Hotel Guest Services Apology Letter

Hotels are a major part of the service industry. Running a hotel means you have to treat every guest with respect and provide them the best service possible. Hotel guests can be a good way to advertise the hotel by using their word of mouth. So, if a customer gets upset over a bad service, it is very important to write him/her an apology letter.

The apology letter should include:

  • The problem that made the guest upset
  • Discuss the ways you plan to attend and fix the issue
  • Write an assurance that it will not be repeated in the future
  • Add some offers or discounts to keep up the ties with the guest

Hotel Guest Services Apology Letter


[Manager Name]

[Hotel Name & Address]


To: [Name]



Dear [recipient’s name],

I would like to offer my sincere apology for the problems you faced during your stay at our [hotel name etc.]. I am still looking into this matter to see how this problem occurred. It is very rare to have problems with our booking system but sometimes even the technology/computer systems can deceive us. Whatever the reasons might be, your stay at our hotel was not a very pleasant experience and we are very sorry for that.

I hope, once the issue was solved, your stay with us was pleasant and you enjoyed the rest of your holiday. I am glad we were able to get you the room you were looking for. I hope you enjoyed the free meal we sent to you to cheer you up. We would love to see you again so; we are offering you a [10% etc.] [any other discount or offer] on your next visit to our hotel.

We are always concerned about all our guests and it makes us feel very bad when even a single guest goes un-satisfied. We will make sure that such problems do not occur in the future. The hotel staff tried their best to fix your issue, I hope this satisfied you and gave you some comfort. I would love to hear about any other negative experiences you had with us.

I hope you will stay with us the next time you visit this town.




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Hotel Guest Services Apology LetterHotel Guest Services Apology Letter

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