Return of Company’s Property Letter to Employee

Letter 1:

Re. Return of Company’s Property

Dear Mr. Capstone, I am Susan Beck, Assistant Manager, from Shorex Star Group of Textiles. I hope you will find this letter in the best of your health. This letter purposes to convey the company’s concern about the property which includes a few office items to be returned.

As you have been an employee for six years, I believe you must know about the company’s policy against the return of the items under the company’s consideration. According to this policy, all employees, who get terminated or resign from their designation, except employees of rank BT-4 and above, are entitled to return the company’s property following the official procedure designed for the very purpose. 

You resigned from your designation with rank BT-3 which means you are entitled to return the company’s property that was granted to you to facilitate you. As a day count of 15 has been passed, that is why you are given this notification to return the company’s property within 5 working days.

In other cases, the company will be liable to enforce legalities legislated in the Company Law 1920 of the USA. It states that the employee after getting terminated or resigned cannot keep the company’s property other than what has been recorded in the company’s policies about termination/resignation.

The checklist of the office items, to be returned, has been enclosed with the letter which includes the official badge, office drawer and warehouse duplicate keys, a few books, company’s sim card, parking pass, company’s credit card, and a few sensitive documents. 

You are requested to return the above-mentioned (also mentioned in the checklist) property from September 11, 20XX, to September 18, 20XX. After that company shall be liable to proceed legal process against you. I hope you will never bring the matter to the verge of legal charges. You have been a good member of the staff of our company and we hope gentleness from you.

For further, kindly contact our admin office during office hours from Monday to Friday on [X]. Thank you. 


Susan Beck

Return of Company's Property Letter to Employee

Size: 15 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Letter 2:

Re. Return of the Company’s Property

Dear Mrs. Roxon,

This letter has been penned to you by Mr. Ralston Still, Assistant HR Manager, on behalf of Flew Rendon Groups. According to the Company’s Policy 2018 of Employee Termination/Resignation, it has been stated that the employee who resigns from the job or even gets terminated is entitled to return the company’s belonging equipped with him/her during the tenure of working. 

You are advised to return the company’s property that you possessed during your working period in the office within one week of receiving this letter. The return must be accorded with the company’s policy of returning the possession i.e. all the items must be in their original state when they were given. In case of any damage, the company would be liable to deduce the charges from the final paycheck.

It is advised that the missing or damaged property must be paid in cash. These include the following items;

  • Laptop (Model and Model Number)
  • Phone (Model and Model Number)
  • Badge
  • Credit Card (Card Number)
  • Parking Pass
  • Three books on Business
  • A few papers related to HR and Finance.

In case of no return within a given time, no paycheck shall be granted, and the company will be compelled to contact local law enforcement to make the return consummated.

For further process, a form for the return of the company’s process has been enclosed with the letter along with the checklist of the items to be returned which is to be filled accordingly.

You are welcome to contact the HR Manager in the working hours and days on [X] or write to [X] or fax [X].

Thank you.

Ralston Still

Return of Company's Property Letter to Employee

Size: 15 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


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