Follow up Letter to Surgical Staff Nurse Position

There are quite a great number of people that apply for a job in some department of their interest but, after the process of recruitment, only a few get to succeed. When someone gets done with their interview he/she must write a follow-up letter.

In this way, you will become prominent among other applicants and your chances to get the job will increase considerably. In addition, a follow-up letter can also be used for the purpose of adding up something to your information that they already have. Following is a sample of such kinds of follow-up letters.


My name is [applicant’s name] and I’m a graduate of [institution’s name]. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet your company last week regarding the surgical staff nurse position that you have available in your hospital.

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by your highly respectable head of the doctors and I must say your staff is very cooperative and efficient.

It would be an honor for me to work with such a great organization among such professional people. I assure you that I will work with passion and I will never give you any chance to complain. I will try my best to promote the repute and excellence of your organization. A reference letter from my previous work organization has been attached to this letter. I hope to hear soon from you. Thank you very much.
Yours Sincerely,


I [title] [name] from [hospital name] am writing in response to your job application as a Surgical Nurse. We have recently expanded our surgical department and require staff for our Operation Theaters. We require a surgical nurse who would take care of the patients before surgery.

We expect her to measure and record the patient’s vitals, prepare them for surgery, and timely administer any medicines that are to be taken by the patient before the procedure.

In our Hospital, we understand that the bedside manner of the health care workers is very important. The patients are already scared and stressed before surgery. Sometimes they are in physical pain too. The attitude of the nursing staff really makes a huge difference in the patient’s hospital experience.

Our requirement therefore from nurses is that they be empathetic and polite to the patients. Also, if an emergency comes up, they should be able to handle it responsibly and without panicking. Having the knowledge of new research and staying updated with all the new equipment is a very important part of the duties of a surgical nurse.

From your resume, we gather that you have [number of years] experience in the surgical department and have assisted with some very complicated procedures.

For further details, our team of doctors and HR department representatives would like to sit down for a formal interview with you. Please come to the [department name] of Hospital by [time] on [date].

Please bring your original degrees and experience letters with you. Looking forward to a fruitful interaction,


I [name] had an interview with your HR team on [interview date] regarding the post of surgical nurse in your prestigious Hospital. I wanted to add a few points I felt that I should have mentioned during the interview but somehow they did not come up.

I had informed you that I have worked in [hospital name] from [date to date] but I forgot to mention that I had worked under Dr. [name] who is one of the pioneers in [name of surgery] in children. During my tenure there, I assisted him with a number of very challenging surgeries and he gave me a glowing review, which I am attaching with this letter.

I also want to reassure you that I am fully aware of the fact that a surgical nurse working in the pediatric department needs to have very high emotional intelligence and must be very empathetic, as it requires dealing with critically sick children and their parents. It requires a lot of tact to deal with parents who are under so much stress.

I have experience of [number of years] in dealing with both patients and their loved ones and I can assure you that you will never find me wanting in this regard.

In the end, I would like to thank you for taking out the time to interview me and I am really looking forward to working in your esteemed hospital.


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