Complaint Letter to Dean of University for Quality of Education


Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to respectfully inform you about our grievances regarding the quality of education at our university. In the light of some events that happened, I found it necessary to write to you and express my thoughts.

Firstly, I would like to let you know that our instructors prepare PowerPoint slides from the internet, and they sometimes do not correspond with the given syllabus. Some contents of the slides are not included in our course which puts us in a confusing situation of whether to study it or not. The slides seem to be entirely copied off the internet and the instructors put very little effort in explaining or relating them to applied scenarios. Moreover, they do not include a question-answer session at the end, and we are left with a bunch of internet slides that make no sense.

In addition, the grading system of our university is based on comparative marking which discourages group study in students. Everyone wants to write better than the other and they do not study together anymore as it is believed that this would result in them scoring less than their peers. We request you to please consider changing the grading system to absolute marking where we shall get grades based on the correct answer and not in comparison to the answer of the other students.

We hope that you take into consideration our complaints and the needful will be done for the relief of the students at this institute.

Thank you

Yours respectfully,

Ms. Zara John.

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Dear Mr. Colbert Steven,

Good day. I am Andy Stevenson, a sophomore student at the department of psychology, California Institute Tech. I am writing to you on behalf of the students of my class to express our thoughts regarding the quality of education at our institute. The teachers assigned to us for this term are demonstrating poor quality of teaching. They only teach us strictly from the one book assigned by the syllabus and do not encourage research-based learning.

There is almost zero class participation as the students find the lectures boring and the teacher fails to engage the class during the presentation. The quality of education previously upheld by the senior faculty is now being tainted due to the young untrained professionals hired for teaching.

In addition, a dome of the teachers also has a biased attitude towards certain students and has been giving them grace marks throughout the term. The nephew of the physics teacher also studies in the same class and he has been consistently getting a higher score than us in all the tests even though he hardly ever pays attention in the class. This has resulted in the students being demotivated as they are being treated unfairly. The quality of education is not as good as it once used to be.

We request you to please take a personal interest in this matter and to kindly make necessary changes. We look forward to your cooperation.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Yours respectfully

Mr. Andy Stevenson.

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