Letter to Request a Personal Loan Payment

Everyone faces some kind of financial crisis in some instances of his life. In such situations, a loan is the most used helping hand. A loan from a bank is taken or a friend is requested to grant financial help via loan. But in this loan story, the interesting point comes when some people forget to repay the loan after taking it. This ‘forgetfulness’ is not always intentional but in many cases it is.

Regardless of whether a person is pretending to have forgotten the loan or has actually forgotten, you have to write a letter to bring their lost memory back. A letter requesting personal loan payment can be written for this purpose. As mentioned earlier that a delay in payment can be due to diverse reasons, it is hence sane to write a letter in a requesting tone, and avoid any humiliating remarks or threats.

Sample -1 Requesting a loan payment

I write this letter to you to request a personal loan payment for financing the purchase of a house. As you know, I have been an employee of this company for 10 years, where I started as an entry-level engineer in 2011. I have been lucky to be part of numerous flagship projects of the company, and I have made earnest efforts to make significant contributions toward timely and effective service delivery.

Apart from my professional pursuits, I have also been mindful of my domestic obligations and have assiduously put aside savings for a personal dream of owning my own house. While I am quite close to reaching my target amount, as you are aware a recent announcement of tax incentives by the Government for money invested in real estate has pushed the real estate market up, including a rise in rents which has squeezed my savings.

The recent trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future and has convinced me to move towards making a reasonable acquisition in as early a timeframe as possible, to avoid rates shooting beyond reach.

Therefore, I request a grant of a personal loan of $[amount], which I will pay back over a period of [years] through monthly installments of [amount]. I assure you that this assistance from the company will not only help me in achieving a personal dream but will also help me in pursuing my professional obligations more wholeheartedly.

Looking forward to your compassionate consideration.


I [title] [name] have been working as [designation] in [department name] since [year]. In my time here I have always tried to give my best. I am sure that you would agree that I have been a loyal and dedicated worker for all these years.

I am writing to you under extreme stress and after exhausting all other options. My Infant daughter was diagnosed with Hypo-plastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). If it is not treated timely, it is fatal. Two treatment options are available one is Heart Transplant and the other is a surgical procedure having three steps called staged palliation.

The Cardiothoracic Surgeon after thoroughly going over my daughter’s test results recommended that we go for Staged Palliation. It is not only a very complicated procedure but a very expensive one too. She has already undergone two surgeries and her third surgery is due on [date] but we have run out of funds.

We have already spent all our savings on the first two surgeries. We have taken loans from friends and family. We have even sold our car but sadly, we do not have enough funds for the third surgical procedure. My daughter would not survive if she does not undergo this procedure by [date].

I want to request you please grant me a loan of [amount]. This amount would cover her hospital stay charges, surgery charges, doctor fees, and medicines. Sir, I and my family are going through a very stressful time and we really need your help. I am ready to pay this amount back in installments from my Pay or any other way you find appropriate.

Looking forward to your understanding and help.

Sample -3 Request a payback of payment

I hope you and everybody else in your family are well. Dear [enter name], I am writing this letter to you in order to remind you that you had taken a loan of [enter amount] in [enter year/month] due to the financial crisis that you were facing at that time. You said that you’ll repay the loan by [enter month-year].

I am glad to hear that you have started your own business and generating good revenues too. For that, all my good wishes are with you. However, I would like to request you the payment of the loan that I owe you. I am sure you’re now financially enough stable to repay that. I’ll be grateful to you if you do it at your earliest. Many thanks.

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