Late Delivery Apology Letter

Companies/businesses can sometimes fail to deliver an order or consignment on the decided deadline. The clients can face heavy losses and the company can lose out on customers due to delayed or lost orders.

Such delays can result in losing out your customers to your competitors. And worse than that, the client can take legal action against the company. So, in such a situation, writing an apology letter becomes very important as it will keep the customer updated about the problem and reduce the customer’s anger as he will know that you acknowledge your mistake.

A late delivery apology letter should include solutions to the problem. Clients will be more interested to know how their loss will be minimized or what compensation will they be paid. The letter should maintain a friendly tone so that the client can forgive the mistake and not break ties with the company.

Ways should be stated as to how the loss will be minimized. Further, a friendly request should be made to forgive and allow the late delivery. Various ways should be outlined through which a solution can be sorted without resorting to the court.


I am writing to apologize for the late delivery of the book set you had placed an online order for on [date]. I understand that it was for your daughter’s birthday and the late delivery must have caused the little one disappointment and it must have put you in an embarrassing situation for which we are extremely sorry.

The problem is that the flash flood which came on [date] destroyed the stock in our warehouse and damaged a lot of our books. We are still in the process of taking stock. However, we have sent the book set you had ordered.

We have also sent a goodie bag having bookmarks and highlighters. We hope your daughter enjoys her gift. We are sorry for the late delivery and the stress and inconvenience it caused you but as you can see it was due to unavoidable circumstances.

We are sure that you will understand the dilemma we faced and forgive us. Looking forward to serving you again in the future,

Yours sincerely.


I want to apologize for the late delivery of the mattress you had ordered. Since the size of the mattress was customized, it was not present in the warehouse. It had to come from the factory which takes around a week normally as you were informed at the time you placed an order.

The problem that we did not foresee was a strike in the factory which although resolved now, has caused a backlog that we have still struggled to overcome.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and stress this must have caused you. Please overlook this delay and accept our sincerest apology.

As a token of our regret on this unfortunate delay, we are sending you a voucher worth [amount] which can be used to shop anything from our website where more than [number] exclusive products are available such as memory foam pillows and mattresses along with special sleep solutions, specialized mattresses for people with sleep issues or backache as well as medical conditions requiring extra support to the neck or lumbar region. Happy Shopping!!

Looking forward to serving you better in the future,

Yours sincerely.


Dear Sir/Madam,

As you know our company was responsible for delivering your consignment on [week day] and was not able to do it due to some uncertain circumstances. The ship had to take a long sea route rather than the routine due to some security regulations on the ocean, resulting in the consignment being delayed.

We apologize for the delay and for any losses incurred as a result of that delay. Our company has decided to offer you a discount of 20 % on your next consignment with us. Your consignment is safe and will reach you in good shape.

We hope you will accept our apologies and work with us in the future to build a strong business relationship.

Yours faithfully,

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