Clearance Letters for Various Reasons

1-Clearance letter for employee

This is to acknowledge that Miss Elizabeth has served Atchison Company for five years as assistant director. During her tenure, she remained a valuable employee. She gave a lot of benefits to the company in all these years. She deliberately executes her office chores and does not participate in any office controversy. She has handed over office accessories including employee Id card and laptop to the concerned department and all her dues are cleared by relevant departments. Atchison Company now holds no obligation on Miss Elizabeth after 31st July 20XX.

2-for dental work

I am Christopher Sidney, a general dental surgeon in XYZ Hospital. I have examined Mr. Joseph and have gone through all the related tests and lab work. Hereby, to the best of my knowledge, I certify that there has not been found any medical inconsistency for undergoing dental surgery with general anesthesia. If there is a requirement for some special instructions, then it has been clearly mentioned in an email to Dr. Jane which goes along with this form. Moreover, I have faxed all the related information to Dr. Jane’s staff and emailed [Email].

3-for resigned employee

This is to certify that Linda Steward has worked as managing director in ABC Company for twelve years. Now she has left her job from the company on 20-05-20XX. During her tenure, she has remained an efficient and hardworking employee. she served the department with honesty and zeal during employment. now she has got a government job so, for this reason, she resigned immediately from the company for immediate training sessions and joining.

Her performance remained exuberant and she deliberated all the tasks in a perfect way. Moreover, whenever I assigned extra tasks to her, she performed them well. She will be an asset to any institution. I wish her the best of luck in the future.

4-for surgery

This is to acknowledge that patient, Mr. Neil is in my care at ABC Hospital. Originally, he started getting treatment from us on 12-04-20XX. He is physically well stable. He reports mild anxiety symptoms. Moreover, he is stable medically for surgery. His medical history is unexceptional which makes him an eminent contender for surgery. He is not drug-addicted. Neither drinks alcohol nor smokes cigarettes and does not come on the list of illicit drugs user.

He also does not have any bipolar disorder and psychiatric illness. His name meets the surgery’s criteria and is completely appropriate for medical surgery. Therefore, I recommend Mr. Neil for the surgery. In case of any concerns and question feel free to contact.

5-for Covid

This letter is to certify that Miss Janiya has no symptoms of Covid-19 now. I am Christopher and she remained under my supervision during her illness. After keeping her for 14 days in quarantine, we tested her again and the reports came negative. She has also got a vaccine and now there are zero symptoms of covid. She has a mild weakness but it will recover with time. In case of further questions and concerns, you can contact me anytime at [contact].

6-for tenant

This is to acknowledge that Miss Linda daughter of Mr. Hutcheon, living in street 24, Brooklyn 5467 has settled in apartment number 234, New Jersey near ABC Hotel and vacated it 20-04-20XX. She has cleared all her dues ad handed over apartment keys to Mr. Raphael, the landlord. It is further certified that she has surrendered the apartment in good condition along with appliances, equipment, and furniture. Having Miss Linda as our tenant was a good experience for us and we really enjoyed it. For her professional and personal life, we wish her the best of luck in life.

7-for payment

This letter tends to update you regarding the clearance of Mr. Louis related to his resignation from ABC Company on 23-06-20XX. His tenure at ABC Company was a great pleasure to all of us. He executed all his tasks deliberately and with proficiency. At his request, the HR Department is heading with clearance procedures. His payment dues are cleared for the days before resigning. His monthly salary was USD 4500 as an employee in ABC Company. His payment for the month of April has been transferred to his account. So, along with it, we wish him a new journey ahead.

8-for soccer player

This is to certify that Mr. Adam was employed in ABC Club as a soccer player. The last position that he held as head of the team. He has cleared all financial accountabilities that he had while working as a player here. this clearance letter is being issued upon the request of Mr. Adam regardless of the legal impetus it may serve. This letter has been issued on 3-04-20XX.

9-for car loan

This is certified that Mr. Eugene has settled the matters with ABC Bank against the following vehicle having registration number [#], Engine number [#], Model 20XX, and black color. There is no claim now for the above-mentioned vehicle and his finance account has been closed. We will not have any objection regarding the transfer and selling of ownership related to the above-mentioned vehicle.

10-for apprenticeship

I hereby acknowledge that Miss Jane has worked as a managing assistant in the XYZ organization on internship for two years. During these two years, she remained a hardworking and proficient employee and executed all the tasks well. She has excellent verbal and speaking skills and has a well understanding of each and everything. She never gave us any chance of complaint and helped us in accomplishing mega projects. All her dues are cleared and she has handed over the office laptop and drawer keys to HR Department. Many warm wishes for her in her new journey of life.

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