Letter Accepting an Invitation to Business Meeting

There is some etiquette to telling someone that you have accepted his/her invitation. The best way to let them know is by writing the acceptance letter. The letter should be sent as soon as possible after receiving the invitation so that the person who has invited you gets it before the actual day of the business meeting.

The letter should be written in a very gracious tone and you should reflect that you are very thankful for being invited to the meeting. Try to keep it brief. You can repeat the important details related to the meeting such as time, date, place, etc. Make the reader know in clear words that you have accepted the invitation and will be available for the meeting. Also, write the date when you received the invitation from the sender of invitation am really eager to know whether you have received the invitation or not or when will you receive it.


Attending the meeting and speaking with you and other attendees of the meeting is the biggest opportunity for me to promote my product and my abilities. I appreciate that you took the time and sent me an invitation to the meeting. I expect to meet you on the day as requested in the meeting.

I hope that with this meeting, I will be able to make you review the products of my company and the bond between my company and you will also be strengthened. I am eagerly looking ahead to the meeting. Many thanks.


I am pleased to inform you about the acceptance of your business meeting invitation. It will be a great honor for me to meet with you and your marketing team. By virtue of this meeting, we shall not only discuss our business management plans but also introduce our product lines. I believe that the ideas we share during our meeting will help us increase our clientele in the market.

You have suggested an ideal meeting date and I shall surely show my presence at your site on said date. I would like to appreciate your business ethics as well. You sent me an invitation two weeks prior to the meeting so that I could check my schedule. Fortunately, I do not have any meetings scheduled on that date. So, we will have much time to discuss our business ideas and recent developments we made in our respective areas.

We have gradually developed our company and I have a lot of exciting things to tell you about our advancement. At the same time, I would like to learn new marketing techniques from you. For the above reasons, I am anxiously waiting for this exciting opportunity to meet you and your knowledgeable staff. It will be an honor for me to talk face to face with you people.

Recently, we made some advancements to develop a new product line. I want to show and demonstrate to you how our new products can help you meet your business demands. I believe we are going to speed up our projects by means of this coalition as we have much more to discuss. If feasible, please send me a brief agenda of this meeting for sake of convenience.

I am looking forward to a long-term association with your company.



Thank you for your interest in our company. Before I wrote you this letter, I reviewed a couple of things regarding your invitation. Now, I am pleased to accept your invitation to a business meeting which has been scheduled for [date]. Fortunately, I have no other meetings on that particular day and it will be easy for me to come to your place. I am interested to meet you and discuss various strategies to make the business successful. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to working with you as a combined entity, if possible.

In my last meeting, I discussed with you my business problems and asked you for a possible solution. I want to say thank you for taking my problem seriously and giving me a chance to discuss it with you.

To me, this meeting is a perfect fit, and I am making it a point to attend. It is also in my professional realm. While I will be catching up with you on [date], I am hopeful that we can put together a program that will suit our respective companies’ needs. In our meeting, we can proceed together to discuss factors about program development, it’s scheduling, implementation, and cost. By that time, I am hopeful to devise some workable strategies and programs that will provide us with the ground for discussion.  

I am looking forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with you.


Board of Directors’ Acceptance Letter

A person who sends this letter is one from a higher post and a member of top management. He is supposed to write this letter in proper business terminology and language. He must also be very careful to choose the formal and official pattern as it is quite important. To write a board of directors’ acceptance letter is a tough job but only a person who knows the informal and formal language differences can write it easily.

Letter -1

I am very much pleased to let you know that I accept your offer to become a part of your company and to be one of the members of the board of directors. I guarantee you that I will use my experience, knowledge, and expertise to help the organization. I entirely understand that my role as a member of the board of directors will entail me giving advice and making important decisions. I do know that you will decide my earnings on the day when I will sign the contract.

I hope that my earnings will be near to the earnings of other members of the board. You can call me at any time as I have given you all my contact numbers. It will be a pleasure to serve your company.

Letter -2

I would like to say thank you for my appointment as one of the members of your company’s board of directors. I hereby submit my acceptance for the said position. I express my gratitude for considering me worthy enough for this prestigious opportunity out of all the candidates.

I have read all the terms and conditions of the appointment letter and I am ready to perform all the duties conferred upon me by management. I will try my best to impress management by means of my excellent performance and hard work. No element of carelessness would ever be shown by me in any task assigned.

I am also looking forward to building my rapport in form of healthy relationships with all staff members. Achievement of the company’s goals will be my priority and I want to stay longer with you. It will be a pleasure for me to serve your company.

Feel free to contact me any time on my given number.

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



I am pleased to inform you that I have accepted your offer to become an important part of your company. I am honored to be one of the members of the board of directors. I have thoroughly reviewed the terms and conditions of the position in the letter of appointment. I believe that this is going to be an exceptional heading in my management career.

By accepting your offer, I fully understand that the responsibility for the betterment of the organization rests on my shoulders. I am looking forward to making my contribution to the growth and development of XYZ international.

Therefore, I will make the best use of my expertise and experience. Besides, I also understand that I am supposed to make important decisions and give advice to company management. Other perks and privileges will be decided on the day when I will sign the contract.

I hope that my salary will be equivalent to other members of the board of directors, and I will be offered a competitive market-based salary.

You can call me any time on my number to discuss any further details. It will be my pleasure to serve XYZ international.

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Letter of Acceptance for Employment

Regardless of whether you’ve acknowledged a job offer over the phone, it’s significant to write a formal acceptance letter. Expressing in writing your understanding of the conditions of employment will help eliminate any misunderstandings before they can grow out of control.

Your employment acceptance letter is not an agreement, but if any legitimate question ever arises over the conditions of your occupation, it definitely cannot hurt to have your comprehension of those terms in writing. For one thing, it supports your professional approach. It also provides you the opportunity to document a few essential things about your new job, such as your title, supervisor, salary, and advantages.

In contrast, it can’t hurt to be additional cautious when starting a new position with a new company. Keep the job acceptance letter positive, professional, and short.

Letter of Acceptance for Employment


We are writing to you in response to your letter requesting us to take your case and represent you as your lawyer in [name of court]. We are glad to inform you that we have decided to accept this case.

Our firm has extensive experience in inheritance law and our success rate is remarkable. From what we have gathered from your initial letter, your case seems to be straightforward so we are not anticipating too many complications. We are attaching our billing details and reporting procedures.

The lawyers in our firm charge [amount per hour] and the charges of the paralegals are [amount per hour]. We expect you to provide us not just with the timely payment of bills but also complete and honest information, as withholding any piece of information would damage your case beyond repair.

Mr. [name] would be the person running point on your case and we would be available to answer any queries you might have. You can contact him at [phone number] and [email address].

Looking forward to a productive working relationship.


I am writing to ensure my acceptance of the employment offer on [DATE HERE] and to inform you how pleased I am to be becoming a member of [COMPANY NAME]. The work is precisely what I have ready to perform and hope to do. I feel comfortable that I can make an important contribution to the organization, and I am gracious for the prospect you have given me.

I shall finish all job and insurance forms for the new employee orientation. I look ahead to starting work with you and your very good team. I appreciate your confidence in me and am very happy to be enrolling in your staff.

Acceptance Letter for a Lunch Event

Organizing events need a great deal of work and attention. Then they can become successful. Nowadays, people are becoming much more responsive to events. It is a great source of gathering in the busy schedule of life. Family events give long-lasting pleasure and memories. Such kind of events becomes part of life’s best memories. Apart from family and cultural events, people enjoy educational, fundraising, and social events with full interest. The reason for the interest is the advancement of technology. It is bringing various innovative sources of entertainment.

As a result, people become keen to participate and enjoy more events. They are a great deal of communication among various groups of people. Also, they are eliminating communication gaps. Acceptance of any invitation is always informed formally. It brings a good impression and response. Thus, it builds relations stronger. Writing an acceptance letter in response is a source of showing good gestures. The acceptance letter should be concerning and accurate. The format should be properly followed.


I would like to formally accept the lunch invitation being held to celebrate the tenth anniversary of your fashion house. I have photographed your collections many times over the years and I am a great fan of your work. Your design aesthetics and color palettes are truly versatile. No two collections are ever alike and they cater to all age groups. There is something for everyone which I feel is the true success of a fashion designer.

In your invitation you had mentioned that you still remember that back when you were launching your first collection, you could not afford to pay my charges but after seeing your collection I had charged you a minimal amount which was a fraction of my actual rate. I was surprised that you still remember that incident.

The reason I did that was that with my experience I could see your potential and when I see such gifted people working so hard and with such dedication to their craft, I try to help them in any way I can. Attending this tenth-anniversary lunch would be a joy for me too as it just strengthens my belief that true talent makes its way no matter how many difficulties stand in its path.

In the end, I would like to congratulate you once again on achieving this milestone and wish you all the best for the future. May you go from strength to strength!


I received your lunch invitation for two and I am writing to confirm that I would come but my husband is out of the city so it would be just me. I would not miss this celebratory lunch for anything as it marks one year of you being cancer-free.

I still remember the day when you called to tell me about the diagnosis. I could feel your stress and agony and after many painful rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, the day came when the doctor declared that you were cancer-free. I still remember what a happy day that was.

I have been a part of your journey through this illness and a witness of your strength and courage. I have always admired how strong and brave you are but the way you handled this disease is truly inspiring. You never lost hope which I believe is the best medicine and the reason you got back on your feet so soon. You continued your charity work even in the days when anyone else would have thrown the towel and taken a break.

I especially remember the day when you drove yourself back after a chemo session and preferred to send your driver away on the food drive for the less fortunate, which you organize weekly. You lived through all those dark heavy days so bravely that you made them look easy to any onlooker.

Praying for more strength and power for you and looking forward to a wonderful evening with my truly inspiring friend.


Charlie Swift
Block 33C. Golden Bridge Avenue, Arizona.

March 27th, 2017

Mr. Morgan Wheelock
24 St. Pearl Avenue, New Mexico.

Dear [Recipients Name],

Thank you for inviting us to your anniversary lunch. We are much excited to attend the event. I along with my family will reach [PLACE] on Sunday 4th April 20XX at 9 a.m. Thank you for all the necessary arrangements regarding our stay. We have received the hotel reservation details. Children are much excited to meet their friends after 1 year.

I and my family always memorize the last year’s vacations we spend together. That was great fun and pleasure. We are much blessed to have such great family friends. We are deciding to extend our stay as Lauren is bringing her documents along with her. It is her last year in the university and she is willing to do an internship in your bank. Hope you would help her with all the procedures. We will be there at the event by sharp 1 p.m.  We are looking forward to a great day.

Wish you the best of luck with the event.


Charlie Swift

Acceptance Letter to Speak at a Conference

Since our childhood, parents and teachers try to build up confidence that is needed in every walk of life. One cannot perform well in life until the time his confidence level is not high. He should be able to convey his feeling or thoughts confidently.

Therefore, our schools and colleges hold a different competition of dramatics and speeches, etc. to enhance the confidence level and build up speaking powers in their students and this is not possible without practice or positive participation in these competitions.

This is necessary so that when these young ones will enter in their professional life this is the main ability which can lead them to positive future and let them speak freely their ideas to convey the message. This speaking power is also needed in different conferences to approve one’s view or his company’s view. This is why; the company always recommends an individual or a team to speak at a conference that has a higher confidence level, speaking power, and good appearance.


I am in receipt of your invitation to deliver a talk on the topic “[name of topic]’ on [date] at [place] in your esteemed University. It is a matter of privilege for me to speak on the topic, which is not just close to my heart, but also a promising field for the future which must interest students at your university. It was heartening to read that your university has already incorporated courses on the topic into your curriculum. It will make for an educated and informed interaction with your faculty and students.

Being my first visit to your institution, I request the following arrangements at the venue, which I hope will not be a matter of convenience for you:-

  1. I will run my presentation for which a presenter stick would be required.
  2. Due to my weak eyesight, a screen may be placed in front of the stage, facing the stage so that I can comfortably be ready from it.
  3. I have recently recovered from COVID-19, therefore I would request social distancing may be adhered to during the occasion, to avoid awkward moments during interactions, which I am sure you will have kept to the minimum.
  4. To ensure a comprehensive coverage of the subject matter, I will require minimum 45 minutes of lecture time, followed by equal amount of time for questions and answers.

For any further coordination, my personal assistance [Mr./Ms. Name] may be contacted at [contact number] or [email address] during working hours. Looking forward to a rewarding interaction.


I am writing to accept the invitation from your NGO, to speak at the annual conference on Women studies on the topic of ‘challenges faced by women in the 21st century. I am greatly honored and would like to share my insight on this vast topic. As you know that I have worked closely with women belonging to different strata of life in my work as a social activist and human rights lawyer.

My experience has taught me that the problems cannot be limited to a single issue, but it covers a whole variety of issues ranging from opportunities to seek education to financial independence, healthcare facilities, and the ‘pink tax’. I would like to focus on financial independence and how women of different races and educational backgrounds can achieve that.

Considering the variety of your audience I am sure it would be beneficial to a lot of them and bring some degree of awareness to the people looking for the issues faced by women in this age and time and how organizations like yours can help them out.

Looking forward to an interesting learning experience.


Innovators Corporation
William Bullock
21 St. Crystal Bird Avenue, New Mexico.


Mr. Peter Hayden
Marketing Manager
Innovators Corporation.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am pleased to inform you that Managing Director has accepted my recommendation to spare you for a/an [NAME} international conference in Dubai. Moreover, you would be representing our company and answerable to the entire queries asked by the participants of the conference.

Therefore, I would like to advise you to prepare a good presentation and rehearse it well before showing it to Managing Director. Furthermore, if you do not know the answer to any question then no need to pass any wrong statement at the conference room about the company. Just take the email or cell number of the person asking the question and clear him afterward. You have a lucky chance to prove yourself and this participation will improve your career.  My best wishes are with you. Stay blessed.

Looking forward to your kind concern.


William Bullock

Assistant Managing Director, Innovators Corporation.

Annual Dinner Participation Acceptance Letter

Different kinds of gathering have a great deal of building relations. Nowadays, trends of social parties and dinners are gaining wide acceptance. People are more committed to accepting and attend these valuable gatherings.

Annual dinners of schools, colleges, and universities help in career opportunities and business expansions. In the busy schedule of life, all people like to attend gatherings for recreation and making new social circles. Annual dinners need to be well organized keeping in view the timings and backup of any uncertainty.

For students, such dinner is important for having opportunities to connect and search on various new fields. Annual dinners need a lot of work; volunteers are made to handle everything. A proper theme and policy are made to start the work. It is just like a project.

To make it successful and attractive a lot of workforces is involved. After its success, the same volunteers are hired by others for planning and managing their annual dinners. Likewise, people who get an invitation as a guest of honor strongly appreciate it.


I want to thank you for inviting me on the Annual Pediatrician’s Dinner (year). I would love to attend this prestigious dinner with fellow doctors and exchange notes. Last year was especially difficult due to the spread of pandemic and although children were largely either unaffected or asymptomatic carriers but the small percentage which fell ill was challenging to treat due to lack of any prior experience.

The medicines being used for adults were too strong for children and no alternatives were available. An exchange of notes and experiences in this regard would be much appreciated and useful for all the attendees.

Also we would like to sit together and remember the companions we lost in this year to this pandemic. Since doctors were the front line warriors against this pandemic, we have suffered quite some losses. This would be a good occasion to remember all the soldiers we have lost to this war.

Looking forward to a great evening.


I want to thank you for inviting me to the Annual Alumni dinner for the class of (year). This is a very special occasion for me as I would get to meet all my old friends and catch up. It has been {number of} years since the class of {year} graduated.

Life took all of us on different paths and we have not been able to meet each other since a long time except for a handful of people, we are no longer in contact and meeting each other after such a long time would be very exciting.

School days are the best days of one’s life and as we move through life and experience different hardships and ups and downs, we always miss those days and the friends we shared those days with.

No one can take the place of the friends made in those early years, when one is innocent and carefree as those are the formative years and the friends made at that time impact our personality in more than one way. Meeting again after all these years would be a memorable experience and I’m really looking forward to a trip down the memory lane.


Albert Research Foundation
Johnson Brown
26 St, Renton Enclave, Nevada


Mr. Clark Young
CEO, Brookhaven University
13 St, Park Avenue, California

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope my letter finds you in the best of joy and health. I have received the invitation as a chief guest at your university’s annual dinner. I am greatly honored. I will be surely attending it. Your institution’s ranking is always above good and I am glad being a part of it. Two of my sons have also graduated from the same institute and are doing their best in their jobs.

I warmly appreciate the graduates, you are giving to state, are so brilliant and skillful. Your students always stand the best in all fields and are well identified by their university.

I and my wife are much delighted for this respect. I am sure to have a great time and I am much excited to meet you after a long time.

I hope to see you soon. Always stay Blessed.


Johnson Brown

Chancellor, Albert Research Foundation

Acknowledgment Letter for Return of Company’s Property


I am Roshan Nexia, former Assistant Multimedia Manager, Teleonomies Multimedia Group of Company. I am writing this letter to respond/reply to the letter I received from the HR Department of the company. I intend to confess the responsibility inflicted upon me by the HR Manager of the company who penned to remind me to return the company’s property I was bestowed with the designation of Assistant Multimedia Manager. 

I hereby confess the possession of the company’s property mentioned in the checklist sent to me by the HR Manager which goes by directing to return the company’s property within one week of the reception of the warning cum reminder notice letter. I worked in this company for seven years which means we are in great acquaintance with each other as per the long period of time spent in this company. By the terms of good acquaintance, I request you to give me a little more time to return the company’s property.

The reason behind making this request is my inability to return in my personal capacity. I am in San Francisco due to some family commitments. I assure you of the return of the company’s property which includes a laptop, Mobile phone, company card, and two files on financing and auditing. I shall be back to Houston soon in October and shall make the return instant once I get back.

I acknowledge not only my possession of the company’s above-mentioned items but also the responsibility if any of them found damaged or in a reckless position. For more, I will be available at [email] or [phone]. I will be grateful to you if you be kind to accept a little delay in the return which will be, for sure, not later than early October. Thank you.


Roshan Nexia

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



Re: Acknowledgement to the Company’s Property

Dear Nicholson,

I am Gerber Shel, intended to pen my acknowledgment to the company’s property. I have been Assistant Finance Incharge in your company since 2010. It makes me feel good to boast about sharing that I spent one decade with Rolene Star Group of Companies at a prestigious position, a place where, I always opine, the charm of work is unavoidable. 

I had to resign due to my migration to Sydney, Australia. After my resignation I could not hand the company’s property back to the authority because of my carelessness, I confess. Sir, I want to assure you of the return if you be kind enough to give me two months to return the company’s items. The company property I possess is in accordance with the checklist I received from the HR department through email. They warned me strictly to return the items otherwise a legal proceeding will be charged on me according to the local Law Enforcement of California. 

I am in Australia which makes it impossible for me to return the items; however, I assure you I will return the items once I get back to my hometown in California. I will be back on November 30th, 20XX, and will surely make the return my top priority. 

I also admit all my responsibility if any of the items found missing or damaged. I will, certainly, pay for or replace it for the inconvenience in case of damage or missed items. Those items include a laptop, a cell phone, keys to the cupboards in the warehouse, the company’s parking pass, and the company’s credit card. I shall be grateful if you please give me two months to make the return certain. For more queries, the company can contact me through my email [email] or call at [X]. Thank you!


Gerber shed

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Undertaking Letter on Company’s Assets Received

Re. The undertaking of the Company’s Assets
Dear Mellow,

I am penning this letter to undertake that I have received the items mentioned below. I am Relenza Duck from Newt Street California and I am freshly appointed to the designation of the Assistant Registrar in Melbourne Group of Insurance. I hereby undertake that I have been given these items only to facilitate me as an employee and they do not belong to my ownership. These items have been granted to me in the designation of my appointment as an Assistant Registrar and given into my possession. 

I moreover undertake that I am liable to pay any kind of legal remedy in case of loss, damage, or misuse of these items. I undertake that the following items have been brought into consideration in my designation. These items are:

  • An HP Laptop (Gen V, i5) along with its charger
  • A Samsung Phone (Model s8) along with its charger
  • A sim card in the company’s name
  • Parking Card
  • Employee ID Card
  • Fourteen Files on previous records 
  • Swot analysis of the company (2011-2020)
  • Keys to the drawers and warehouse cabinets 
  • Employee Medical Card 

I undertake the possession of all of the above-mentioned articles and proclaim that they are given to me in good condition and completely functioned. Everything on the list is fine in its condition and functionality. During my possession, the responsibility to refurbish, mend, or update is on my shoulders and I am not legally subjected to claim the payment or amount used to update or retune them.

I am thankful for this to the management and Additional Registrar for this and promise to take good care of the company’s assets. My personal bio and application form for the aforementioned items has been enclosed in this letter. 

Thank you

Relenza Duck
JM-435, 2434 Newt Street California

Letter Undertaking the Company’s Property by Employee

Re. The undertaking of the Company’s Property Received


I am Joseph Lake from Nelson Main Street. I received my joining letter yesterday and according to the instructions received by Assistant Manager; I joined the Kips Noro company as an Assistant Finance Manager today i.e. on 23rd September 2020. All of my credentials are written in my earlier submitted employee form.

I hereby intend to write this letter to confirm that I have received certain articles from the company as the company’s property. These articles do belong to the company’s ownership while coming into my possession. These articles include the following:

  • A black HP laptop 57-Spectre model 15
  • A black Samsung mobile S8 with a sim card numbered as [X]
  • Five files related to the last year’s finance management
  • Finance software of the company, its password, and content as disposition
  • Company’s card
  • Company’s credit/debit card number [X]
  • Company’s parking card

I accept the possession of all the above-mentioned articles and its responsibility for maintenance and careful usage. I gladly accept this possession that has been given to me in the disposition of my designation and facilitation.

I also confirm to say that I shall be responsible for any kind of damage or loss of the aforementioned articles that I have received in fine condition. These articles are revocable after the end/termination of my job.

I also agree with all terms and conditions enclosed in this letter in the wake of these articles as the company’s property.

Thank you


Acceptance letter of invitation to speak at a literature club

A literature club is an organization for students exclusively interested in a culture like dramas, films, poetry, novels, internet culture etc. for which debates and discussions and forums are held.

It results in various grooming activities in the form of a pyramid. This pyramid consists of self-confidence, speaking power, decision making power, awareness of social and economic issues, fair dealing and understanding of the nature and type of problem.

These all things help in building a strong personality with a view to achieving success in every walk of life. For speaking in literature club, professionals are invited. The invitation is polite and requesting. The topic, location, date, and timings are mentioned.

In the same way, while accepting invitation one should also be responsive in confirming dates, timings, and venue etc. He can also inform about any additional types of equipment if needed. Fees can also be discussed. And other relevant details regarding the travel can also be discussed.

Acceptance letter of invitation to speak at a literature club

Education University
Nicholas Nathaniel
32 North St. Tenth Renton Avenue, Texas

I hope you are doing well. I have received the letter of invitation to speak on the topic “Entrepreneur’s Success Secret” at Clifford literature club on 20th April 2017 in San Francisco at 5:30 p.m.

I thank you for inviting me to speak. I will be leaving Texas on 18th April 2017. I have received the hotel reservation details. I will need a projector along with sound system.

In addition, I have added a sub-topic along with my presentation and speech which I would deliver after the lunch break. I hope the audience will find it interesting as it is in the form of documentary.

I would like to see the arrangements on the previous day. I am sure you will make it happen. I hope to have a wonderful day together. And I hope that the audience will find a great help from it.

See you soon.


Nicholas Nathaniel.
HOD Management Department, A&M University.

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Acceptance letter of invitation to speak at a literature club

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Acceptance Letter of Invitation to Speak or Perform

Invitations can be personal or professional. Personal invitations are for events like birthday parties, wedding parties, family functions etc. Professional invitations are for events like seminars, conferences, graduations, official dinners, and parties etc.

For all these invitations, letters or cards are used. It creates a good impression. The birthday party or wedding party invitations are so colorful and appealing. The greetings and salutation are also added.

The formal invitations need a proper format in professional language. They need accuracy and good tone. And in the invitations to speak or perform, one needs to be much soft in his tone and tone must be requesting.

Few things are good to mention in the letter. For example:

  1. The correct dates and timings should be mentioned.
  2. The location should be mentioned.
  3. The additional facilitation should be told if any.
  4. The confirmation should also be requested.
  5. Little details about the event should be mentioned.

When accepting the invitation to speak or perform, one needs to confirm and inform about any additional needs from his side regarding the event.

Acceptance of Invitation to Perform

25th April 2018

Mr. Ken Charlie Warner
Arcade Villas
21 St, Silver Crest Avenue, New Jersey.

I hope things running smoothly on your side. I am writing to confirm the invitation to perform in the wedding ceremony of your son John Parker.

We are much esteemed to have the honor of performing at your son’s wedding. As you are the most reputed politician and you did a lot of work for the welfare of the homeless community.

Our orchestra group will reach on Monday 1st May 2017 in New Jersey. We have received all the details about hotel reservations. We have also received the advance payment.

You did not confirm the pick and drop service. Kindly let us know about it before arrival. We would be doing our best to make it the best wedding ceremony ever. I want to request for previous day rehearsals as to avoid any inconvenience in sound system on the wedding day. Best wishes for you and your family.

Hope to have a wonderful time together.


Morris Bradley
Manager, Versatile Orchestra Group.

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Acceptance Letter of Invitation to Speak or Perform

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Acceptance Letter for Admission

It is always a matter of great pleasure when you receive an acceptance letter from some educational institute that you have been dreaming of studying for so long. After receiving the letter, the next step is to write a good acceptance letter in its response.

It must be well written in formal terms showing a little bit of your excitement and gratitude about getting the acceptance letter from your desired institution. A little talk about the passion you have for the selected subjects makes it even more attractive. Following is an acceptance letter for admission written by keeping all the above points in consideration.


I [title] [name] am writing to you on behalf of [Medical school name] to inform you that your daughter has been accepted for our MBBS program. Congratulations on this huge milestone as [X] college is one of the top medical colleges in this region.

[Name of hospital], the training hospital we are attached to is one of the biggest hospitals of the region and serves more than [number] patients per day. Our surgery department is the envy of our competitors and our students get to learn from the best.

Your daughter’s score on the entry test and her previous educational record show that she is a hardworking and dedicated student and we feel that she would be a good addition to our prestigious institution. To complete the admission procedure please fill out the attached forms and submit the documents mentioned in the list attached to this letter before [date]. The date for the orientation ceremony would be intimated later.

In case of any queries please contact Mr. [name] in the admission office through phone [phone number] or email at [email address]. In the end, I would like to congratulate you once again and thank you for selecting our college.

Size: 13 KB Word [.doc] File


Dear Sir [name],

Congratulations! We are very glad to inform you that you have been accepted into the business program of [university name] for the [year-year] session. Your previous academic record and your extracurricular achievements have earned you this place.

We have attached a list of documents you need to submit before the semester starts. Also attached are some forms which need to be filled and submitted latest by [date]. We are also sending a starter pack that has all the important information to get you started. It has all the details from the campus guide to on-campus job opportunities and scholarships being offered. In case of any quarries, please contact Mr. [name] through phone [phone number] or email at [email address].

In the end, we would like to congratulate you once again on achieving this important milestone.

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Dear [recipient’s name],

I am writing this letter in order to confirm my acceptance for the admissions fall 20XX at [NAME University USA]. It will be a great pleasure to be a part of such a prestigious institute.

Thank you very much. I feel confident that I can make a significant contribution to the institution with my hard work and determination, and I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me and I assure you that you will never regret it.

In addition, to my good academic records, I am always active in extracurricular activities, I played as a captain of my school’s basketball team for 4 straight years. I am really looking forward to the next four years of my life at [NAME University]. I once again appreciate your trust in me and I am very happy to join this institution.
Thank you very much.

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