Letters of Gratitude and Appreciation

Letter of appreciation for good services

A Sample

I am writing this letter to appreciate Mr. [NAME]. He is a hardworking employee of the company. He is very punctual and dedicated to his work. He always meets his deadlines. He shows very positive behavior towards his colleagues. Also, he is emotionally stable and supports his colleagues. Our [XYZ] Company is honored to have such a diligent and committed employee. I wish him the best of success.

Letter of gratitude and appreciation to an employer

I am writing this letter to appreciate the HR manager of our XYZ Company. He is very hardworking and has a charismatic personality. He is punctual and sincere with his work. Moreover, he has all the qualities of a good leader. He is also kind to his employees. He understands the situation and always supports his colleagues in hard times. I am thankful for his efforts and wish him good luck in the future.

to a Friend

There is a proverb “A good friend is a kind gift of God”. I am very lucky to have you in my life my best friend. You always support me in my hard time. You always stand beside me in my happiness as well as in my tough time. Whenever I need support or help, you are always there for me.

We spent precious moments and created many unforgettable memories together. Having a best friend like you is a true blessing. Thank you for always understanding me.

for Boss

I am writing this letter to appreciate the CEO of XYZ Company. He is very dedicated and emotionally intelligent. He is a clear communicator as well as a good listener. He is very kind to his staff. He has a clear vision and makes work fun.

He always supports his staff in tough time and understands the situation. Moreover, due to his tremendous efforts, our XYZ Company is considered one of the best companies among all the organizations. I wish him a prosperous future.

for Teacher

There is a proverb “without teachers life would have no class”. I am writing this letter to appreciate you because you are that teacher of mine. You are very hardworking and versatile teacher. I never miss your class. You always shows good behavior towards your students.

You are always there to help your students deal with difficult situations. Your teaching methodology is excellent. You always taught us in a good mood. Moreover, if someone did not understand the work, you teach him again in a polite manner. I am very glad to have such an amazing teacher in my life. May God give you success in every field of life.

for Financial Support

You helped me in my hard times. I am writing this letter to appreciate the kind gesture. I was in short of cash, and was in a need of urgent money. I had to pay the rent of my house which was overdue for quite long time. My bank account was on hold for certain reasons. I am highly grateful to you to help me in my tough situation. A bundle of thanks from the bottom of my heart.

to Client

Thank you for choosing us! We welcome you as a new member of our New Year festival deal. We assure you to provide our best services whenever you shop. Moreover, we have also given 20 percent off on your first three shopping as a token of gratitude. I hope you will shop from us again.

Thank you for your purchasing.

to Manager

I am writing this letter to Mr. XYZ the manager of XYZ organization. He is very hardworking and a man of letters. He knows the best way to manage the organization. He is highly creative and innovative in his problem solving skills. Also, he is a good listener.

I really appreciate his efforts and working style. He is not only a good manager but also a friendly human being. I wish him success in every walk of life.

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