Complaint Letter from a Customer about a Store not being Clean

Letter 1:

Subject: Complaint letter for the store not being clean

Dear Manager,

Through this letter, I want to share with you my personal experience I had at your store while shopping on the 15th of August, 20XX. I am a regular customer of your company and shop most of the things from your shop every month. It means that every month, I spend at least half an hour at your store. This month, it was the worst ever time I spent there while shopping.

First of all, as I entered the store, I was welcomed by an unpleasant smell coming from everywhere. Soon I realized that it was the smell of rotten food items that had to be thrown in a dust bin but were lying there in open space. Moreover, a layer of dust could be seen on everything at that time and it was reflecting a clear status of your cleanliness level. The irony of fate was that I felt a desire to urinate there. It was hard to stay in the washroom because it was not cleaned, and the flush bowl was full of mass and no towel or tissue paper was there. In short, your whole store was clearly depicting a dirty look.

I want to inform you that through these unhygienic practices, you are not only devaluing your store but also playing with the health of people. The food authority of our state has also emphasized the cleanliness of superstores where all kinds of items including food are available. I suggest you make the necessary arrangements in order to clean your store otherwise I shall avoid shopping from your store. Moreover, if things don’t get better, I will request concerned authorities to take steps then.

I hope you will regard my complaint and take the necessary steps in this regard.

Yours sincerely,

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Sample 2:

Subject: Complaint about unhygienic condition at [X]

Dear Sir,

My name is Johnson and I am a regular customer of the XYZ store. I am writing you this letter to submit my complaint against the said store for the poor hygienic and cleaning conditions.

This is the only store where I buy most of the things I need for the whole month. But it is a sad reality of here that the management of this store compromises on the health of their customers by maintaining the poor hygienic and cleaning condition of their store. Anytime you visit them, their racks will be full of dust, dust bins will not be placed, and garbage is left on the floor, washrooms will be in a dirty condition, devoid of any towel or tissue paper. In addition, I have been sold expired food items several times as well. In short, the cleaning condition being maintained in that store is not at par with the standard set by you for all stores of the town, and in this way, they are playing havoc with the lives of those people who shop from that store.

This is not the first time I am submitting my complaint. I had complained the same matter several times before but all in vain. This time, you are requested to please take necessary action in this regard and bound them to clean their store properly and by following all the SOPs. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours affectionately,


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