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Complaint Letter to a Doctor 0

Letter to Doctor for a Problem Child & Reply

Letter to Doctor My child, Frances has become a problem. He picks quarrels everywhere and uses foul language inside and outside the house. He pays no attention to his studies. He beats children, steals money and sweets, lames dogs and other animals kill birds and bees for nothing. He is a great nuisance. My life is a hell. What should I do? Reply to Above I cannot believe that such...

Thank You Letter to Someone for his Hard Work 0

Thank You Letter to Someone for his/her Hard Work

After putting your tireless and determined efforts into a seemingly difficult project, you finally make it successful but guess what? You get no words of recognition, not even a thank you. You’d surely want to quit the employment at the very moment if you’re presented with another choice. The place where your hard work is not even rewarded with a thank you was surely not made for you. So, I...