Announcement Letter about the Graduation of Son/Daughter

The educational career of children is followed by various activities in which parents are invited or called. Such activities include annual day, graduation, and carnivals, as well as parents’ teacher meetings on the progress of students.

Graduation is a big day for parents and children both, especially when children are in the last year of high school. After that, they need to choose their career. The day is followed by a lot of entertainment along with awarding academic degrees, certificates, and medals.

For organizing all the activities of the graduation day, organizers are made. They rehearse all the activities to avoid mismanagement. The term graduation is used for the advancement of the primary and secondary levels also.

In colleges and universities, it is also known as convocation as one gets a proper career degree to enter professional life. The dress code includes a gown, hood, or hat.

In academic institutions, the ceremony is followed by a thanksgiving speech, brunch, etc. The parents feel so proud of their children’s achievements, especially the ones who won gold medals. This is a special memento for all parents and their children.


We are delighted to inform you that our son [name] has completed his MBBS from [name of medical college]. He has graduated at the top of his class and it is a very proud and happy moment for us as a family as we have seen him work very hard for this for a very long time. He is starting his house job in [hospital name] on [date].

To celebrate his success we are having a little party on [date] before he leaves for [city name]. You and your family are cordially invited. Please join us at [venue] at [time].

Looking forward to seeing you.


We are very pleased to announce that our daughter [name] has completed her jewelry designing course with honors from the prestigious [name of college] and she has been offered a place by [name of jewelry brand] to work in their [name of city] branch. It was her childhood dream to design jewelry and to work with [name]. It is a very happy moment for our family.

Please come join us on [date] to celebrate this important milestone in her life. We have organized a little farewell party for her at [venue] and would love to have you and your family over. Join us in giving her a good send-off. Looking forward to a great evening.


Clarks Henderson
14 St. Hill Top Avenue, Carson.


Mr. Levis Wheelock
18 St. Boulevard Enclaves, Carson.

Dear [Recipients Name],

Ashley Henderson and Clarks Henderson are very excited to announce the graduation of their daughter. The function will be held on Sunday, May 11th at 6 p.m. at the Golf Club.

Montana has incredibly done her software engineering degree with first grades. She was the most outstanding student throughout her degree. She was awarded a lot of gold medals and prizes during the whole degree completion. Apart from tough studies, she used to participate in extracurricular activities where she also won a lot of prizes. She just made our dream come true. We are so proud of her.

Moreover, on the day of convocation, she got two job offers from renowned government organizations. We would be very pleased to have the pleasure of your company in the celebrations.

Looking forward.


Clarks Henderson

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