Apology Letter for Prank

We all are very fond of playing pranks with our friends, colleagues, and relatives. But sometimes, our pranks can go the other way around, and rather than creating humor, they can become a cause to hurt people. Such an apology should show how much we regret the prank we have done.

By writing an apology letter, we try to show people that we care for them and our actions were unintentional. Our apology letter should include a statement that shows how much we regret it. Secondly, we should take complete responsibility for our actions. And finally, a remedy to the situation is very important.

Forget the fact whoever was right or wrong, the apology should state that the other person’s feelings have been hurt. Accepting complete responsibility is very important; never blame the other person for your actions in the apology. Do not justify your actions.


dearest Headmistress,

I am writing to you to tell you how sorry I am for the incident that took place on [dd/mm/yyyy], [day], and to express my immense regret. A few of my classmates decided to play a silly prank and talked me into their prank. They told me it is just for a good laugh and nothing could possibly go wrong. We did not realize that it would go this far and that this much damage would be caused.

That morning we bought our water guns for school and during the art period, we filled them with acrylic paints. I am sorry to say that I was the one who came up with the idea of filling the water guns with dark colors so that the effect would be more prominent.

At recess time all the teachers were having their lunch either in the staffroom or outside, so we decided to use our paint-filled water guns during this time. We sprayed our classroom with paint guns and spilled the leftover paint on the floor. We put our water guns away in the cupboard where the teachers kept their files. We thought we could get away with it easily, and that nobody would notice that, rather than spending recess with our class fellows outside, we were damaging school property.

However, we were proved wrong when the class monitor came back to the class as he had forgotten his water bottle and had come to take it, and he saw everything. He reported us to the teachers, who were extremely mad at our misdemeanor, and we were told off strictly.

Throughout the day we got many livid looks from our class fellows as their bags were covered in the paint and their books were drenched. We are humiliated and hope that you can forgive us, though we realize that the damage caused by our folly cannot be repaired just by apologizing.

I and my class fellows are ready to clean up the mess we made and we realize that our act of idiocy has harmed school property. I speak for all my companions when I say that this sort of offensive behavior will not be repeated, and I assure you that we will be on our best behavior from now onwards.

I now realize that this was very thoughtless of us and I offer my sincerest apologies to you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.


Dearest Mrs. [name],

I am writing this letter to apologize for my unruliness.

I realize that in a community all residents should respect each other and I recognize that I made a mistake when I let your parrot out of his cage when you were on vacation and were not home.

It was a foolish dare that caused this trouble. I was playing with my friends when it started to rain and we found ourselves in the middle of a hailstorm. Due to these boulder-sized hailstones, we were forced to go indoors, where we decided to play truth or dare. When it was my turn, I chose to dare, and my friends decided to give me the dare to go and let my parrot out of his cage and bring him to my house.

When I told them I couldn’t do that since that would be stealing, they talked me into it by saying that I won’t be alone and that it would not be stealing as we would return the parrot after a few days.

I now realize that this was extremely foolish of me and that I should not have taken your parrot without permission. We went to your lawn and climbed over the wall with the help of a ladder.

I grabbed your beautiful African grey from his cage and put him in a smaller cage that my friends were holding open. We then took it to my house and hid it in my room.

I feel awful now to think that not only did I steal your parrot, I felt proud about achieving what seemed to be a feat. I can promise you one thing though, that he was well cared for. I looked after him as if he was my own pet and looked after him with loads of love. I returned it as soon as I realized my folly and once more please let me say that I cannot express in words my regret. Looking forward to your forgiveness.

Apology Letter for Prank -3

The other day I and my friends were watching this funny movie where we got an idea for doing this prank. You were not with us, so we decided to play this prank on you. We did not realize how much this could have hurt you.

I am sorry to hurt you. I have lost many friends due to my immature behavior. You have been a wonderful friend and it will hurt me further if our friendship dies for such a small reason.

I know saying sorry will not fix things, but I can make sure that it will never happen again. You have been on my mind for days and I want to make myself feel better by apologizing to you. I know you do not deserve to be hurt the way I did, but it was just to create a funny moment in our life.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I would want to meet you personally so that I can explain myself and you also get a chance to take your grievances out.

Recommendation Letter for a Colleague

A letter of recommendation is what is also called a reference letter. Recommendation letters are written in order to assist people to get good jobs, getting selected for training programs, joining workshops, etc. Sometimes, recommendation letters are also written for procedures like adoption, etc. There is no set format for a recommendation letter, however, the writer or the person who is recommending should write this letter in a convincing tone.

A mention of the referred person’s character and achievements should be made and the reader should be told how the referred person could prove beneficial for them. It should, however, not be overlooked that in reference or recommendation letters you are responsible for what you write. Writing letters for people who do not deserve a referral or recommendation is nothing but snatching the right of a deserving candidate.


I write this letter to you to refer a colleague of mine for a vacancy of [Job Description] published by your company. Mr./Ms. [Name of applicant] is a Ph.D. in [Discipline] from [Name of Institution]. He/She has [number of years] teaching experience in numerous reputed institutions, including Quaid e Azam University, Islamic International University, and National University of Science and Technology, where he is currently serving as a Professor of [name of discipline] since [year]. He has also collaborated on numerous international research projects with teams from the UK, Germany, and South Korea.

Apart from the above-mentioned extensive and diverse academic experience, he/she has served in a variety of managerial positions both in the public and private sectors. He/she has been the Director of Research at the National Institute of Medical Sciences, advisor to the Director of General Technology at the Ministry of Science and Technology, and member of the “Technology Vision 2030” task force.

As advertised in your job description for the particular appointment, it is evident that the incumbent is required to not only provide direction to your company’s diverse products research portfolio but also liaise with numerous public and private agencies for Government approval of rollouts.

Mr./Ms. with a rich public and private background in fields as diverse as research, academics, and Government projects is ideally equipped to handle the diverse portfolio. In addition to the aforementioned professional traits, Mr./Ms. is blessed with outstanding personality traits. He/She is an honest and loyal team player, blessed with the highest qualities of leadership and character.

I am also attaching a C.V. of the applicant, which he/she has also forwarded separately with the job application. I am sure that Mr./Ms. will be an excellent addition to your company, who will be able to make a significant contribution to your vision of excellence and innovation.


To Whom It May Concern

My name is [enter name] and I am working at [enter organization] as [enter title]. I am writing this letter to you in order to recommend Mr. [enter name] for the vacancy of [enter detail] at your company.

I have been working with him since [enter period] and during that time I found him a very hardworking and capable employee who is always ready to accept challenges. He was one of the few employees at our workplace whose every project went successfully.

Since he is leaving this city and will be shifting his household to [enter city], he is looking for employment at your office. Kindly consider this recommendation in his favor. I am sure he will not disappoint you.

For further details, you can contact me at [123-4567-8901].  Thank you!

Reference Letter Template for a Co-Worker

A reference letter can be written for a co-worker. The main objective of writing the reference letter for the coworker is to assist him in getting a job. This letter tells the client about the coworker and how he has performed in the past and also the details about his skills and abilities.

The letter includes all the information related to the co-worker no matter it is personal or professional. This letter can directly affect the performance of the person in the future.

The letter of reference is a positive letter that is used to highlight the skills and abilities of the person. It also gives details about the accomplishments of a person. It can be helpful for recruiters in the hiring process. There is no specific format to be followed for writing this letter.

The target reader of the letter can be any person so, you will give the heading‘’ To Whom It May Concern’’. The contents of the letter are very important as the whole future of the co-worker depends on it.


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter about [Miss AB] who has worked with me as a director in a company. She was given the task to proofread the contents before they could be published. She performed her duties well. She is a very talented girl and I believe that she can make a big difference wherever she will work since she has a passion for work. I hope that you will consider my reference letter for her in a kind way.


To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this reference letter for my coworker, Mr. John. I recommend him as a new sales manager in your company. I have been working with him as a colleague for the last five years.

Throughout this period, he recognized himself as a capable manager and proved his worth by means of effective marketing strategies. I had worked with him very closely for more than six years and always found him an enjoyable person to work with.

He was competent enough to double the profit of his sales division. In 2020, after the peak phase of COVID-19, he restructured his sales team and announced new strategies to reduce travel expenses. He has strong communication skills and learns new and unique things very quickly.

Honesty is one of the integral parts of his personality. He executes it in all relationships as well as business transactions. Moreover, he has integrity in his thoughts and approaches every task in a scientific way. His employment has been marked by his tremendous ability to cope not only with stressful situations but to thrive in them. Once he was noticed to complete an important project in a short time. He managed his workforce efficiently and completed that difficult-looking project a week before the deadline. This was how he proved his worth.

Owing to the above-mentioned abilities, I strongly recommend Mr. John. It is sad to know that he is leaving us, but this move is very important for his bright future. I assure you that John will use his skills to achieve your company’s goals.

If you have any queries about him, don’t hesitate to contact me through email.



I am extremely pleased to submit this reference letter on behalf of my coworker, David. I hereby support his candidacy for the position of marketing manager at your company. I have worked with him for about five years in a star marketing company where he was known as an innovative and diligent person.

Throughout his stay in the company, he demonstrated his managerial skills and enhanced the overall productivity of the company. I always felt pleasure working with him and I believe he will make a positive contribution to your company as well.

David and I started employment at the same time. However, he surprised everyone during the first week of his employment when he completed an important project within four days. He impressed us with his motivation and enthusiasm to perform best at any cost.

Moreover, he is a great motivator and mentor. Employees in our company were always ready to take on new challenges due to their unique motivational style. If you hire him, he will do wonders because he is a confident, motivated and self-driven person. He is a leader by birth and will prove himself an excellent addition to any company.

Although it is sad to see him leave this company, at the same time I realize his need to relocate with his family. I believe that your company will provide him with an excellent opportunity for his professional growth.

If you need to know anything more about him, call me at [contact].


Letter to Congratulate Someone for Winning as Chairperson

In the letter written to congratulate the person for winning as chairperson, the high officials are congratulated. Try to elaborate your agenda in the letter and also mention all your expectations which you have from a person who is going to take charge as a chairperson in a company.

The letter should fully congratulate. You can mention the big achievements of the person and can admire him, however; the main focus of the letter should be on congratulating the official. Put all the ideas and views before the official and also tell that you want your ideas to be implemented by them.

Also, tell in the letter that you are also ready to provide your services that will help them in implementing those ideas. End the letter with warm wishes and expectations. The tone of the letter should be positive and state that you are happy with this news.

Sample Letter #1

I am very happy to hear that you have been selected as the chairperson of [ABC organization]. You have done great work and you are a very talented person. You have got the work done successfully whenever you are involved in it. I want to say well done for your work and I must say that you deserve this appointment.

I am looking forward to having great leadership from your side. I hope that you will continue all the projects as a chairperson of the company and that the company will prosper under your leadership. Wish you the best of luck with your new appointment.


Earlier in the morning, we heard the great news that you have won the seat of chairperson in recent elections. Accept our heartiest congratulations on this happy occasion. We were thrilled and want to let you know that we are more than happy about your appointment.

Your opponent was formidable but you ran a clear campaign against him. Fortunately, your work didn’t go unnoticed here and the community was impressed by the sincere efforts you made on their behalf. Your appointment is a clear acknowledgment of your sincere services.

Your victory has delighted us and given us a new hope that our future is secured now. It was a much-deserved win because we waited for a sincere chairperson to come for a long time. Now, our faith in the system is renewed because the right person has won this key post.

We examined your record and realized that you have been raising your voice against anti-employee thoughts of management, which was the main reason for our support. Your real responsibility has started now and we are hopeful that you will do something in this regard.

We urge you to work for amendments in legislation to protect our rights. You have gained our support and confidence and we will continue supporting you through thick and thin.

You are hereby assured that we will continue our sincere support as long as you advocate the basic employee rights including increments in pay, annual leaves, perks, leave rights, etc. The said rights have long been neglected and your success has given us some hope for these overdue changes.

We are looking forward to hearing about a lot more of your successes.



Congratulations! I am writing this letter on behalf of all employees of Stars Marketing Company. Accept our warm welcome as our new chairperson. We have been following your career for many years. You always impressed us with your bright vision and the sincere efforts you made for the welfare of employees.

You volunteered your time, and efforts and expressed your opinion without any hesitation which is a clear indication of your sincerity.

All employees are happy to see the right person taking this key post. Your victory was awaited because we were annoyed with the anti-employee policies of the ex-chairperson. Your success is a living example of the fact that the most impressive things happen to those who work hard to achieve these.

You have been blessed with the potential which is required to lead our team. Moreover, we will continue our support as long as you raise your voice and do something for our common cause.

The legislative committee is working on some amendments to legislation, and you can play your part in this regard. It is an excellent opportunity for you to earn our trust and confidence.

You know that a cooperative agreement was signed three months ago between the ex-chairperson and the representative of the employees union. We are hopeful you will ensure its proper implementation. We also ensure positive cooperation between management and employees.

To ensure the implementation of the cooperative agreement, representatives of the employee union want to meet you in the conference hall. There we can discuss major issues being faced by employees.

We hereby take this opportunity to invite you to address the annual session of the employees union on [date]. Your presence will be greatly appreciated and it will help strengthen all the ties between management and employees.

We wish you great success during your tenure as chairperson.


Letter Announcing a New Employee’s Appointment

What if you see a strange new face next to your cabin in the office? I’m sure it would be surprising. O, man! That’s the new employee. Your colleague!

If this happens to you, it’s because your authorities do not follow the strategy of informing working employees about the appointment of a new employee, or maybe, you had ignored the memo which was regarding this new employee.

In professional business setups, authorities inform their working employees about the appointment of a new employee. There could be many objectives in the background. Businesses would want the new employee to be recognized and welcomed and at the same time would like the working employees to be mentally ready to have a new work partner with them.

A letter announcing a new employee’s appointment can have his name, title, and date of joining. The employees can be informed if there’s an arrangement to welcome the new employee.


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. [name] as [designation] in our company. Mr. [name] has a vast experience in the field of marketing. He has worked in all the leading companies and is specially qualified in the area of new product launch. Many of the brands which are now household names were launched by him.

His appointment comes at the time when our company is launching the new model of next-generation SUVs. These will revolutionize the market as a vehicle with these features is not available anywhere else in the market in this budget. His expertise in this field is sure to affect our product launch positively. We hope that you would learn from him.

Looking forward to a positive response from all of you.


We would like to announce the appointment of a new section in charge of the primary branch. As you know that after the retirement of Mrs. [name], the primary branch required a new section-in charge. It was after a lot of careful thought and deliberation that we have selected Mrs. [name] as the new section head.

She has vast experience spanning over a period of [number] years in this field. She is a thorough professional and her work in the field of children’s education cannot be ignored. She is the author of three books on topics related to curriculum design and effective classroom strategies for young kids.

Her responsibilities as the section head would include:

  1. Manage the staff attendance and other issues related to punctuality and clash in timetables etc.
  2. Design and implement new teaching strategies which are fun, creative, and engaging.
  3. Revise the curriculum critically and design a guideline for student assessments.
  4. Revision of school policies and evaluation of their effects if any changes are required.
  5. Encourage the use of technology in the classrooms to enrich the student’s learning experience

 We hope that all of you would fully cooperate with her in achieving these goals. Looking forward to a better and brighter future for our school and students.

Yours sincerely.


Dear employees,

This is to inform you that in place of our ex-sales manager Mr. [enter name], a new employee Mr. [enter name] has been appointed. He will join the office on [enter date]. You all are requested to join the conference room well in time on [enter day] so that we may give him a warm welcome. There will also be a high tea arrangement in the late afternoon. Thank you!

Letter to Call Monthly Meeting to Review Business Strategies

Every company has some business strategies based on which the company progresses. It is very important for the staff members and all the stakeholders of the company to keep the check on all the strategies applied by them to see whether they are going well or not.

A business strategy has a direct impact on the success or the failure of the company because of which, several meetings are conducted each month or year to review the business strategies.

In order to call everyone at the meeting, a letter is written. The purpose of the letter is to make the reader present in the meeting on time and let him know about the agenda of the meeting. With the help of the agenda, the reader can prepare several points which he wants to be discussed in the meeting. You can also add the subject in the letter to seek the attention of the reader.

The tone of the letter should be positive and it should include all the information required by the reader such as time, date, the location where the meeting will be conducted. Also, tell the reader if you are planning to change the business strategies so that they can prepare some suggestions accordingly.

Tell the reader that it is important for him to attend the meeting and explain what you expect from the reader in the meeting. End the meeting with a positive note and check the letter for all the grammatical mistakes.


This is to inform you that the meeting for reviewing last month’s business strategies is to be held on (date). Attendance is mandatory for all staff. As you know that at (name) hypermarket, we are committed to providing the customers a better shopping experience and value for their money.

These sessions have proved to be very beneficial in tackling a lot of small issues. The ideas that have come up in the brainstorming sessions are especially valuable as often out-of-the-box ideas are presented in these meetings and they prove to be profitable. As staff deals with customers all month, their experience is helpful in reviewing the existing setup and deciding if any changes need to be made.

The strategies presented in the last session would be reviewed in this session as the results both in terms of profit and efficiency have started coming in. The strategies to be reviewed are:

  • The decision to move the Jewellery Isle next to the make up department
  • The buy one, get two offers on imported cosmetics near their expiry date
  • The progress of the mega lucky draw announced last month and the customers response to the same
  • The ongoing offer in the bakery section to sell all snacks at 50% off after 11 pm

In addition to these, any observations or suggestions by the staff are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing an enthusiastic response from all staff members and a very productive meeting,


We are glad to inform you that (name) fashion boutique’s monthly review meeting for the month of(name)would be held on (date) in the (name) branch.

The staff members from the (name) branch and (name) branch are requested to arrive at the venue by (time). Attendance is mandatory for all staff members.

As you know that these meetings are invaluable, as they offer a chance to share the whole month’s experiences in customer dealing.

No business involving direct public dealing can be successful without a comprehensive and evolving customer policy. The better you understand your customer and their demands, the better you can cater to them.

Feedback is a very important part of this system.  The policies we implement are reviewed in the next month and any alterations required are made accordingly. These meetings were the brainchild of the owner Ms (name) and have been our boutique’s proud custom for the last (number) years.

In this month’s meeting, the main agenda to be discussed is the end-of-season sale held last month, the customer’s response, and any feedback related to that. You are also welcome to give any suggestions based on your customer experience.

Remember that our goal is to retain and increase our customer base and to offer the customers a unique shopping experience to earn their loyalty.

Looking forward to a productive meeting.

Letter to Call a Meeting to Discuss Management Issues

Sometimes there are a lot of management issues in an organization that the owner decides to set up a review meeting to discuss all the matters. The letter can be written to all the concerned people to attend the meeting which is being conducted for discussing the management issues of the company and for sorting them out.

The letter should express your concerns about the management issues of the company. You should know the exact pattern of letter writing. It should also be known how to draft a formal letter. The formal letters are usually serious. The tone of the letter should be gentle and the language to be used should be simple and easy to understand.

The letter should not contain any statement in it which creates ambiguity or confusion in the minds of the reader. The details of the meeting such as date, time and location should also be mentioned in the letter clearly. The subject can also be added to the letter to make the reader understand what the letter is trying to explain.

The agenda of the meeting should also be elaborated in the letter. Telling the agenda is very useful for the reader as it will make the reader mentally prepared for the meeting and he can also note down some important points to be discussed in the meeting. You can also tell the duration of the meeting. The letter should be ended with a positive message.


This is to inform you that we are having a staff meeting on (date) at (time) to discuss some management issues. Lately, we have been getting a lot of complaints and we want to take this opportunity to address them. All department heads are requested to ensure maximum attendance.

Some of the issues on our agenda are:

Late arrival of staff

It has been observed that staff has not been coming on time. This creates a lot of unnecessary and inconvenient delays in the smooth functioning of the office.

Keeping the office clean and litter-free:

A messy office or even worse an office that is littered leaves a bad impression on the visitors and also affects productivity adversely.

These issues need to be addressed on a priority basis. We intend to discuss them in a positive and friendly environment and design SOPs to avoid these issues in the future.

Looking forward to a productive meeting.


It has come under the administration’s observation that there has been a lot of ill will and a bad vibe in the office recently. We have been getting clients complaints regarding delays in projects’ deadlines and on further investigation it has been attributed to miscommunication due to office politics. This is highly unprofessional, and this attitude can not be tolerated in a competitive business environment.

We have organized a meeting on (date) at (time). The purpose of this meeting is to discuss these issues openly and clearly. Attendance is mandatory for all staff. The feedback we get in this meeting would be used to make SOPs which would be implemented to avoid these problems in the future so please ensure that your observations/ suggestions reach us. It is an excellent opportunity to get your voice heard.


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

There are many management issues prevailing in our company. I want all the managers to join and discuss all these issues. The company is setting a meeting on 15th November in which all the managers will come and discuss the issues and suggestions will also be taken from the managers to solve all the issues related to the management.

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

Experience Reference Letter

Sample -1

09 January 20XX
Sherman Austen
Manchester, HJ78

Dear Mr. Austen, this is a matter of great pleasure for me to recommend Mr. Hughes as a candidate for the position of Managing Director at your organization. He had been working in my office on the aforesaid post for the last ten years. As a managing director, he was supposed to maintain records of all official proceedings as well as to ensure its secrecy. Throughout the time he spent with our organization, he performed all the tasks on time and demonstrated excellent skills which are enough to make him a valuable employee at your organization.

During his period, he executed all his abilities and did a tremendous job, and proved himself a unique gift for our organization. You can differentiate him from other employees on the basis of certain characteristics that he possesses such as excellent communication and verbal skills, a highly organized personality, the ability to work independently, and to perform numerous tasks with zeal to wind up all within the specified time period.

Moreover, as I remember once he was given an additional duty of trainer. Fulfilling our expectations, he accepted the challenge and completed this task in an efficient way. Despite his busy schedule, he offered his assistance to all office mates through thick and thin. Consequently, he built his affinity with several constituents of the organization including employees, clients, and higher management by means of his professional behavior.

Keeping in view his performance there would hardly be any exaggeration in stating that he is highly suitable for your organization by virtue of his excellent communication skills and trustworthy behavior. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.


Kelvin Klein

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Sample -2

05 January 20XX

Neil Amsterdam
Brooklyn, ER456

Dear Mr. Amsterdam,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Ms. Katherine who has applied for a visiting lecturer in your university. She has given us her services for five years and during this period she remained vigilant and efficient in teaching students and performed her duties with extraordinary skills.  

During this period, she did not take any uninformed leaves or was involved in any kind of misconduct. She has performed the tasks and targets way beyond our expectations and had been consistent in her performance. She also remained available for other responsibilities as well and worked extra hours for the university’s sake whenever she was asked for. She performed each task energetically demanding more responsibilities and also remained available on weekends whenever we required her. With her hard work, she has made the students unique individuals.

Moreover, she also established the Students Teacher Counseling Centre in the university whose sole purpose was to create a friendly environment between students and the teachers. The thought behind it was to create such a platform for students where they could share their problems and job-related issues with teachers easily.

In light of the above-mentioned qualities, I assure you that she would be proved a helping hand for your university. The teachers like her are surely an asset for our society and found once in a blue moon. She has all those qualities that a hard-working and efficient teacher should have. I hope that you will appoint her and will give her a chance to serve the welfare of students. I wish her all the best for a bright future.


James Holcomb

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Thank You Letter to a Colleague or Friend for a Financial Donation

Experiencing some financial problems at some stage of one’s life is something almost everybody has to face. In the time of need when a colleague or a friend help you financially, you must show your feelings of gratitude.

This letter is written to thank them for their financial donation. It is written in a very soft tone with warm gestures of gratitude. In the end, you should offer to pay them back in the future. The letter body is given below.

Letter -2

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing this letter to thank you for your financial aid. You are a true friend/colleague. As you know, I am going through a hard time nowadays in terms of money. I lost my job and haven’t been able to find any job so far.

Your donation has given me a lot of support and now I would be able to pay the medical dues of my mother who is a cancer patient. This is all because of your generous help. People like you are very hard to find in this age of materialism.

I cannot thank you enough for your help. I will make sure to pay you back for this in the future. May you stay successful and I hope you all the very best for your future.
Thank you very much.

Detailed Donation Acknowledgement Letter

Respected Sir/Madam

This letter is to pay our gratitude towards your donation to our [Non-Profit Organization]. We are utilizing your sheer support to encourage our people and expand our cause.

Due to our state policies and tax submission conditions, we are obliged to inform you of our utilization of your donation. we are also recommended on an order base to declare in our acknowledgment letter that you are not provided with any services on behalf of your donation of [TEXT].

For that matter it makes your donation to be tax deductible. Moreover, we need to bring this in your knowledge that the donation you provided us is being utilized in managing related events, providing it to the deserving individuals which include some of our staff members and others are from all over the area under our branch supervision.

The donation is being used by the organization media department in the promotion of our valuable cause and managing to create awareness to help people join this cause towards the bright future.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your kind and generous act and we long for your further donations as your donation made our organization run in a different manner with a greater speed of creating local and international awareness.

We are providing you with the copies of bills and challans issued by the government tax department and also by the companies we are working with to help our cause.

Thank you!

Download Details:

Thank You Letter to a Colleague or Friend for a Financial Donation

Size: 30 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Size: 117 KB PDF File

[personal use only: Not for Resale & Distribution]

Apology Letter to Roommate for Cleaning

Living with a roommate can be an exciting experience. During college/university years, away from home can be hard but having a nice roommate can make things easier. Most of the people going to universities have a hard routine which can make it challenging for them to look after their regular chores. Dividing chores can make it easy to manage for the roommates. But sometimes, even after dividing the work, a roommate can be negligent towards his duties.

In such an event, when you forgot to do the dishes or clean the room, the best way is to apologize by writing a letter. Keeping harmony and peace among roommates is very important as it is the place you are spending time after work or study. Writing a polite apology letter for not cleaning the room will leave a lasting impact on your roommate. He/she will understand that you might be having a hard schedule and cleaning the room got off your mind. State the reasons that what made it happen. Try to come up with a solution and make up for it as soon as possible. Next time when your roommate encounters the same situation, they will be in a better position to understand what you were going through.

Apology Letter to Roommate for Cleaning

Dear [Roommate],

It has been a couple of days since I got a chance to sit with you and have a chat. My final exams are just around the corner and so the routine has become really hectic. I have been attending extra lectures almost every day. The burden of assignments is really giving me a headache. I have been coming back late and going university early every day. Due to which we haven’t really seen each other.

I know that it was my turn to clean up the room this week. I am very embarrassed to say that I forgot to do so. My routine has been so hectic that it completely got off my mind.  It has been very kind of you to clean up the room, even though it wasn’t your turn.

I will be freer just after this week. So, I have decided to take up the responsibility of cleaning the room properly and make up for my last turn as well. I will make sure I do not forget my turn next time so you do not get a chance to come up with a complaint against me. Thanks for understanding.


[Your Name]


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Apology Letter to Roommate for Cleaning

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Thank You Letter to Someone for his/her Hard Work

After putting your tireless and determined efforts into a seemingly difficult project, you finally make it successful but guess what? You get no words of recognition, not even a thank you. You’d surely want to quit the employment at the very moment if you’re presented with another choice.

The place where your hard work is not even rewarded with a thank you was surely not made for you. So, I say, thank you is important. They make your employees feel valued and if not given make them feel like a bunch of valueless people rather donkeys working day and night.

Remember it’s not only the money that an employee works for. Words of appreciation, little moments of recognition, and words of gratitude like ‘Thank you’ help them work from their heart, with utmost devotion. What you should never forget is to thank a person for his hard work be he your employee, your co-workers, your junior whoever. If you value people’s hard work today, your hard work will be valued tomorrow.


Dear Ms. [name]

I [name], Principal [school name] am writing to appreciate the hard work you have put into preparing the students for the Earth Day celebrations. As you know that this day is celebrated to show support for environmental protection and to raise awareness in the masses about this issue. You were made the head of the committee to oversee the preparations.

Earth is the only hospitable planet we know of and the way we are depleting its resources, destroying the forests, and polluting the oceans, it would not hold up for long. The effects of global warming have already started showing in the form of hotter temperatures, floods, landslides, increased droughts, and extreme weather conditions.

The children of today are the adults who will run the world tomorrow, so it is important for them to realize the gravity of the situation and to learn the tools to counter this phenomenon.

The events you planned and executed with the students’ help are worth praising. I am sure the students would remember the lessons they learned in these events for a long time.

I especially liked your idea of having a competition among the students for the best recycling project. This taught the kids that they can turn their trash into treasure.

The poster-making competition, the morning assemblies which every class had to present on this topic, and lectures on the importance of water conservation all these events were well planned and executed. As they say, ‘The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.’ Keep up the good work!!


Dear Mr. [name]

I [name] from [department name] am writing to appreciate the hard work you put into the anniversary celebrations of the company. Our prestigious company turned [number] on this [date]. As one of our oldest employees, you have seen a fair share of ups and downs with us and you have contributed a lot to the growth of this company hence it was a unanimous decision to make you the head of the committee overseeing the events marking this momentous occasion.

The events planned included an anniversary dinner for all the regional managers. Arranging an event of this scale is not an easy task. We really want to applaud you for the hard work you put in and the dedication you have shown.

Everything was perfect, from the décor to the menu to the souvenirs presented at the end of the dinner. This shows your ability to manage finances and manpower with skill and finesse. The chief guest personally praised all the arrangements and was very impressed with the proceedings.

The second important part was reaching out to the prospective customers and introducing them to our new products and offering them the special anniversary bargains on offer. Judging from the number of customers who have approached us in the last week it is safe to say that you have been successful in this regard too.

The third task was compiling, publishing, and distributing a newsletter marking this special occasion. We are proud to say that you handled this task very efficiently. The newsletter covers all the milestones we achieved in the last ten years. The print quality and the composition were very attractive.

In the end, we would like to say that your hard work is appreciated and your contributions are highly valued. Keep up the good work!!


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I’m writing this letter to you to thank you for the hard work that you have been putting into your work. The difference between work that is done just as work and the work that is done with devotion can clearly be seen when I compare your work with other employees. You have also been submitting your work well in time and made every project successful in the last two months.

I owe you thanks for all that. Along with this, I am happy to announce to you the news of an increment in your salary. You deserve this for the hard work that you are putting into your work. Thank you again and keep working hard.

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Thank You Letter to Someone for his/her Hard Work

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