An Inquiry Response Letter

Inquiries arrive at the person when he is asked to provide more information about the products or services. Usually, the service representatives working in any organization are given the task to respond to all the inquiries they receive.

There are many ways to which the inquiries can be responded, however, the best way to respond is to write an inquiry response letter. In order to put a good impression on people, it is important that you respond to all the inquiries on time and with a perfect explanation to make your response successful. You should know in advance how and when you should respond to the inquiries.

The letter responding to the inquiries should be written in a professional way without any ambiguity. A good impression is the most important part of the inquiries if you want your business to be succeeded. The best way to respond effectively is to provide all the necessary information to the customer which he has asked for.

Responding to the inquiries of the customers on time makes them feel how valuable they are. If you have the capability to answer each inquiry of the customers in the form of a letter, the customer will always remember your attitude.

The customers also become confident to believe in your abilities to satisfy them. The request of the client should be mentioned in the letter. It is also important to let the reader know how you are going to handle the problem.

You should also give information about the product or the services in which the client is interested. This will not only persuade the client to purchase the product and the product will also be promoted.

The client should be informed about the procedures following which he can place the order. You can also ask them to feel free to contact you in case they have any questions related to the product. The letter should not be too long. Try to convey everything in detail in a precise way.

The language of the response letter should be simple so that a simple person who does not have enough knowledge about your business can understand everything easily. The letter should be ended on a positive note.

An Inquiry Response Letter -Sample

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

Thank you so much for your inquiry regarding [product name]. We are very glad to receive your inquiry. We have attached various plans and services which are associated with the product you want to purchase. If you want to get the details in person, we will send our representative to you who will explain each and everything to you.

We will give you a call within the next few days when we would like to have an appointment with you. In case of any difficulty, you can also call us at [phone number] to make things clearer. We will be happy for running a business with you.

[Your Name]


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