Resignation Letter for Poor Management System

Resignation Letter for Poor Management System

Sample -1

I am sorry to write you this but due to some circumstances which have been created in the office, it has become impossible for me to continue my job in this company. Therefore, this letter of mine must be treated as my resignation as assistant sales manager. Over the past few months, I had been trying to talk with you regarding some matters related to our current manager who has created stressful working conditions due to his poor management.

Our new manager is unaware of affective management styles and he does not know how to make the employees work efficiently. On several occasions, I was asked by the manager to work on weekend shifts, and sometimes, I was called on holiday as well.

Considering it as the company’s need to enhance the production, I followed his orders without any hesitation and the manager promised me that more employees would be hired to overcome the staffing deficiency and to provide some relief to the existing staff.

Five months have been passed and no addition has been made to the current staff which shows that manager used just a bad trick to keep the employees busy in the work even during holidays and weekends which was not being expected from him. This poor management system in our company has increased the working hours of all employees from 40 to 60 which is against the labor laws of the state.

I tried to meet you several times in person but every time, I was answered by your secretary that you were busy with important matters. Further, I submitted my concerns to you in form of written letters but none was answered.

It is obvious from the manager and your attitude that you do not show any interest in answering or addressing employees’ problems rater you give importance to your own interests and put all the employees aside. Therefore, I am submitting my resignation.

If you have any further queries regarding this matter, you may call me at [cell number]. Any inconvenience caused by my resignation is regretted.

Yours sincerely.

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Sample -2

Subject: Resignation for poor management system

Dear Sir,

This letter of mine must be treated as my resignation letter from my position as marketing manager at [ABC] corporation. Although I was contented with my job and was doing all the assigned tasks efficiently you might know that over the period of the past few months, there have been clashes between me and my manager. Resultantly, the circumstances here in this company are not feasible for me to continue my job.

Apart from the clashes, our current manager is running a poor management system. He is cranky, sour, unpleasant towards employees. He pin-picks everything. While employees are busy at work, he stands over their heads and it indicates that he does not trust employees. To him, employees are like cogs of the machine instead of team members who share the common goal to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Moreover, he is in a bad habit of not communicating with the employees. It is very difficult to get the job done under the communication gap between management and employees.

Under such circumstances, tasks, if done, are not accomplished well which is harmful to the company in the long run. In short, he feels too proud to communicate with us or take our feedback. As a result, our business is suffering due to a lack of innovation.  

Under such a poor management system, being practiced in our office, it has become impossible for me to carry on with my job. So, accept my resignation effective from this Monday, dated [date]. I am sorry for any inconvenience which you might face due to this act of mine.


Size: 22 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


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