Warning Letter for Unauthorized use of Company Vehicle

Warning Letter for Unauthorized use of Company Vehicle

Sample 1:

Subject: Warning letter for unauthorized use of company vehicle

Dear Johnson, You must consider this document as a warning letter and I am writing you this letter after receiving a complaint against you from your manager.

Yesterday, he brought to my notice that you use the company vehicle for your own purposes, and later, you claim these as the company’s official works. I want to make it very clear the fact that using the company’s vehicle for your own purposes comes under the umbrella of unprofessional attitude and misconduct and this kind of activity is prohibited here.

As far as your position in this company is concerned, this kind of fraudulent activity was not being expected from your side.  

My dear, gaining control over the company’s vehicle without any sanction is just like if you are committing fraud with the company. Before the issuance of this letter, you were warned many times but it seems that you do not take care of any warning and do whatever you want to do.

As a professional worker, you must understand that a company vehicle is meant to be used for official works only. Anyone, who uses it for personal affairs, will be thought of as breaching the company’s policies.

As per company policy regarding misuse of the vehicle, you have made yourself liable to be punished according to existing rules. But, keeping in view your services for the company, I want to give you another chance to rectify yourself. You are hereby warned through this letter to avoid any kind of unprofessional attitude and misconduct in the future. In case of non-compliance, you will be dealt with strictly.

Yours sincerely,

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Sample 2:

Subject: Reprimand for using official equipment for personal chores

Dear Robert,

I have never thought of writing you like this but your behavior forced me to issue you this warning letter. You were provided with the vehicle from the company, keeping in view your long distance from the office. You had promised us not to use the vehicle for your personal matters but I regret to say that you have failed to keep your words.

You had to use it in order to travel from your home to the office and vice versa but, this vehicle has been seen several times in the parking area of a famous shopping mall after office hours. Similarly, one of your office colleagues reported to me that you were wandering on roads with your family while driving this vehicle.

My dear, you are making yourself suspicious as far as fair usage of this vehicle is concerned. You must understand the fact that the vehicle is a precious asset of the company and therefore it must be used wisely and for official purposes only. It is being clearly indicated that you have breached the company policy about using official belongings.

It was decided in a meeting that the vehicle facility must be taken back from you. But I want to give you another chance to rectify your mistake. Therefore, I am issuing you this warning letter. You must take this letter seriously and act as per the existing policies of the company.

If you are found violating the rules and regulations further, strict disciplinary action would be taken against you and you might be suspended or terminated even. So please reflect on yourself positively.

Yours Sincerely,

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


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