Letter for the Settlement of Outstanding Payment

Letter -1

Re. Settling the Outstanding Amount of $[X] in the Project [ABC]

Dear [NAME], I am [NAME], the [POSITION] from the [COMPANY]. I am writing this to you on the behalf of the company’s accounts and sales management. This letter seeks a solution to the outstanding payment of $[X] on your end in the project [ABC]. This letter would try to settle the outstanding payment and make the payment convenient for both parties. In the settlement, the interests of both of the parties have been considered and none has been sidelined for the monetary benefits.

According to the project report compiled on [DATE], our company was to prepare your project [PORJECT NAME], for which a payment of $[X] was done in the shape of a down payment of the project. The project was initiated on [DATE] and it was concluded on [DATE]. The project has already been delivered to your project management team on [DATE] but no payment has been made yet. An amount of $[X] has been lying in arrears according to invoice no. (xxx).

The relevant department had already provided another deadline for the payment of the arrears but no payment has been made yet. According to the resources, we have come to know that your company’s internal management has been disruptive, therefore, there are delays in the project actions and payments. Moreover, it has been realized that your company is not in the position of repaying the amount of $[X] at once.

The management of the sales and accounts has expressed great remorse and exasperation on getting no response from your team. To cater to this, we have decided to make the payment by framing an installment plan of six months with an interest of [X] percent. This will not only make the payment easy for you but will also compensate for the lost value of the company’s realization.

Please respond to me at [EMAIL] or call at [PHONE] to confirm the plan attached as Annex-I. In case of no response, our company shall be impelled to take strict legal actions. Thank you.


Letter for the settlement of the outstanding payment

Letter -2

Re. Settlement of the Outstanding Payment for the Project [PROJECT]; to be Paid on [DATE]

Dear [NAME],

This letter deals with the problem of long due payment for the project no. (No.). The project was completed even before the deadline but the remaining amount of $[X] has not been paid yet even after the passing of three months.

The project was about the IT management of the company and the installation of a database and software for the company’s sales and account management. The project was kicked off with the payment of [X] percent amount whereas a [X] percent amount is still in arrears. We have sent several emails and notifications but every response was unsatisfying and baffling.

Our [POSITION] has decided to escalate the moment to the court if it does not get resolved this time. Therefore, we propose an installment plan for the payment of the remaining amount with an interest of [x] percent. It means to say that a total $[X] amount shall be pain in [X] months.

Please respond by writing to us at [EMAIL] or call at [PHONE] to confirm the settlement plan. In case of any disagreement with the plan, please send a suggesting proposal for the settlement of the outstanding amount or pay the full amount of $[X] before [DATE]. Please find the invoice enclosed. In case of not meeting the deadline, legal actions would be taken. Thank you.


Letter for the settlement of the outstanding payment


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