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Letter to younger brother to do good in studies 0

Letter to Younger Brother to do Good in Studies

Human nature involves two main factors to reform him and lead to a successful life. One is fear of failure and other is motivation to achieve some target. These both factors play very important role in the life of a person and develop the positive or negative attitude of the person towards life. Fear of failure ultimately raises the motivation level. But every human has a different attitude or different...

Letter to Encourage a Supervisor after a Company Setback 0

Letter to Encourage a Supervisor after a Company Setback

All leading organizations and companies do not establish at one day. There are always strenuous efforts of the team to keep them on right tracks and stand still against any wind. So supervisor and employees are always ready for any kind of situation that can happen. Some disasters are natural, which cannot be stopped with manpower and technologies. Other kinds of losses are those which can be compensated with workforce...