Letter Announcing an Employee’s Retirement

Businesses have to say goodbye to their employees at some point when their term of work is completed and they reach the time of retirement. Since employees who retire have been serving businesses for long, this is a very important time to recognize their services to the fullest before they leave. Usually, an announcement letter contains not only the announcement of an employee’s retirement but also a brief note of compliment for him. Most businesses arrange a farewell party to honor the retiring employee. If such an event is planned, it is usually also mentioned in the announcement of an employee’s retirement letter. These are business norms and they should be practiced in order to make the business place a professional sphere.


Dear (Recipient’s Name),

This letter is to inform you about the retirement of Mr. [enter name]. We are sadly saying goodbye to him after a long company. He has been working with us since [enter period]. The devotion and hard work which he showed throughout these years are rare to find. Many of our successes were a result of his efforts. It would not be wrong to say that Mr.[enter name] has a major part in taking our company to this level. We are and will always remain indebted to him for his services.

A farewell party has been planned so that we can extend our courteous gratitudes to Mr. [enter name]. All employees are requested to join it as [enter date] will be his last day at the office. Thank you!

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter Announcing an Employees Retirement

Letter Announcing an Employee’s Retirement 

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