Letter Apologizing for Missing the Registration Deadline

Registrations are important in fact very important. The purpose of registration is to get the details of the applicants, have an idea of the number of people applying, and most importantly to complete official requirements and formalities.

Registrations are open for a particular duration and once they are closed, you are supposed to have missed your chance. But it is not as serious always. Sometimes, you can make an apology for missing the due date and can resume the opportunity for you to get registered. An apology letter for missing the registration deadline can be written for this purpose.


I [name] want to apply for the scholarship program offered by your prestigious organization. I want to apologize for missing the registration deadline. Sir, I have always been a very responsible person and the reason I have missed the registration deadline is that I was unwell and admitted to [name] Hospital.

I tested positive for COVID on [date]. All my documents were ready for submission when I fell ill but as I was sick, it slipped my mind that the deadline was after two days. When I got better, the registration deadline passed but I am still sending you all my documents in the hope that my previous academic record and research in this field might convince you to select me.

I have been working on python for the last [number] of years, which is a prerequisite for the training program you are offering the scholarship for. I am sending my references and they can vouch for my expertise in this language.

It has been my dream to study cloud App programming but due to a lack of funds, I was not able to do that until now. When I heard about this scholarship program, it sounded like a Godsend. Then I fell ill and lost all hope when I realized that the registration date has passed, however, my teachers encouraged me to apply and try to explain my position.

If selected, I would not disappoint you. Looking forward to a favorable consideration.


I wanted to book a stall in the Arts and Handicrafts Exhibition being organized by [name] on [date] at [venue name] but due to some personal reasons, I missed the registration deadline. Please forgive me and accept my application for the allotment of a stall.

I am a gardener and I have been putting up my plants for sale in exhibitions all over the city since [year name]. In addition to an extensive collection of seasonal plants and trees.

I also grow some plant varieties, which are very rare, and they have captured the fancy of the public wherever I have exhibited them. I have a new batch of these rare cacti and succulents ready for sale. Please accept my application and reserve my stall. Another very popular attraction on my stall is the organic compost I make. It is an item, which is always in demand. I also stock garden accessories that are both cute and practical.

My stall is bound to attract many of my loyal customers to your event. Hence, it would be a mutually beneficial decision on your end. Looking forward to your acceptance of my apology and allotment of a stall.


I am writing this letter to you regarding the registration date for [enter details]. The last date of registration was [enter date]. Unfortunately, I could not get myself registered before that closing date which I always do. I was informed that the date has passed when I came for registration. I would like to apologize for missing the registration deadline and request you kindly allow me to submit my registration form now.

If there are any dues for late registration, I’ll pay as well. Since this [course/seminar etc.] is very important to me, I do not want to miss it at any cost. Kindly accept my apologies and allow me to register myself for which I shall be highly grateful. Thank you!

Request Letter for a Copy of Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an official and legal document that is used to record the birth details of an individual. It is one of the first documents that are made after one is born and keeps having importance until an alternate document to be used in its place is issued. Because the document is important, it should be kept with utmost care.

Sometimes, even though kept carefully important documents are lost. When such an incident occurs, it is preferred to request a copy of that document from the authorities as soon as possible.

The birth certificate, however, is not always requested by an individual for himself. This request can be made if a copy of someone else’s birth certificate is required for the purpose of verification, research, investigation, etc. However, the native laws should be kept under consideration regarding issuance. Below are sample letters that can be used to request a copy of the birth certificate.

Request made by the office

Please send a copy of your birth certificate along with the other documents for applying to our facility. Please send the copy before [DATE] so that we may begin with our procedures.

Kindly send it as soon as possible otherwise you be made to apply again for the [SERVICE/Other] next month of [Month] before [DATE].

Please Note:

  1. It should not be the original birth certificate.
  2. It should not be the national identity card in place of the birth certificate.
  3. If you have any issues regarding the birth certificate matter kindly contact us as soon as you receive our letter/email on the provided contact numbers or email as provided.

Request made by an individual

I am [enter name], daughter/son of [enter name] living in [enter place]. My date of birth is [enter date]. I am writing this letter to you in order to request a copy of my birth certificate. I am not sure when did I use it the last time but unfortunately could not find it in my documents now when I need it.

I urgently need my certificate since I have to use it for an official purpose [purpose may be written]. Kindly issue me a copy of my birth certificate.

The dues of the certificate as per the rules are enclosed with the letter. I shall be grateful if you inform me when you post the copy. My contact number is [123-4567-8901] Thank you!

Letter to Confirm an Authorization given to someone

You may own authority over something and may sometimes have to transfer that authority temporarily or permanently to somebody else. For this reason, authorization letters are written. Authorization letters are also legal letters which means they can be used as legal proof in case needed. The already granted authorizations at times have to be refreshed by writing confirmation of authorization letters.

In such a letter, the sender mentions the matter or thing the authority of which has been granted and confirms his granted authorization. Since authorization or confirmation of an authorization letter is a legal letter, it should be signed by the sender to confirm the letter has been written by him.


Under provision given in Company Rules [name of rule] and authorization given by Director of Policy Mr. [name], [title] Mr. [name] from [accounts firm name] is hereby authorized to access the [name] account details for a period of [no of months/weeks/days] from [date to date]. He is a very competent accountant and his firm has been dealing with all the tax issues and account audits for the past [number] years.

He has been hired by the company as an external resource to audit, and identify anomalies/irregularities (if any) to enable us to rectify them before the Annual Accounts Audit scheduled at the end of the year. He has been given complete clearance by the Head office to audit this account and you are requested to offer your full co-operation from your staff and accountants.

You are also requested to nominate a liaison officer with Mr. [name] for the duration of the audit. Administrative assistance required for him has already been coordinated with the administration section, details of which will be shared with your department by the Human Resource Department shortly.

In case of any further queries please contact Mr. [name] of [Department Name] at [phone number] or email him at [email address].


Dear Mr. [name]

This letter is to confirm that [name] student of [grade name] has been authorized to access the school students’ records. He is doing research for his sociology project and requires the last five years’ data of all the students.

Please cooperate with him. In case of any quarries please contact the principal.


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

My child is studying at your school in [enter grade]. I am writing to you to inform you that due to having a busy business schedule, I shall be traveling throughout the year and will not be able to attend the parent-teacher meetings at the school. Mr. [enter name] has been tutoring my child since [enter period] and has been attending the meetings on my behalf.

I would like to confirm his authorization to work in my absence as my child’s guardian for all the matters related to my child. During the course of my absence, if any kind of consent or authorization letter would be required, his authority should be considered. Thank you!

Referral Letter for a Friend Applying for a Training Program

It is important to know why and when referral letters are written. A referral letter is basically a confirmation or reliability letter that you write for someone. Its purpose is to confirm that you know the person and assure that you consider him a potential person to be referred.

Referral letters can be written by ex-employers for their employees, teachers for their students to get admission to good institutes or friends and colleagues for their friends, etc. It should be noted that a referral letter is a letter of response. Referral letters should not be written if you do not consider the relevant person capable. It will be an undue favor in this case and will snatch the right of a deserving person.

This sample letter given below can be used to write a referral letter for a friend applying for a training program.


I [title] [name] am working in [department name] of this company since [number of years]. I learned about the [name] training program and I want to recommend Mr. [name] working in my department for this program. Mr. [name] has been a part of this company since [year]. He has extensive experience in programming in MATLAB and Java. He has proved himself to be invaluable in the coding for the projects [name of project].

As you know that [name] is a very challenging programming language and it requires a background of having worked in [name] and [name]. Mr. [name] fulfills this condition perfectly as he has been working on these platforms for the past couple of years and is an expert in programming and editing in these.

I am not only recommending him due to personal affiliation but because he is a very hard-working and capable person. He is a good team worker and a very loyal employee and the company would greatly benefit by investing in his professional growth.

Looking forward to your kind consideration.


Dear Mr. [name]

This is a recommendation letter for Ms. [name] who is applying for a British Council teacher education course aimed at developing Middle school teachers. I [name] am the vice principal of [name] School. Ms. [name] has been working as the English teacher for our middle school since [year].

She has proven herself to be a very hard-working and dedicated teacher. The student’s affiliation with her and their excellent results are proof of her hard work.

I would like to recommend her for the training program being conducted by your prestigious organization. I am sure that she will learn a lot from this program and our students will benefit from her knowledge. The teaching strategies she will learn would impact her performance in the classroom.

She wants to apply for the part-time training program as this will allow her to continue working in the school and practice the techniques she is learning.

Looking forward to your favorable consideration.


To Whom It May Concern

My name is [enter name] and I am currently enrolled in [enter program] at [enter institution]. With due respect, I would like to refer my friend [enter name] for the training program of [enter details]. I know him since [enter period] and we together had taken many educational and training programs. I find him a potential candidate for this training program.

He is good at learning new things, keeping friendly ties with the fellows, and giving extraordinary output. I hereby request you to consider him for this training program. Thank you!

Character Reference Letter for a Parent Seeking Child Custody

Families are not always happy families neither do the family members always live together. In the case of mutual conflict, divorces, etc., the parents of a child part ways. In such situations, it is the child that suffers. He either has to go to the childcare centers adopted by someone or has to reside with one of his parents. The parent of a child might want to claim to take the child in his custody. For this, he/she has to prove that he/she can take good care of the child and can give him a good environment.

A character reference letter is written as one of the supporting documents for this purpose. This letter is written by an acquaintance or friend of the parent wanting the child’s custody. The person writing the character reference letter must know the parent personally.


To Whom It May Concern

I have known Mr. [name] for the last [number] of years as a colleague and I am a witness to his dedication and devotion to his children. He is a very responsible person and as a father, he takes an active part in raising his children whether it is their education or extracurricular activities he is always involved and makes sure that the children do not get neglected no matter how busy he is working.

He is also very stable financially and hence capable of supporting the children comfortably. I feel that in this current scenario he is the best person to have the children’s custody as that would mean that the children’s lives would have minimum disruption and they would continue to live in their home and keep going to the same school in their father’s loving care.

Mr. [name] is an emotionally stable, adoring, and kind parent and I assure you that the children would be well taken care of. They would be safe and happy with him. I strongly recommend him for the children’s custody. For any further queries, feel free to get in touch with me at [email address] or [phone number].



To Whom It May Concern

I have known Mrs. [name] for the last ten years. I know her as a neighbor and as my children’s teacher. She is a primary teacher in the public school and is well respected in the community due to her hard work, kind nature, and genuine concern for all her students. I have personally observed her positive influence on my son who was her student.

As a neighbor I have been a close observer of her parenting which is why I say without any doubt or hesitation that she should be given custody of her children. The way she has raised her children without any financial or emotional support from her husband is a struggle we have all seen and admired.

Mr. [name] is a very irresponsible and violent person. He has not fulfilled any of his responsibilities in their fifteen years of marriage. He has neither supported his family financially nor taken any interest in the children’s education or their upbringing. He is a workaholic with no concept of work-life balance, and he is physically and emotionally absent most of the time.

Mrs. [name] has been raising the children practically like a single parent all their life; as all their school fees, health care bills, extracurricular activities, hospital visits, arranging their birthdays, pick and drop from school everything has always been her sole responsibility.

I feel that it is safe to say that she can take care of the children on her own and the children would be better-taken care of and safer with her. For any further queries, please feel free to get in touch on [email address] or [phone number].


To Whom It May Concern

Dear [Recipient’s Name]

My name is [enter name] and I am working as [enter title] at [enter organization]. I am currently residing in [enter place]. Mr. [parent name] happens to been my neighbor since [enter period]. For some reason, his marriage could not prove to be successful and hence ended up in divorce. However, I think, unsuccessful marriages cannot prove a person’s character wrong.

Because I know him and his background quite well, I can say with full responsibility that his marriage failed because his wife was not serious to get along. Otherwise, as a person, I see Mr. [enter name] as a person of high character. I have also observed him a few times when his child comes to meet him. He is friendly with him and takes good care of him/her too.

I am sure he owns the potential to raise his child in the best environment and hence his child should be given to his custody.

For any other details, you can contact me at [X].

Letter to Ask Correction of a Document Error

Errors and faults can appear in important documents that are either related to businesses, are issued for the common public by authorities, or are legal or of any other type. When such errors are observed, they should be corrected promptly. In the cases where a person cannot correct the errors by himself, for example, the documents that are issued by the government or other authorities’ i.e. driving license, birth certificate, etc., a letter can be written to the relevant authorities to correct the error in those documents.

It is important to write clear details in such letters so that it could be made easy for the authorities to track the documents of the person for correction.


Dear Sir

I [name] from [department name] want to bring something to your notice. Yesterday we were told that our data was uploaded on the official website and we should check if all the information entered was correct. I just went through the information uploaded under my name. I found the following fields to be incorrect: Year of birth, the year I completed my bachelor and my joining date as [position] in this office.

Please note that my correct date of birth is [date]. I completed my bachelor’s in [date] and my correct joining date is [date].

Please update my information on the website and in any other records the company keeps. In case of any quarries, please call me at [phone number] or email at [email address].


Dear Sir

I [name] [identity number] want to report an error in my personal information in your record. I had applied for a passport and when I filled out the application I learned that my date of birth was noted incorrectly in your records. My correct date of birth is [Date]. I am attaching a copy of my Birth certificate as proof. I have no idea how such a big mistake could have been made. The date of birth mentioned on my identity card is correct.

Please rectify this error as unless this issue is resolved I cannot proceed with my Passport application and processing, which I need urgently to travel abroad for business.  If you require any other documents please let me know either by calling [phone number] or through email at [email address].

Looking forward to your cooperation and swift action.


Dear [Recipient’s name]

I’m writing to you to request a correction in the birth certificate of my daughter. She was born on 20th August 20XX. I had applied for the certificate on [DATE] of her birth. Today her birth certificate was issued. Although it was issued quickly, there is an error that I want you to correct.

As per the information that I had provided, the date of birth was [DATE] like I just told you, however, on this document the date is mentioned as [DATE]. I want you to correct this error. For your ease, I am enclosing the issued birth certificate. Looking forward to hearing from you with the prompt rectification of the error.


Letter Announcing Office Closing due to Financial Problem

When the owner of the company decides to close the office due to financial problems, he should inform all the members of the staff. Since closing an office is something very serious¸ the letter is written in a serious and regretting tone. Adding the subject in the letter is very useful for the reader. The letter should appreciate the loyal employees who have been very sincere with the company even in the bad times. It should also express the concerns for those employees.

Whatever actions you are going to take including the closing of the office should be explained in the letter. All the bad news can ruin the letter so it is better to combine the bad news with the good news and keep the tone of the letter soft.

Also, tell the reader that you really understand their problems which they will have to face after the closing of the office. Make them believe that it is better to close the office rather than keep it remain open and cut down the salaries of the workers. If you have planned any strategy for your business or to reopen the office after a few days or months, do mention them in the letter.

Moreover, if there is any plan to call a meeting before opening the office again, you can write the date of the meeting in the letter. End the letter with a positive tone and wish all the employees the best of luck for the future.


We regret to inform you that our office on [street name] is being closed due to financial problems. As all of you understand the past year has been very difficult for business, and we could hardly generate enough revenue to pay for the cost of running the office let alone make any profit. We have tried to delay this decision for as long as possible, but it seems that the time has come to take this bitter pill.

We want to thank all of you for your tireless efforts and unwavering loyalty in this difficult time. We understand the problems and stress this decision would cause you on a personal level, but we are afraid that it is unavoidable now. This pandemic has affected all businesses, but the travel industry has suffered the most due to lockdowns and the uncertainty surrounding traveling.

We promise you that whenever things go back to normal and we are rehiring, we would hire our diligent old workers on a priority basis. For now, all members of the staff would be given three months’ pay in advance as per the contract and recommendations for future jobs. [Date] would be the last working day of this office. Please clear your dues and take your recommendation letters (if required) before this date. In case of any query please feel free to contact Mr. [name], he can be reached at [phone number] or [email address].

 Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.


We are writing to give you the bad news that due to financial problems we will be closing the office located on [address]. We understand how disappointing and frustrating this news would be to all of you but sadly this is unavoidable.

We had started this branch office of our NGO because we wanted a dedicated team to focus solely on helping uneducated poor women and providing them with any assistance, they might require to start their own business and become financially independent. It was not an easy task, and your efforts are fully recognized and appreciated.

The proof of your hard work is in the form of the one hundred plus women who are now leading their own small businesses and leading a much better life than when they reached out to you. The way you promoted your branch and worked hard for generating funds is known and appreciated by all.

You had a good run but due to COVID, fund-generating activities such as exhibitions and concerts have all been prohibited for quite some time now. Currently, the funds are so low that even the office running costs cannot be covered. We have no option but to shut down the office. No matter how disappointing and upsetting this present condition is, please do not lose hope. Not all is lost. Pride yourself on the good you have done and the lives you have changed for the better.

We deeply regret the stress and inconvenience this would cause all of you, but we are sure that you would understand our dilemma. Looking forward to better days and wishing you all the best for all your future endeavors.   


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

Due to the financial problems and rising cost, we are unable to retain our office services. All the responsibilities of this office will be transferred to the main office. We will also transfer some of our employees for smooth processing of work. I regret to inform you that you will not be able to be with us anymore. We will give you a separate pay package along with good referrals for other jobs. Wish you all the best for the rest of your life.

[Youe Name]

Letter of Apology on Student’s Behalf

During the course of academic education, there come times when students can show misbehavior in their attitude. In the case, the student is an adult he can be given a realization of his mistake and can be convinced to apologize for his behavior.

However, some students who are not as mature as to realize their mistake can only be given a counseling session and the proper apology is to be made by someone else on their behalf. The letter given below can be written to seek an apology from someone on behalf of a student for misbehavior or wrong conduct with the teacher or other school staff.


I deeply regret the incident that took place on [date]. Our class was in the chemistry Laboratory for the science experiment with our teacher Mr. [name] and the Lab assistant Mr. [name]. Mr. [name] explained the basic concepts to us. Then he explained the steps involved and told us to start working in pairs.

When I went to collect the chemicals required to perform the experiment, the lab assistant was busy so I took the bottle placed on his desk and came back to our place I had no idea that instead of [chemical] the bottle had [chemical] and mixing it with [third chemical] would cause a blast and burn my friend’s hand.

I am extremely sorry for the pain and discomfort I caused my friend and the damage to the laboratory equipment. It was due to my negligence that everyone involved had to suffer. I will pay for all the damages done to the laboratory and also help in the clean-up process.

Please forgive me as it was an honest mistake and not done out of malice or mischief. I have learned my lesson and would never be careless with the chemicals and always ensure that I am using the correct chemical in my experiment.

Looking forward to your forgiveness,


I want to convey my son’s deep regret and embarrassment about the incident that happened on [date]. The students were really excited due to the spring break coming up and wanted to have an end-of-term party.

They did not inform the parents that the school had not allowed them to have a party and they were arranging it on their own. Hence we provided them with the party supplies. The hooliganism and rowdiness the boys started are really regrettable.

I have strictly reprimanded my son on this thoughtless and stupid incident and he has promised not to get involved in any such foolishness again.

Please forgive him and overlook his mistake this one time and you have my guarantee that such an incident would not be repeated in the future. He will help in the cleaning up and pay for any damages to the wall paint or class furniture from his pocket money.

Everyone makes mistakes once in a while but if we learn from those mistakes and do not repeat them, then we can grow wiser and all is not lost. Looking forward to your forgiveness,

Yours sincerely.


Dear Sir/Madam,

As an [principal] of [enter school name], I am writing to you in order to apologize on behalf of one of our students. I was informed of the whole incident that took place at [enter event] which was organized at your school. The purpose of the event was to engage students in co-curricular activities and allow them to learn through different competitions.

Unfortunately, they took the competition on personal grounds and found the final decision of the judge biased, one of our students misbehaved with him. He failed to realize that in competitions, only one can win and the rest are runner-ups. Even if the decision was biased, he should not have behaved the way he did. After I personally talked to him, he realized his mistake and was sorry.

I am also extremely sorry that such an incident disturbed the environment which was otherwise supposed to be refreshing and joyful. Please accept my heartiest apologies on behalf of our student [enter name].

Thank you!


Download Details:

Size: 29 KB


Political Talk at Workplace Policy Letter to Employees

Sample -1

Dear all,

Being the CEO of the company I am going to implement the policy as subjected above from now onward. The matter was brought into my notice by your branch manager that, while talking about the politics and your favorite political leaders, most of you lose your temperament and become emotional.

Here at ABC marketing company, it is the part of our policy that employees will not talk with other employees about the things about which they cannot do anything. Once you are present at your workplace, this is your first and foremost duty to involve yourself in the company’s matters rather than talking about anything else. Political matters are the things that must be left upon the politicians to deal with. You, the employees cannot do anything in this regard. You cannot involve yourself in legislation making but one thing you can do at your best and that is your work.

It is now compulsory for every employee of this company to make sure that our policy about the matter subjected above is being followed in true sense. It is your responsibility to make your fellow remind about the policy if he/she breaches it. If it doesn’t work, submit a written complaint to your manager about the accused employee. Policies that are not followed, have a detrimental effect on the team and it is your duty to work for the progression of the team. Your name will be kept private.

The following could be the positive outcomes of breaching the above-mentioned policy:

  • If the policy is violated for the first time, top management will meet the employee privately, direct him not to violate it in the future, and clip the notes of that meeting in employee’s file.
  • Violating the company’s policy for the second time will result in reviewing the previous meeting notes and asking the employee for a written explanation coupled with a warning letter.
  • Violating the above-mentioned policy third time will result in the suspension of placement on probation.
  • The fourth time violation will not be tolerated at all and the employee will be terminated right away.

I hope that each employee working with us will understand the policy and comply with it. I wish you all the best of luck.

Yours sincerely,

Size: 12 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Sample -2

Subject: Political talk policy at workplace policy letter to employees.

Dear employees,

I have been forced to write this by your attitude and routines violating company policies on a daily basis. I am receiving frequent complaints from your branch manager that employees in the office are getting over-emotional while commenting and talking about politics and their favorite party leaders. He further adds that all this is happening due to the presidential elections in the USA commencing in the upcoming month. Keeping in view his bundle of complaints, I am hereby formulating a policy that will refrain you from any type of political talk here at the workplace.

You all know that office is a place where you get your legit income after working. Wasting your time in useless discussion clearly states that you are not loyal to the company because you are not doing your work properly. This discussion has nothing to do with your business rather you will embarrass and involve yourself in quarreling with your fellows since no one wants to listen to any word against his political beliefs as depicted by your behavior.

You all are considered a great asset for the company but at the same time, we want you to focus only on your work. You are being provided with a one-hour break and you can discuss your political matters and manage your talks during the break if you think this is of that importance.

Owing to the severe nature of the matter, I held a meeting with the board of directors, and we all came up with the following points regarding our policy about the subject matter cited above:

  • Political talks of every kind are banned from now onward within the boundary walls of office because these may have a negative impact on the performance of employees.
  • All employees of the company will be imparted one-day training in order to judge the nature of talk – political or non-political.
  • It is the moral duty of every employee to submit a written complaint against one who breaches the policy. The name of such a person will be kept privately.
  • Keeping in view the severity and frequency of noncompliance, those employees violating the policy will be rewarded such punishments as suspension, keeping under a probationary period, and even termination.

The above-mentioned policy must be followed by each employee working with us. Noncompliance will result in disciplinary actions as mentioned above.

Yours sincerely,

Size: 11 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Appointment Cancellation Letter

There are different appointments that are carried out each day with different staff members. Sometimes, because of personal matters/issues, it becomes difficult for you to see the visitors and you have to cancel the appointment. The best way to let the reader know about the cancellation of the appointment is by writing the appointment letter.

The appointment cancellation letter is written to let the reader know about the cancellation of the appointment. The information about the cancellation does not sound good, so the tone of the letter should be polite.

The letter should be brief and there should not be any unnecessary details added to it. The letter should include the reasons for which the appointment has been canceled.

It is also required to assure that you are pointing to the right appointment. If you have decided on the next date of the appointment, do mention the date, time, and location of that appointment.

If you have not decided on a new date for the appointment, then you can ask the reader to contact you soon for the rescheduled date of the appointment. The focus while writing this letter should be on the cancellation of the appointment.

Do not write the letter in such a way that it confuses the reader so the information in the letter should be given in clear words. Add the subject to the letter. The main purpose of adding the subject is to seek the attention of the reader. The letter should be ended on a positive note.

Letter -2

I am writing this letter to let you know that I have to cancel the appointment which I made to see you coming Thursday at 12 p.m.

I thought I will be having all the information related to our work on Thursday when I made this appointment. But after that, I came to know that it is too hard to gather the right information because of this I decided to cancel the appointment until I receive all the information.

I am working with my group in collecting information and I will call you for the meeting as soon as I will be ready for it. I apologize for this inconvenience and I am really very grateful for your patience.

[Your Name]

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