Apology Letter for Misbehavior

Apology Letter for Misbehavior

Our behavior tells a lot about our personality. But we can misbehave at times due to some reasons. People we know really well prone to get more frank with us and sometimes in our frankness, we can cross the thin line and lead our discussion to misbehave.

Behaving badly or rudely is not very acceptable as we hurt the feelings of our loved ones. In these circumstances, an apology has to be a must. Apology as soon as you realize your mistake. Try to briefly explain the scenario and what went wrong.

Take responsibility for your behavior and accept your mistake. Try to explain any reasons due to which you reacted in that way. Understand the feelings of the one being hurt and try to sympathize with them. Promise to improve your behavior and not repeat the same behavior in the future.

Apology Letter for Misbehavior


[Your Name]



Dear [Recipient Name],

You have been one of my oldest friends and our relationship has been growing strong over the years. Even being friends, I do accept this fact that we can have a difference of opinions and these differences are always respected. I have friends from diverse backgrounds and I have always respected the views of every person.

The other day, when we were having a group discussion about the declining economy, it felt that we were having a healthy discussion but just to get my point across, I got very aggressive. My intentions were never meant to hurt you but I do accept the fact that the choice of my words was not very appropriate. This is one of my biggest weakness that I get very aggressive and also that my communication skills are not very well.

I never wanted to hurt you. But I do recognize that I would have made you feel bad among other people. Please accept my apology and continue with our never ending group discussions. We all need healthy discussions and these discussions have helped me a lot in learning the perspective of other people. I have thought a lot about my behavior and I promise you that I will improve myself. You can be sure that I will not repeat this mistake in future.

I am sure you understand me and I am looking forward to taking advice from you so that I can learn how to improve my soft skills.


[Your Name]


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