Warning Letter for Drinking Alcohol at Workplace

When an employee is found consuming alcohol at the workplace or s/he comes under the influence of alcohol then the company needs to ensure some rules and regulations which can be guaranteed by writing a letter, in order to explain the instance and what possible consequences can be taken on this conduct. The intoxication of alcohol at the workplace is a grave mistake as it acts as a major violation of company policies.

Generally, a supervisor hesitates in generating a termination letter because the employee may not be under influence of any disciplinary action and he may reflect a hardworking personality. Otherwise strict actions can be faced, and the case may lead to the termination of one’s job.

Sample Letter

Subject: Warning Letter for drinking alcohol at workplace

Dear [Receiver’s Name],

It has brought to our notice that you were found in the influence of alcohol during office hours on the date [Mention date] which is strictly against the company’s rules and regulations. The CCTV cameras provide evidence that when you were advised by your supervisor and colleagues to leave the office at once, but you did not pay heed and ignored them.

As a senior worker of this company, you are aware of the rules and regulation we impose on every employee which clearly state that if someone comes under the influence of alcohol or any drug in the office, strict action can be taken which may result in a warning or even termination.

Unfortunately, you were found violating the code of conduct and the Section # [Mention number] of our rules book which was handed over to you at the time of your appointment. Although, upon looking into your work profile, we came to know about your hard work as an employee and what input you are depositing to this company. In that case, your supervisors and I have decided to give you a warning letter instead of termination.

As this is a first warning letter of your career, we expect you to regain your ethical codes as a worker and perform your duty in a disciplined way. You are required to provide an example to other staff members and your juniors so our work environment can be sustained and flourished.

We expect you to take this warning seriously because ill-disciplined conduct like this would never be catered again and the management would not hesitate in taking strict action against you. Remember that this letter will be attached to your work profile and it may result in portraying a bad image whenever we will consult a promotion for you. For it not to happen, you should start working on your skills as a professional and show the best of your efforts, both in your ethical and proficient values.

Feel free to contact us at [Provide contact details] in case of any query or let us know if you need to arrange a meeting with a counselor in order to deal with your temper or bad habits at the workplace.


[Your name]
[Your Signature]

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