Complaint Letter for Cable TV Reception

Technology advancement has provided ease to consumers in a variety of ways. One of the kinds is cable TV. Now people can watch a variety of channels at home. Also, one can watch live coverage of national days, sports, entertaining programs, etc. The cable TV reception is a complex process. The system is much technical and needs a lot of effort to manage. As compared with its ease, problems can also arise in cable TV reception.

Sometimes, the transmission is disrupted at the time of some important sports or program. People get much annoyed at this unusual situation. Sometimes poor signals also interrupt. Often, such issues arise according to weather conditions. When people suffer from such issues over and over again, they prefer to change their cable connection.

In the case of poor signals or disrupted transmission, the complaint must be given to the operators to fix the issue as soon as possible.


I [consumer number] am writing to register my complaint against the Cable TV reception. I got a connection from you on [date]. From the beginning, the reception has been very bad but I was informed that the quality of Cable would improve in a few days when a new repeater is added in the line. However, it has been [number] days but the quality is very bad. The picture is blurry and often it shuts down completely. We often miss important programs or news due to this sudden shutdown of the cable.

I have been paying my dues on time but the quality of cable I have received is worsening by day which is very unfair. Please look into this matter and resolve this issue as it is very frustrating and we are really troubled by it.

Looking forward to a swift and positive response from you in this regard and better service next time.


I would like to register my complaint regarding my cable service. Following the rainstorm on [date], my cable TV stopped working and it has not been fixed till now.

I contacted the helpline yesterday to report this and I was told that a technician would be sent today by noon to fix this issue. However, no technician came and I have been calling the Helpline since then. I have been given a complaint number but despite talking to the supervisor the issue has not been resolved nor has any progress been made.

This is highly unprofessional and such negligence is not acceptable. All our neighbors are getting uninterrupted service and it has already been [number] of hours which is sufficient time for any repairs that are required.

Please solve this issue expeditiously as it is very bothersome and already plenty of time has been wasted due to the negligence of your staff. Looking forward to your positive response.


Newton Mc. Dowell
56 St. Golden Wall Avenue, New Jersey.

Mr. Peter Hayden
Super Cable Operators.
38 St. Hill Top Avenue, New Jersey.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am Newton Mc. Dowell. I am writing to make a complaint about poor cable TV reception. I am a customer of your cable company for seven months. But it is being the third week I am suffering from the problem of poor service regarding the transmission.

Nowadays, you better know that International Baseball Championship is going on. Based on the two years’ delay, it is the long-awaited championship. Since the time the tournament has started, poor signals are observed. Most of the time, the transmission disrupts and the cable never functions properly. I keep on waiting for several hours. I called the office many times, but no response. They keep on saying that they are fixing the problem. The poor service just spoiled the charm of this championship.

I always pay the dues on time. During the two years of my last residence, I have never faced any issue regarding my previous cable operators. I request you to look over the issue and fix it soon. Otherwise, I would opt for another company.


Newton Mc. Dowell.

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