Complaint Letter about Movie Theater Facilities

Entertainment is always a need for decades. Entertainment if given in the right manner gives much awareness. The awareness can be about history as well as technology. One form of entertainment is cinema. In this modern world Cinemas and Movie Theaters are gaining wide recognition. The youngsters, as well as families, make special plans for watching movies to have fun and joy from the busy routine of life.

A lot of 3D movies are on screen for kids, kids can also have great fun now. Besides all, it has pros and cons also. Among the uses comes entertainment, information about discoveries and inventions, and awareness about other cultures.

Among the abuses come vulgarity, misguidance to youngsters, and also not family-oriented. Keeping in view, the positive and negative aspects, the parents need to be much careful regarding their children’s activities. Sometimes, various complaints regarding Movie Theater can arise. People suffer from inconvenience. In return, they make complaints. Such complaints can also be helpful in the improvement of Movie Theater and cinemas progress.


We visited your movie theatre to watch ‘[movie name]’ on [date]. However, we are highly disappointed with the facilities provided in the movie theatre and I feel that it is important that I inform you about the bad experience we had.

We had reserved the VIP seats expecting a comfortable and luxurious experience but we were very disappointed to see that the padding of the seats was torn and they were very uncomfortable. Also, the floor was littered with wrappers and popcorns dropped by people who visited before us. As if this was not enough in the intermission my daughter wanted to go to the restroom we were horrified to see the line outside the restroom as there were only three stalls in the lady’s washroom despite the movie theatre having a capacity of [number]. The restrooms were not clean and were the worst part of our visit.

Then we went to get some refreshments but we were shocked to see the rates of popcorn and cold drinks. Also, there was a long line in front of the stall and it took so long for our turn to come that everything was finished and we only got one can of cold drink. When we were trying to reach our seats there was a lot of pushing and the children started getting frightened, there was no security staff to prevent this.

Overall we had a bad experience. If you make the following changes we feel that the overall experience can be much improved.

  • Replace the torn sofas with more comfortable seating.
  • Make the space litter free.
  • Increase the number of washrooms and ensure their cleanliness.
  • Increase the number of stalls selling refreshments and ensure that they have sufficient supplies.
  • Ensure the presence of security staff to keep the crowd in order.

Looking forward to swift action resulting in improvement of your facilities.


We visited your movie theatre on [date] to watch ‘[movie name]’. As we entered the venue we realized that the air conditioning was not working and it was very hot. It is very difficult to enjoy a movie in such an uncomfortable environment. As the movie started the voice quality was very bad and we could hardly hear the dialogue. When the people started protesting, the staff were very rude and arguments broke out.

We left the theatre at this point without finishing the movie. It was all in bad taste. Please look into this matter and try to improve the services offered as people come to the cinema to relax and enjoy. The atmosphere in a movie theatre should be relaxing and the people working there should be properly trained in public dealing to ensure that they can control the crowd without offending anyone.

Most importantly sound effects make or break a movie if there are issues in the sound it is bound to disappoint the audience. Please try to improve these basic facilities so that the movie-goers can have a better experience. Looking forward to your positive response.


Robert Mc. Hernandez
Block 23C, Silver Lake Avenue, New Hampshire.


Mr. Alex Jordan
Bonjour Movie Theater
28 Fleet St, Sea Side Avenue, New Hampshire.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing this letter to complain about the problem I faced yesterday at your cinema. Yesterday, I came with my friends to watch the movie “The Invincible”. The movie was long-awaited and I must say that we did not enjoy the movie at all. And, we were much disappointed as it was our first visit to your Movie Theater.

The point of displeasure was the seating arrangements and the sound system. The angle to watch from front seats is not at all appropriate. The sound when becomes high starts becoming inarticulate and unable to understand. The back-seating arrangements are much better than the front ones. The front seating arrangements should be like them.

I hope you will consider the complaint. Please give prompt resolution so that other people may not face the same problem. Hope to visit soon after the resolution.

Thank you.


Robert Mc. Hernandez.


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