Letter to Apologize for Incorrect Billing

Anyone can make a mistake. Sometimes mistakes are made during billing or charging the clients. A bill is made twice, a wrong amount is charged or other such mishaps may occur. This happens either due to some issue with the calculation devices, computers etc. or because of the negligence of the operator. In any case, nonetheless, it leaves an impression on the customer that the billing was intentionally made with wrong calculations. It is then the duty of the biller or the company to make sure the customer/client that what happened was only due to a mistake.

A convincing and humble apology letter should be written since these kinds of incidents even if they take place accidentally, leave blots on your reputation. An apology letter to client for wrong billing should always be written if a client complains about wrong billing or you observe it yourself.

Letter to Apologize for Incorrect Billing

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

We received your letter complaining that you have been billed incorrectly by us. This has never happened before so it was hard to believe that such an error occurred. On your request, we looked into the billing information and also made use of the documents that you sent us. We are very sorry to say that we figured out it was a mistake done from our side. It was due to [enter reason]. Please accept our humble apologies. We have credited your account to refund you what was charged by mistake and assure that you’ll not have to face this inconvenience again.  Thank you!

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

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Letter to Apologize for Incorrect Billing

Letter to Apologize for Incorrect Billing

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