Disagreement Letter Concerning Employee’s Layoff

The main purpose of writing this letter is to give reasons to the reader about not going ahead with the actions which have been proposed. The problem should be clearly stated in the letter in a polite tone without blaming anyone. You can ask in a very polite way that you want your problem to be resolved. Also, give some alternative proposals if you have any.

Since you are writing this letter to tell that you cannot get ahead with the proposal so there is a need in the letter to tell the reasons for which you did not like the proposal. If you have any plan which can resolve this issue, you can also mention it in the letter. Keep the letter positive and make the reader feel comfortable with your words. You can show the reader that you trust him.

Letter -1

I am writing this letter because I want to tell you that the layoff proposal that you have planned is not going to work. We should set up a meeting and discuss this proposed plan in detail. You should visit the whole site so that you can find some more areas from where you can save money. The layoff can be very harmful to both: the people who have been working with us for a long time and for the company too.

I hope that you will also take some steps to save their jobs. You can call me to have a meeting so that we both can have a look at the problem and can deduce some solutions for the problem.


I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to express my disapproval over your decision to lay off a significant number of employees from the marketing department. Please take it positively. Let me tell you that none of my staff members has been accused of a policy violation or bad performance.

I know you have made this decision for restructuring the company. However, the idea of layoff does not look better as far as my point of view is concerned. My sales team has worked wholeheartedly and burnt like midnight oil to achieve the annual sales target. It will not be a good option to reward them like this for their achievement. It will be a big mistake if we even think about laying them off.

I will appreciate it if you spare some time to sit with me so that we may discuss any other suitable solution for the development of our marketing department with any layoff. Please inform me whenever you will have free time.

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Yesterday, management received your proposed plan for revamping the sales department of the company. You have stated that laying off employees is necessary for streamlining the process. I hereby express my disagreement with your opinion. I have conducted a meeting with senior employees and top management officials of the company. They are of the view that there is no immediate need to execute this plan. It will be a big mistake if we lay off a significant number of employees.

It is witnessed from past records that the sales team worked hard and consistently to achieve difficult annual targets. Your proposed plan does not suit the management because employees must not be rewarded like this upon their achievement. Please hold a meeting with me to discuss another workable solution regarding this matter.

Your timely response will be appreciated.

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Disagreement Letter Concerning a Cancelled Appointment

Letter -1

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am very disappointed with the behavior of your receptionist. I was visiting your dental clinic for the last six months but last night she turned out to be extremely rude to me. My name is [X] and I am your regular patient. I am suffering from a severe tooth infection. You prescribed me to undergo a root canal this week. I was in pain, and I wanted my treatment to be as soon as possible.

Following your instructions, I contacted you and you gave me the appointment for 5th October. My appointment day was Monday when I came to your clinic on time the receptionist told me a new story. He said that you canceled my appointment and forgot to inform me about this matter. This level of negligence and irresponsibility was shocking for me because it was a matter of my health.

As you know that everyone is very conscious about their health. I am still in pain and I request you to take action on this matter. I want my appointment on an urgent basis. Kindly give me an appointment as soon as possible so I will be able to recover as fast as I can. I am looking forward to hearing some good news from you. Thank you for your time. 

Letter -2

I am writing this letter to inform you that I do not appreciate your canceling my interview. I was working hard for the last three years to get a job in your company. Luckily, I got a chance to work in your company but someone else availed me of that chance due to the negligence of the receptionist and she canceled my appointment on her own and did not even bother to inform me. 

I was suffering from a fever for the last week but I prepared for this interview. When I came to your office for my interview, the receptionist informs me that you canceled my appointment. Also, she said that all the seats for the job are already filled in this company. I am very disappointed, and I disagree with the cancellation of my appointment.

I was working very hard for this job. Moreover, I put a lot of effort to work under your supervision in this company. Unfortunately, someone took my seat and ruined my chance to work with you. I request you to take action on this matter as soon as possible.

I also do not have any other job. Please give me a chance to prove myself. Kindly me an appointment for an interview. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness. I am waiting to hear some positive news from you. Thank you for your precious time. Best wishes.

It’s always an act of irresponsible behavior and is never appreciated when a solid appointment is canceled without any prior notice or a reason. It causes inconvenience for the patients as they can’t make another appointment with some other doctor in time. These kinds of acts should always be questioned. Following is a letter that can be used in these terms to show a disagreement with a canceled appointment.

Letter -3

This letter has been written about the sudden cancellation of my daughter’s appointment with you. She has a kidney problem and is a regular patient at your hospital. She has been receiving treatment from your hospital for the last couple of years. Her disease doesn’t allow any delay in her treatment. As the cancellation of the appointment was made just at the eleventh hour, so we couldn’t even get to make an appointment at some other hospital. In addition, no attempt was made to inform us about the cancellation of the appointment.

I and my daughter were on time as per the regular schedule but the doctor wasn’t there. This is therefore not appreciable and such kind of act will not be accepted next time. You people work for humanity and the life safety of your patients must be your priority. I request an explanation of this happening and assure you that such kind of act will not take place in the future. Thank you!

Disagreement Letter to a False Accusation

There are times when confusion and misunderstanding take place and thus give way to a mistaken accusation. Other times these accusations could be intentionally caused or created by someone. Whatever the case might be, if a person finds himself in such cases, where he is wrongly accused, he owns the right to speak rather he should speak for himself. This is a sample letter regarding a disagreement to a false accusation.

Letter -1

This letter is being written to the city court to inform the authorities about the false accusation against me last day of [DATE]. I strongly reject this accusation as it is a clear slander to put my reputation and credibility under observation which can damage my career and threaten my family’s security disgracing me in the whole community.

I am sending you along with this letter details that prove my innocence towards this humiliating matter. I am also consulting my lawyer and can sue this person according to US lawsuit article number [#num] for [X] years.

Kindly consider my request as soon as possible so that I and my family can stay at peace and sue this person after a proper search of the accusation so that no one can ever humiliate a person in that very manner.

Thanking you in anticipation!

Letter -2

Dear [Recipient’s name]

I am writing to you regarding the notification letter that I received yesterday. The notification says that I am being frequently absent from school and skip classes too. It was shocking to read such a letter in my name because the reality says otherwise. I have not been absent a single day for the last 3 months. You can check the attendance record to confirm.

As far as the skipping classes issue is concerned, I would humbly want to inform you that I do not skip any classes and my students can better stand witness for me in this case. I am uncertain who has provided you with these false details. Since it was my due right to speak for myself, I have written to you and I reject all that the notification letter included.

Kindly look into this matter and find some solution. I suspect that either the letter is mistakenly sent or someone has intentionally tried to create this misunderstanding. Since you are the principal and I have received the letter from you, I want you to give me an opportunity to clarify my position. For this, I shall be meeting you at your office on Monday. I hope you will give me some time from your busy schedule. Thank you!

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Disagreement Letter Regarding a Mistaken Deduction

To write a disagreement letter of any type there are some general guidelines that should be followed to keep the letter as formal and professional as possible. Since it is not only your face-to-face interaction that leaves an impression on you but also your black and white. To write disagreement letters;

  • Make sure you explain the matter in detail.
  • Mention your disagreement and the argument to support it.
  • Disagreements can be made without going out of the way harsh with somebody so remember to remain ethical.
  • Consider the mistake done as an unintentional act and not an intentional one.
  • The disagreement letter should not be a disclaimer. You might be wrong in your disagreement. It is recommended to wait for the explanation from the other side before declaring final decisions.


Dear Mr. Kendrick Jones,

I am writing to inform you of a probable miscommunication that has led to a mistaken deduction from my debit card. I wish to inform you that I availed your service on 25th December and also used a discount coupon which I got through the local newspaper. I was told that the service will cost 200 dollars however 350 have been deducted from my card. I was in a hurry at that time and did not check the bill there and then. I realized about two days later that I have been overcharged.

According to my calculation, after using the discount coupon, the service should have cost me 200 dollars. As you can see, the difference of 150 dollars is a lot and it is not justified to deduct just like that. I request you to please return my money as soon as possible as it is highly unprofessional to charge almost double the amount agreed.

In addition, I would also like to inform you that I reached out to your branch personally before writing this letter. Your representative had a very rude attitude with me and instead of admitting the mistake, I was told to write a letter to you as they are not allowed to make any returns. I hope that my complaint will be taken seriously, and I will be returned the extra amount as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ms. Anna Karim.


Dear Mr. James Corden,

I am writing to inform you about a mistaken deduction from my account. I recently signed an insurance contract with your company and availed myself of the Golden insurance plan. According to the company policy stated on your website, the monthly payment is 800 dollars for the plan that I am availing of. The first payment was due on 1st January which was deducted from my account after my permission.

I just checked the records and about 950 dollars have been deducted from my account as opposed to the initially agreed 800 dollars. I would like to formally file a complaint regarding this. If this was accidental, then please send me a letter confirming this and return the extra money charged.

In addition, if the total sum of 900 dollars is not a mistake and the total sum was reached after some hidden charges that have been added to the basic 800 dollars, then please let me know very clearly. In that case, I would like to withdraw my subscription immediately as not only is it fraudulent on your company’s part but it’s unaffordable for me at the moment. I cannot afford to pay 950 dollars per month on my current budget. Please clarify the whole situation to me and resolve this issue at your earliest.

Thank you and regards,
Scarlet Johnson.

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Dear [Recipient’s name]

I was shopping at your store last Sunday when I used my debit card to pay for the items that I had bought. The total bill was $200 as per the shopping receipt that the man at the counter gave me; however, I realized later that a deduction of $50 other than $200 was made on my card. Because I was in a hurry, I could not check the debit card deduction notification on my phone. $50 is not a small amount to give it away without any reason.

I’m sure this was only a mistake and can be fixed, therefore; I request you to kindly look into this matter and refund me whatever was charged in extra. As proof, I have attached the essential documents i.e. the shopping receipt bill, debit card bills.

Hoping for prompt rectification of this problem! Thank you.


[Your Name]

[Your Title] -Optional-

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Disagreement Letter Regarding a Mistaken Deduction

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Disagreement Letter regarding mistaken Bill

You could be billed twice or thrice, billed half or could totally be left untouched by the billing authority even when there were dues to be paid by you. These all are mistakes since to err is human. Disagreement regarding billing can either be made face to face or by sending a letter of disagreement to the relevant authorities. In order to write a proper letter of this genre, it is important that

  • The matter in detail is discussed in the letter
  • Explain how and why you disagree with the billing
  • Attach relevant documents if necessary i.e. past bills etc.
  • Suggest a solution/compensation


I placed an order of 70 plates, 50 paper cups, and some other party supplies for my son’s birthday on 25th December 20XX. I am writing this letter to bring to your attention that you have overcharged me for this service. Your representative at the Beverly Hills branch told me that the plates and cups are sold at a rate of one dollar each.

However, I was charged 145 dollars for them which as you can see yourself, does not add up. In addition, I was also overcharged for other party supplies which were supposed to be priced at 70 dollars in total, but my bill was 100 dollars. This is quite irresponsible and unprofessional on your part as you are misinforming the price of your services to your customers. If I was aware that your services are so expensive, I would not have availed them in the first place.

I hope your company compensates these extra charges and that the extra money is returned to me. Also, I hope you realize how important it is to stick to your commitments as your brand’s reputation depends on it directly. Misleading your clients to availing services that are super expensive is also not a good strategy.

I am expecting a prompt response from your side and an explanation of how this error of a mistaken bill might have happened on your end.


Sierra Colbert.


Dear Mr. Conan White,

I am Karen Sky, a resident of 85 Dorian Road, CA. I am writing to inform you of a recent case of the mistaken monthly bill from your company. I have been availing of your cable service since January 20XX and have been getting my bill in the mail regularly and on time.

For the month of November though, my bill was delayed by a few days. I contacted your company and they sent me a bill the same day but not only was it 10 USD more than what I usually pay monthly, but the due date mentioned on it had passed too. The due date was 15th December, but I received the bill on 17th December.

Your representative called to inform me that the bill got lost in the mail and they had to re-make it and send it to me which took a few days, which resulted in the due date being passed. He also informed me that I have to pay the late fine which is 20 dollars, as I should have informed the company about the lost bill earlier.

Please know that it wasn’t my fault that the bill got lost and I will certainly not pay a late fine as it’s not justifiable. I have availed of your service for many months now and have always paid my bills on time.

I request you to please look into this matter at your earliest and resolve it. I look forward to your prompt response in this regard.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Sky.  

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Dear [Recipient’s name]

Since your company is an internet service provider (ISP), I have been taking your services for the last 5 years. The service has overall remained excellent and therefore I have no complaint to make regarding that.

However, there is something that I have to take into your account about my last bill. I have received a bill of [X]$ because the package mentioned on the bill is off [4 MB] while I am on a package of [2MB]. With this 4MB Bill, I shall have to pay double what I pay usually.

I am uncertain why my package was changed without notifying me. Because the action was taken without taking my agreement, I disagree to pay this bill for 4MB and will only pay for 2MB.

You are requested to change my package back to 2MB if it has been switched to 4MB and also fix the errors in the billing records. I shall be grateful to you for this. Thank you!

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Disagreement Letter Regarding a Mistaken Bill

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