf of another person. This is particularly for legal and financial matters. There come times when one has to nominate someone else to take decisions on his part. For example, a person on his deathbed would have to choose someone to act as his attorney after his death, a person living abroad may want some of his relative or friend to take up on his legal matters. For all such cases, a power of attorney letter becomes an essential document.

Usually, an attorney is transferred either by filling a mutual form that the one transferring and the one receiving sign up or by a legal letter that is written by the one who wishes to transfer the attorney. It should be kept in mind that although power of attorney could be canceled or kept conditional, there are times when one cannot retreat from what has been done, i.e. transfer of attorney. It is, therefore, important to consult a legal advisor to get an enough understanding of whom to and how to transfer.

Given is a sample of a power of attorney letter. This is an unconditional letter as it transfers full attorney with no exceptions. Also, note that this is a lifetime attorney which means that the attorney will remain effective till the death of the one who it is transferred.

Power of Attorney Letter

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I, Mr. [name of the sender], son of Mr.[name of sender’s father] in all my sense transfer the power of attorney of [enter property details i.e. plot, house] situated at [enter location] to Mr. [enter the name of the person to whom transferred]. I hereby announce that he has full authority to act on my behalf in my lifetime and after my death. He is allowed to take legal decisions that include selling the property. I also announce this attorney as a lifetime attorney and declare that this will remain effective until his lifetime.

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

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Power of Attorney LetterPower of Attorney Letter

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