Letter to Endorse or Nominate a Candidate for Award

I am writing a letter to inform you that you, Mr. XYZ have been nominated as the best employee of our company. It is our company’s tradition that we nominate employees every year. So, this year our company has decided to nominate your name because of your hardworking and dedication to the company.

Our XYZ Company’s criteria for the award are not that easy. It is a must to complete all the assigned tasks within the time. All the projects and deadlines should be completed at a time. Our company sets some targets for the employees and it is very important to meet these targets every month. The more you put effort into the progress of the Company the more you will get a chance to receive the award. 

We are proudly able to say that you have completed all your tasks very efficiently. You always meet your target on a time and submit your projects. You did a lot of effort and hard work into the progress and the betterment of the company.

Your hard work and dedication set a great example for other employees of the company. You always come to the office regularly and the special thing which the company’s management more like about is you never skip your working day without any reason.

I am very happy for you that you are nominated for this award and I hope that you will win this award. I wish you the best of luck from the core of my heart. Good Luck Thank you for your precious time. Best wishes.

I am a director from XYZ association. I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been nominated as the best screen player of the year. I know that you already won many awards in the previous year and I proudly announce that this year you are again nominated for the best screenplay award.

You had started your Career in 20xx and you did a great job in these years. As we know that making a name for yourself in this industry is not an easy task but, in a few years, you proved yourself that nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication. Not everyone can afford to be so famous at such a young age. Your hard work and efforts toward acting set a great example for the junior actors. 

Our XYZ association’s criteria only depend upon fans’ following and public demand. The more people appreciate your work and personality the more you will have a chance to win the award. There is no place for favoritism in our association all the screen players are equal to us. This is the result of your hard work that you always win the heart of your fans.

I hope you again win this award this year. I am wishing you the best of luck with the award. Good luck. Thank you for the time. Best wishes.

There are many organizations that give awards or recognition in the form of endorsement letters. The letter contains the information about the achievements of the candidate on the basis of which he is being awarded and also his personal information such as a qualification.

The award for which the candidate has been nominated should be mentioned in the letter. The reasons on the basis of which the candidate has been nominated for the award should be clearly mentioned in the letter. In this part of the letter, the details of all the achievements of the candidate are written.

At the end of the letter, once again emphasize the purpose of the endorsement letter and then close the letter by offering the reader to contact you in the case of any query.

Letter -3: Short form

It is a great pleasure for us to endorse you for this award. You have been nominated for this award after a detailed and very careful review of all your records and achievements of yours throughout the year. We firmly believe that you are the eligible candidate for this award.

You are very good in conduct and a hardworking man. You have always been a firm person in any kind of tough time through which the company has gone. You never hesitate in taking any challenge. You are also an inspiration for the other people working with you. I am extremely happy for endorsing you for this award because of your qualities and exceptional achievements.


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