Leave Application Letter for Death of Uncle/Grandmother

Leave application letter for death of grandmother


I am writing this letter to inform you that my uncle passed away last night due to a sudden heart attack. He was a nice person and the news of his death hit me like a bullet. I remained very close to him throughout his entire life. Now I must attend the funeral ceremony of my uncle. Currently, I want nothing but to see my uncle’s face for the last time. Please grant me leave for two days from [date] to [date] for this purpose.

His death is a great loss for my family. Moreover, my cousins are not able to handle all the related matters such as burial and funeral arrangements. Therefore, I need to be there as soon as possible. I request you to approve my leave request on an urgent basis. I assure you that my absence will not affect the timely completion of my office assignments. My tasks will be done within the specified time frame.

I hope you will understand my situation and keeping in view the problem, you will entertain my request. Please be assured that I shall return on said date. Thank you in anticipation for your kindness.  



Subject: Leave application for uncle death

Dear Sir,

I am sadly informing you through this letter about the sudden death of my uncle due to a brain hemorrhage last night. This is a great loss for us and at this moment, I need to be with my family. He is no more with us, and this is causing too much pain. Therefore, I request you to grant me three days’ leave from 28th to 30th of June because I need to attend his funeral prayer, and burial in my hometown.

You know that in this type of situation I cannot concentrate on my work and complete it within the specified time. Keeping in view the situation, please sanction my leave on an urgent basis so that I would participate in my uncle’s funeral services.

I hope you will entertain my request at your earliest because I will leave for the airport thereafter. Thank you in anticipation for this act of kindness.



Subject: Leave application for the death of my grandmother

Dear Sir,

I am sad to inform you that my grandmother has passed away early in the morning today. To attend her funeral service, I must go to my hometown which is in [state]. My family members have already reached there and I have to join them as soon as possible. For this reason, I request you to grant me leave from office work for three days. I will return on [date].

Being eldest grandson, I have major responsibilities on my shoulders regarding her burial. Moreover, I have to make arrangements for her funeral ceremony. My three days will be spent meeting guests and dealing with different arrangements. It is important for me to stay with my family members at this time of sorrow.

It is my humble request to you to approve my leave request on an urgent basis so that I could leave the office on time and reach my hometown as soon as possible. I know that three days is really a big gap for a great company like ours. Keeping it under consideration, I have requested Miss. Julia. She will look after my work in my absence. In case of emergency, I can also be approached through phone calls.  

Yours obediently,


Subject: Leave application for the death of [X]

Dear Sir,

I just heard the sad news of my grandmother’s death after a short illness early in the morning. It was a shock for me as I was not expecting this kind of incident. During this time of sorrow, I am supposed to be with my family members who have already reached my hometown. I am looking forward to accompanying them during her funeral ceremony and burial. For these reasons, I am unable to attend the office for routine work. Therefore, it is my humble request to you to grant me leave for two days.

I assure you to return on [date] as promised. During my absence, I have requested Mr. Johnson to look after my work such as client dealing and file work.  

I hope you will consider my request and approve my two days’ leave.  In case of any emergency, I may be approached through email or phone call. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours obediently,

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