Complaint Letter to Principal about Sports Coach

Extracurricular activities are very important for a child’s mental and physical growth. A child can’t grow like normal individuals without taking part in extracurricular activities. Therefore, schools hire coaches and assign them the responsibility to provide necessary coaching to students.

Apart from teachers, there are also many coaches hired by schools who coach and train students for delivering appropriate lessons to prepare them for various sports activities. The main job of a coach is to teach relevant skills and techniques to students so that they can learn new skills and participate in extracurricular activities with passion and interest. Just like teachers, coaches also have some responsibilities to act like professional people and to treat students appropriately.

What is a complaint letter to the principal about the coach?

If you are not happy with the performance of the coach as a student or as guardian of the student, you hold all the rights to express your dissatisfaction. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that everyone learning technical skills under the supervision of the coach is satisfied and has no problem in learning. 

Good to write a letter

It is very important to compel the coach to change his/her behavior to be an ideal person to indoctrinate necessary skills in children. Therefore, a complaint letter is necessary to write. All the teachers and instructors are the representatives of the school. They play a major role in building reputation for the school. If an instructor is not meeting the expectations of the people, the school should be informed about it. This is usually achieved by writing a letter of grievance.

Read a sample letter given below to determine how one can complain about a trainer:



Subject: Complaint against the couch

Respected sir,

I am ______________ [mention your name], a student of class 7. My roll number is 243. The purpose of writing this letter is to draw your attention to a serious matter. I believe that it is extremely important for me to let you know about my experience of taking football training classes under the supervision of Mr. ABC for two weeks as his inappropriate behavior has a very bad and negative impact on the personality and performance of all the athletes.

As a football player, there are so many skills and strategies a football player is expected to learn. However, Mr, ABC does not cater to all the needs of a football player. In addition, I and other team players also feel dissatisfied with the instructional strategies of Mr. ABC.

Mr. ABC is a qualified person and we do not doubt it. However, he does not give individual attention to players and also fails to build the personality of the individuals as athletes. We do not have a positive growth mindset due to this, we feel the pressure so quickly and this deteriorates our performance.

In addition, Mr. ABC is very rude at times and this also lowers the self-esteem of many players. We have also noticed that he gives preferential treatment to many players and ignores many of them. Due to this discriminatory behavior, we lack the sportsmanship and luster that we are supposed to show on the ground. When players are expected to represent their institute and show good performance, the instructor or trainer is also expected to show extra effort to boost the morale of the team because team Players often need appreciation and motivation from the coach to keep their spirit high.

We respect Mr. ABC from the depth of our hearts and we believe that Mr. ABC is a great instructor to work with. But, there are some inappropriate aspects of his behavior that we have shared with you. Please carry out the investigation and take action.  

We expect your prompt response to this complaint letter and hope that you will take the necessary action to rectify the behavior of the coach. We look forward to your response.


Name of the sender


Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager

A complaint letter is written to the apartment manager when a person feels uncomfortable in the apartment due to any reason. The letter should be written in such a way that you can clearly express your concern in an expressive way.

While writing the complaint letter, it should be clearly mentioned in the letter to whom you are making the complaint and what are your major concerns. If you have any supporting documents or facts, then also mention them in the letter.

The letter should explain what you want to be done in the apartment. The problem which you are having in the apartment should be explained in detail so that the reader can easily understand what actually the problem is. The complaint letter should not be written in an offensive way rather the tone of the writer should be polite. Make sure to end the letter on a very positive note.

Sample -1

I appreciate your job in running the apartment which is very complex. I want to bring some issues related to the apartment to your attention so that you can take immediate actions to resolve those issues. The major problem which I am having in your apartment is the poor system overall. The blockage of drains and the leaking pipes may cause serious health problems to us.

According to the contract, all the problems should be handled by the management of the apartment. I request you to have a look at the above-mentioned issues and resolve them at your earliest convenience.


I understand that you are doing a difficult job as an apartment manager. I have been living in your apartment for the last five years but I never thought of writing you like this. I was satisfied with your management but still, there are some issues that need to be addressed on a priority basis.

For instance, I want to draw your attention to poor maintenance services at apartment premises. These include general cleanliness, broken windows and doors, and mold growing in various places of the apartment. These have been unsatisfactory for the last few months. Aesthetically, these problems are of serious concern for anyone who likes cleanliness. If not addressed timely, the said issues may cause serious problems of health and safety for apartment residents.

I have reminded you several times about maintenance problems within my own room which include a broken overhead shower, roof leakage, and prominent cracks within the wall. I am sorry to say that you never put an ear to my complaints. Now the situation is that whenever it rains, I have to clean up the water in my apartment.

As per the terms and conditions of our lease agreement, you are bound to provide me with proper safety and maintenance facilities. If you are unable to provide me with a clean, healthy, and safe environment, I would like you to release me from lease conditions otherwise, this is going to be a legal matter.

Please give due consideration to my complaint and inform me when you are going to resolve my issues. Otherwise, give me an early withdrawal from lease conditions so that I would search for better living conditions. I hope you will come up with a workable solution.

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



I want to file a complaint against my neighbors. I want you to resolve this serious problem of noise coming from their apartment. For a couple of weeks, I have been working from home on night shifts but my upstairs neighbors start making noise at 10’o clock after they return home from the factory. They don’t know the manners to live in a building.

I am being disturbed by their frequent parties, loud music, frequent entry, and exit, and screaming.
Apart from my problem, I am living with my family and my children cannot sleep properly due to this noise. Before writing you I visited their place and requested them to stop such noise-making activities. They apologized and promised to me at that time. However, they did not fulfill their promise.

The problem has now become unbearable and I want you to resolve it as soon as possible. Please resolve it on your own before I would take extreme steps in this regard.

I hope I will not have to go for legal action.

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Complaint Letter for Cell Phone Use at Work Place

Many a time, it happens that a person uses a cell phone during office work and does not concentrate on the work. When an employee works for a company his responsibility is to work properly on time and do not waste time using a cell phone or doing other activities. Several Breaks are given for relaxation and refreshment, one can manage such extra activities in these times.

Employees have a great hand in the success of the company, but if they do not work properly and waste their time, it leads to big losses for the company. Those people who use cell phones in the office are lagging in their work and their work always remains incomplete. They do not pay heed to anyone who tells them to work and is always in their own world. These employees cause loss to the company and should be terminated from the company.


I am writing this letter to complain about cell phone use during working hours in your office. I was assigned by Head office to come here and supervise the installation of the new base tower by your team. The team I am assigned to is very talented but the amount of time wasted due to their cell phone use is not tolerable.

No assignment given to them is finished on time and that delay brings a domino effect and even the people working dedicatedly end up suffering. This menace is getting out of hand otherwise I would not have disturbed you. I would like to recommend a complete ban on cell phone usage during office hours. The employees can deposit their cell phones on the reception on entering the office and collect them during lunch hours or when they are leaving for home. The office landline is available for making or receiving any emergency calls.

Sir as you are well aware this BTS installation is a time-sensitive project and I have been burning the proverbial midnight oil to complete it on time. It is only fair that the team should put in the same amount of effort as well. I am sure that we will notice a marked increase in the productivity of the team as soon as cell phone usage is controlled.

Looking forward to swift and firm action from your side


I am writing to you on behalf of all female employees in the office about an issue which is very disturbing and bothersome. We want to complain about the inappropriate cell phone usage by some male colleagues during office hours.

Sir, we have often noticed that they are filming the ladies or taking photographs in secret without asking for anyone’s consent. They also play music on their cell phones which is not only unprofessional but an unwanted distraction when one is trying to focus on work. Some of the senior staff members approached them and tried to make them see some sense but they were extremely rude to them and did not show the slightest remorse.

Sir, we are all educated ladies and we know our rights. This lewd behavior comes under workplace harassment. If strict action is not taken by you, we will approach the authorities as we feel threatened and unsafe working here. Needless to say, the kind of attention that would attract for this office on social media, is something every well-wisher of the company would like to avoid.

We want these four men severely reprimanded and removed from our floor as their presence is threatening and disturbing for all twenty undersigned female employees.

Looking forward to strict and firm action from your side.


Argon French
Block 7 C, Fresh Avenue, Los Angles.

March 23rd, 20XX

Mr. Elton Bob.
The Elton Enterprises.
Block 3 A, Kings Avenue, Los Angles.

Dear Mr. Elton Bob.

This letter is regarding a complaint about an employee of our company. The complaint against [EMPLOYEE NAME] is that he constantly uses a cell phone during office work and does not pay attention to his work. It has been observed that after multiple verbal warnings we have found that he is still using his mobile phone at work timings which are not at all acceptable.

The manager of the company and many other employees have sent him complaints but he does not pay any take serious note of it. We are hereby forced to send this complaint letter because we still find no change in his behavior despite all reminders and notices.

I suggest you personally warn him and tell him about the restriction of cell phone use during office work and tell him not to continue this attitude in the future. I hope he will improve his behavior in the future.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Argon French.

Letter to Complain about Surgery not Covered by Insurance

Disputes between the insurer and policyholders are something very commonly heard. The most common among them is when the company reimburses, and the policyholder does not find the reimbursement satisfactory. This could happen because of a mistake on the part of the company, or the policyholder might have failed to understand the actual clauses and conditions of the policy, etc. Nonetheless, it is the due right of the policyholder to submit a complaint if he is not satisfied with what he is reimbursed.


I am writing to place a complaint about your company’s recent denial of covering my medical bills. I had an accident and broke my arm about two weeks ago. I had to undergo surgery to have it fixed which cost me around ten thousand dollars. I am availing of your Premium Health Insurance policy number 389-342-918 and one of its clauses states that your company shall fund eighty percent of the medical bills in case of surgery.

Now when I contacted your company on call yesterday, I was told by one of your representatives that only those surgeries will be covered by your company which is needed due to natural causes such as a disease or genetic disorder. Any injuries caused by accidents that require surgery shall not be covered by this insurance plan.

If there were any such conditions on the insurance clauses, I should have been informed earlier so I could have considered my options carefully.

I am not happy with the service your company is providing as it is very unprofessional to conceal important information from the clients.

I request you to please get in touch with me immediately to sort this matter out. In case there has been a mistake at your end and your representative miscommunicated the information, please let me know so we can start the reimbursement formalities.

Thank you and regards.


Good day. I am writing to make a complaint about my surgery not being covered by the insurance plan I am currently availing myself. I have written letters to your company representatives twice, but my claim was rejected both times. I recently underwent a spine correcting surgery which cost me about twenty-five thousand dollars.

My spines curvature was affected due to an accident I had two weeks ago, and this surgery was recommended and performed by Dr. Gustavo Johnson at the Primary Healthcare Hospital. I have attached my medical reports and hospital bills with this letter.

I am currently availing of your premium insurance plan which covers my medical bills of up to a hundred thousand dollars. I gave all this information to your company and made a claim as your company is liable to pay my surgery bills.

My claim has been rejected twice and I wasn’t given any explanation for it either. I can provide proof of all the communication that happened between us. I request you to please investigate this matter and kindly explain to me why my claim was rejected.

Furthermore, if surgery is not covered by this insurance plan, I should’ve been made aware of it before I signed up for it. As a client, it is our right to know all the clauses and it is unfair to conceal important information from us.

I hope to hear from you on this matter as soon as possible as it has caused me a lot of distress.

Thank you and regards.


Dear [Recipient’s name],

I am writing to you regarding my health insurance with you the policy number of which is #123456. After an accident last month, I had claimed insurance. The accident was severe and I remained admitted to the hospital for almost three weeks. Since my legs were badly hurt and some metallic pieces went into some parts of my body during the accident I also had to go through surgery on my legs for that purpose.

All the essential documents and details were provided when I made the insurance claim. The mention of surgery and its expenses was also made clear. I received the settlement letter yesterday and I am astonished to see that the expenses of surgery are not included in the letter.

I am uncertain if this is done mistakenly or according to some policy. As far as I know, my policy says that the company is responsible for reimbursing 100% in case a health issue arises. Since no exceptions were mentioned in the policy, I thereby, am complaining to you regarding this injustice.

I expect 100% reimbursement and therefore, request you to contact me at the earliest to resolve this dissatisfaction. I am otherwise thinking to cancel my insurance with you. Thanks!

Complaint Letter Against Clerk Overlooked Receipt

Paperwork plays a very important role in our life. No legal action, buying, and selling are completed without paperwork. This is because of the reason that we are required a written proof on many places and we can claim accordingly while showing these proofs.

On the other hand, if we lost our valuable documents then life becomes hell without them and it is a very hectic job to get a copy of that again from the department. That department demands again proof whether the specific document belongs to you or not. This is the reason that one cannot afford to lose these documents or slips.

For example, when you pay the bill then the receipt is the only proof that you have paid the bill, without roll no slip you cannot sit in exams, and without fees, card one cannot go to the academy. Therefore, the importance of these receipts cannot be ruled out and if someone is showing sluggish behavior to provide you the receipt or overlooking it then he may complain accordingly.


I want to register my complaint against Mr. [name], the Head clerk in the registration office of the riding club. I had enrolled my daughter in the riding club and I was told to deposit the registration fees and [month]’s fee in the bank and submit the receipt in the clerk’s office.

This month I got an invoice for the last two months’ riding fee and the registration fee. When I investigated I discovered that the clerk’s office has no record of the fee deposited earlier. The clerks have lost the receipt I had deposited and sent me an invoice again. This is very careless of them and very inconvenient for me.

Please look into this issue as it is bothering me and disturbing my child too as the clerk keeps sending her a new invoice. Please tell the clerk to check with the bank who can confirm the payment made earlier and to be more attentive and not repeat such carelessness again.


I want to register a complaint against the clerk in the finance department of your hospital. My mother was admitted to the surgery department by Dr [name] for the laparoscopic removal of her gall bladder. We deposited all the dues according to the hospital’s SOP on [date] and submitted the receipts to the clerk’s office on [date].

However, when we arrived on [date] hours before the operation, we were informed that the dues were not paid. Upon investigating, it was discovered that the issue was that the clerks had no record of the payment as they had misplaced the receipts. Their negligence caused a lot of inconvenience and undue stress for us as a family and especially for my mother who was already unwell and NPO for the last twelve hours as the doctor had told her to stop eating and even drinking water to ensure that her stomach was empty during surgery.

The clerk then contacted the bank and resolving the entire issue took at least three more hours. My mother’s surgery got pushed ahead to 1 pm, which was very tiresome and painful for her. I hope you realize how bothersome all this is for the patient, who is already in pain and stress due to the disease and scared and apprehensive due to the surgery.

Please reprimand the clerks strictly as this is no joke. Negligence and unprofessionalism are bad in every workplace but when you are working in a hospital, your negligence can cause someone their life and they should be careful in the future. Looking forward to swift and strict action from your side.


Ocean Apartments
David Bullock
Block 15C, Crystal Avenue, San Francisco.

June 24th, 20XX

Mr. Albert Carlos
City Tax Office
15 St. Sun Rise Avenue, San Francisco.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am disappointed to write you the complaint letter about the sluggish behavior of clerk in the tax department. I had paid the yearly tax fee of my vehicle and provided all the relevant documents for this purpose two days ago, after a long process of tax submission, the clerk returned my documents and I came home. When I came home I checked the documents but could not find the tax payment slip along with my documents.

I called the clerk but he refused to help me and said rudely that he had provided me. I went to his office again and it was found on his table. The clerk is sitting there to aid the public but he is doing the opposite of that. This behavior is totally unacceptable in the future and disciplinary action may be taken against him.


David Bullock.

Complaint Letter for Power Outage

The Discovery of electrons made marvelous changes in life and improved the complete life of the human. It is being used in every walk of life and life without electricity is almost impossible. Our home appliances, lights, businesses, and even medical facilities at hospitals are adjoined with the usage of electricity. Its requirement increased in extreme weather.

For example, in warm countries, its consumption becomes high, whereas, in cold countries, its consumption is raised during winters. We are so used to electricity that we cannot afford the power outage of fifteen minutes even. It seems that life is stopped whenever there is a power outage. It becomes the source of embarrassment also when power is out during an event or ceremony.

However, it is not necessary that this shortfall is forced by the power company. There may be any disruption in connection or line transmission. In other cases, storms and rain can also cause a shortfall of power. Therefore, whenever there is a regular breakdown, somebody should complain about it to resolve the issue.

Letter -1

I [name] resident of [area name] wants to register my complaint on behalf of all the residents of our apartments, regarding the frequent power outages. Due to no natural gas supply, apart from other things our community relies on electricity for cooking and keeping the house warm. In this scenario when we have such long and unpredictable power outages it becomes very difficult for us as everyday chores become very challenging.

When there is no electricity, there is no warm water or light either. There are students in our community who have to appear in annual exams by the end of this month and they are really upset as they can’t study in candlelight, shivering in the cold. The need for electricity can be felt especially in the evening when it gets extremely dark since the sun sets earlier in winters and the days are shorter. The weather is also very cloudy, which makes it even darker than usual.

Preparing food on time has become impossible and is very inconvenient for everyone. There are patients in our community. They cannot tolerate the cold and it is torturous for them to bear this cold rainy weather without heating. There are newborn children and toddlers in every other house who keep falling ill due to the cold.

These power outages become very bothersome especially when they are unannounced, as when we know that there will be no power from this time to that, we at least prepare food in advance and do other important chores, but when they are unannounced it becomes impossible to go about the day.

Please look into this matter urgently as it has destroyed our peace of mind and everyone big and small is disturbed.

Letter -2

Red Park Apartments
Peter Spencer
Block 34C, White Pearl Avenue, New Mexico.

18th December 20XX

Mr. Max Hector
Mexico Electricity Complaint Center.
35 St. Fifth Bridge Avenue, New Mexico.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am one of the residents of Red Park Apartments. It has been the third week that we are facing a continuous shortfall of two hours daily. It is the peak winter season and getting warm without a heater is not possible due to extreme weather conditions.

It is prudent to highlight that there is one medical dispensary located in our block which remains inoperative during the shortfall. Moreover, there are some medicines that do not need to freeze and continuous heat is required to keep them in liquid form.

Furthermore, at the time of power break down, my kids are busy in their studies and my wife is busy cooking. This power shortfall is greatly disturbing our life. Therefore, it is requested to solve the issue on an urgent basis to relieve me, my family, and forty other residents of the apartments.


Peter Spencer.

Complaint Letter for Trespassing

The man is a social animal and lives in a community. Community demands a set of laws to live a peaceful life. In this community, a house is a secure place where we live our private life and respect the rights of our neighbors. In the same way, we also expect our neighbors to show general courtesy to avoid trespass in our boundary.

In other words, nobody likes to disturb his privacy by others beyond the allowable limit. There may be any reason but the act of trespassing always disturbs you and makes you feel uncomfortable on its repetition. The simple headway to stop anyone is to directly inform him of your consensus and warn him on the spot. Moreover, “No Trespassing” signs boards can be placed in various places. If the problem persists then help from the police department can be solicited as a last option.

Letter –1

Mario M. Jeffrey
24 Renton St. Sky Top Avenue, New York.

June 21st, 20XX

Mr. Charlie Mc. Abraham.
24 Renton St. Sky Top Avenue, New York.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I [name] am the resident of [address]. We have been living here for the past twenty years and there has never been an issue. As you know my house is right next to your school and often the football, cricket balls or shuttles from the school drop on our lawn.

Earlier your school’s security guard used to ring the bell and someone from our house would hand over the item dropped but lately, we have noticed that students especially the boys of senior classes jump over the wall and come in our lawn to pick up their balls or shuttles. This is very shocking and totally unacceptable as it undermines our privacy. We cannot relax even in our own house, not knowing when someone is going to come in unannounced.

Also, when they jump over, they trample the flower beds and damage the plants. Our lawn is a frequent winner in the community annual spring lawn competition and we start preparing for the competition as early as February. Our gardener and my family all work together for this coveted prize and when someone jumps in our flowerbeds wasting all our effort and causing us monetary and emotional loss we cannot ignore it.

Please teach your students that respecting others’ property and privacy is basic manners and it is very disappointing to see kids this age being so unruly. Your school’s name commands respect and has a certain image, this behavior of your students is damaging to your school’s reputation. Please deal with students involved in this behavior firmly. There should be no compromise on discipline.

Please look into this matter fully and ensure that such incidents are not repeated. As I will be forced to involve the authorities in case of any further.


Mario M. Jeffrey.

Size: 21 KB Word [.doc] File


I [name] resident of [address] wants to report an incident of trespassing that took place on [date] at 11 pm. My wife and our two daughters were in their respective bedrooms while I was in the sitting area when I heard some noise from outside. When I went to the window I saw a shadow cross the lawn.

I turned on the lights of the porch and called our guard on the intercom to come in and check who is wandering on the lawn. When the trespasser heard this commotion, he climbed up the wall and jumped outside. Our guard tried to follow him but he ran away before he could be caught.

Needless to say, this incident has scared us and we are feeling very unsafe. Our entire family could not sleep a wink all night and we are still wondering why someone would enter our premises in such an inappropriate manner. We are unsure of the motive. Whether it was a robbery attempt or it was a thief who was running after robbing someone in the neighborhood. It might even be a scout of the robbers looking around before the actual crime.

Whatever the motive, this incident has shaken us and we want to request you as the head of our housing society’s security, to look into this matter deeply and resolve the issue using the CCTV footage of the neighboring area.

Looking forward to swift action.

Complaint Letter from Student for Low Grade

Education is the basic requirement of an individual to lead a successful life and success comes with hard work. Hard work is the most fruitful asset anyone can have so far. Nothing can be achieved without it. All great people only succeeded with hard work. They did not worry about the difficulties faced in doing hard work.

The students who make their motto for hard work never suffer from failures. In comparison, often a student faces the problem of lesser grades than his or her hard work. This problem leads to de-motivation and students start losing interest in their studies. It is the right of all students to get the grades per their hard work and effort. The teachers are solely responsible for being extra efficient and attentive regarding this matter.

As if students feel injustice, they simply start following wrong directions. They start having grudges with their mates in return. When a student finds, such injustice regarding his grades, he can formally write to his teacher to make him aware. So, that possible amendment can be done.

Letter -1

I [name] grade [number] am writing this letter to complain about my grade in Chemistry. Sir, I have been preparing for this exam for two months and I attempted the paper with full concentration. After finishing my paper, I rechecked all the answers and I think that I had attempted all the objective-type questions correctly. In subjective type questions, I think I had written all the points.

When I got my grade today I could not understand why my marks had been deducted as I was under the impression that I would be getting an A*. But my grade was B. sir this is going to affect my CGPA adversely. I would like my paper to be rechecked. Also, I am attaching the aggregate of all the assignments and midterms, please see if you have the same number.

I would be very grateful if you could take out some time and look through my paper and point out my mistakes so that I at least know where I lost my marks.

Looking forward to your kind consideration.


I [name] am a student of grade [number] and I take your French class. Our mid-term result was posted online today and I was surprised to see that I have been awarded a C grade.

Ma’am I have worked very hard in this entire term not just to get a good grade but to increase my proficiency in French and I feel that my spoken and written language have both improved greatly over this time. In our oral exam, you yourself praised my skill and vocabulary. In the written exam too, I felt that I have performed well. So when the grades came it was a shock for me to see that I have scored so low.

Ma’am please recheck my paper and give me some time when I can come see you and discuss my mistakes with you. I am sure when you go through my paper again you would see my hard work and dedication.

Looking forward to a positive response.


Charlie Wordsworth
Block 23B, Big Bird Avenue, Florida.

September 23rd, 20XX

Mr. Dylan Samuel
Florida National School
13 St. Dove Avenue, Florida.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well. I am writing to complain about my grades for the spring assessment. I am not satisfied with the grades of my geography project and history essay. The project I was supposed to make in geography about floating oceans was awarded the first position in the project competition held last week. But I got a B grade. I am extremely disappointed. I must be given grade A as the Principal himself considered it the best.

I did a lot of hard work on this project which can be easily seen on it. And, also, I got a B grade on the history essay which is also against my hard work. I have completely followed the correct format and quotations you gave to the class for this essay. I always work hard to meet the required standards.

Please resolve my issue and contact me at [EMAIL]


Charlie Wordsworth.

Size: 22 KB Word [.doc] File

Complaint Letter for Apartment Maintenance

Different situations arise when there is no maintenance in an apartment. The apartment must be well maintained because people come to live and stay there. The salinity fitting must be managed properly because it has a chance to be corroded. The water supply must be on time because it is a basic need of every person and every home.

Electricity is a basic problem which is used for office works, and other online surfing so there must be no electrical problem in a maintained apartment. Garbage collection is another serious issue and it must be done regularly because it harms people with its worst effects.

So, a well-maintained apartment should have these facilities, and if it doesn’t people write a complaint letter against apartment maintenance.


I [name] rented your apartment [address] on [date]. At that time you had promised to resolve all the maintenance issues in the property but it has been seven months since we moved in and you still have not done anything.

The kitchen sink has leaky plumbing which is very inconvenient and messy. The cupboards under the sink are totally unusable due to this issue. The living area has a seepage issue which is very unsightly and every guest is bound to remark on it. No matter how much we decorate our living space, the walls are an eyesore due to the seepage. The door handles of the bedrooms are shaky and locks are broken in two of the bedrooms.

All these issues were communicated to you repeatedly but you have taken no action. Please resolve these issues within this month or else we would get all the repairs done from the rent and pay you the balance (if any).

We regret any unpleasantness this might cause but living with these issues is very inconvenient for us and we have been patient for all these months. We hope that you would understand our situation and look into this matter at your earliest or else allow us to get the repairs done from the next month’s rent.

Looking forward to a positive response.


I [name] am your tenet and am currently residing in your apartment in [address]. When we rented this apartment we were charged a higher rate than the surrounding apartments because you promised to get all the flooring redone and kitchen remodeled within two months. It has been six months since we shifted into this place and we have been paying the higher rent but you still have not started any of the promised maintenance.

We understand that there can be delays and that this is not a small task but now it has been long enough. Please get the maintenance work started at your earliest. Another reason for our insistence is that we intend to wed our daughter off after three months and we want the apartment to get a makeover before that. It is very inconvenient for us to invite our guests over when the house is in this state.

Please fulfill your promise and do the needful. Looking forward to your positive response.


The Kings Apartments
Brent Charles
Block 13A, Dolphin Avenue, New York.

September 4th, 20XX

Mr. Mark Bruno
The Kings Apartments
Block 4A, Dolphin Avenue, New York.

Dear Mr. Mark Bruno,

I hope you are doing great. I am here to inform you about your apartment maintenance situation. Your apartment manager is not doing his work at all. The apartment has become worse because of dirt and no cleanliness at all. The salinity fittings of the apartment are corroded and it leaks in the houses.

People have written many complaint letters to the apartment manager, but he does not show his responsibility and ignores all the complaints. The water supply is not on time and people must wait for water for many hours because it is the basic need of every person’s life.

The gas pressure is always low and people face many problems because the stove does not work properly and cooking takes a lot of time. You have neglected to replace the broken showerhead, fix the leaking ceiling, or repair the large cracks in the wall. If you cannot resolve these issues in the next month, I would like to end the residential contract before time so I can seek out a better living situation.

I am waiting for a prompt resolution of the problems.


Brent Charles.

Complaint Letter for Services Not Provided at Time

A life is demanded to be happy, prosperous, and peaceful. In search of these parameters, life is becoming busier and busier in the hunt of achieving more and more. Due to this reason, people get less time for personal engagements. With the technology ease, people can buy all households and grocery items and can avail all kinds of services at their doorstep. Due to busy job schedules and other important engagements, people get lesser time to go shopping. And in return, they opt for online shopping.

Global technology and the internet are playing a vital role in providing these benefits. All big brands and outlets have the facility of online stores from where one can purchase anything and pay after delivery. In vice-versa, an individual can face issues in online shopping. Sometimes, defective pieces are found. Sometimes, installation services are not provided on time. Such issues must be complained about and highlighted to make the company aware of their careless services.

Letter -1

I [name] stayed at your prestigious hotel on [date] but I have to say that I was highly disappointed by the quality of service provided. On the previous night, there had been a snowstorm and it was freezing cold. In this scenario when the power went off it became extremely cold but when we requested the manager to get us something to heat the rooms, he plainly refused that nothing was available to that end.

When we requested additional blankets, as the temperature dropped below -1, we were informed that they were not available at the moment and could be provided earliest by the next morning.

We had come to your hotel with a lot of expectations but we had a horrible experience. The kids were cold and they cried to sleep. We ordered breakfast from room service and it came after two hours cold and unappetizing. Our vacations were turned into a nightmare due to your staff’s negligence.

We are surprised that despite the weather predictions you were not prepared for the snowstorm. If you were not prepared for the weather you should have canceled our reservation instead of putting us through the entire ordeal. Needless to say, we are very disappointed and would not be coming back or recommending you to friends and family.

We really hope that you improve your service quality as this type of mismanagement is highly unprofessional.


I [name] am writing to register my complaint regarding the horrible experience I had at your hospital. I was admitted to your general ward on [date] by the doctor [name]. I had a cough, flu, vomiting and I was running a very high fever. The doctor insisted that I should get hospitalized so that he could monitor my condition and take better care of me. The doctor had instructed the nurses to check my temperature every hour and give me the recommended medicines on time.

The nursing staff was extremely negligent. I was not given the medicine on time and no one came to take my temperature even after two hours of admission when my attendant went to ask the staff to check my temperature, the nurse on duty was very rude. Also, they are appallingly incompetent.

It took two nurses at least three wrong and painful attempts to insert a cannula. Also when the IV was finished, my attendant had to request them repeatedly to remove or change it. The staff always responded rudely and were very neglectful.

We had paid for a separate room so that my attendant could be comfortable but he was not even provided with a blanket despite the fact that we were paying for one. We were also charged for hospital food but the food we received was inedible.

The truth of the matter is that I would have been much better cared for and monitored more diligently if I had gone back home. The treatment I received from the nursing staff was horrible and it added to my misery. This hospital is regarded as one of the top hospitals in the city but I am shocked at the sorry state of affairs. The carelessness, incompetence, and unprofessional attitude of your staff are deplorable.

I could have sent this letter to a newspaper or put it up on social media but I do not want my doctor to suffer due to others’ mistakes. Dr [name] is a very competent and empathetic person and he has been our family doctor for ages but please investigate this matter and make some changes before your staff’s ineptitude costs someone their life.


Cole Hayden
14 St. Nightingale Avenue, California.

June 1st, 20XX

Mr. Antonio Garrett
Laser Vision Electronics Company.
24 St. Bridge Avenue, California.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to complain about the careless and unethical response of your company. On 24th May 20XX, I purchased a new air conditioner from your company. It was to be installed within 24 hours after purchase. And it is the third day the Air conditioner is not installed.

Since the next day, I am calling your customer service center. The very first time they said that technician is on the way and all day long I kept on waiting. The second day, I again called four times, and the same answer I got. I took leaves without pay for these two days. Your lying and unethical behavior are much disappointing.

I was not expecting such immoral behavior from a renowned company. Everything just relies on the customer’s trust. And if you are not providing customer satisfaction, soon you will suffer failures. I request you to improve your services as well as focus on training of your employees.

I will no longer be your customer.


Cole Hayden.

Complaint Letter for Billing Error

The lifestyle of mankind has been improved with time. Once the word ‘facility’ was known to the elite only but now all the facilities are gradually spreading to rural areas and the common person is also availing the same. All our systems are automated and are being monitored remotely. Our billing system is computerized and the handwritten billing system almost vanishes.

All the above-mentioned improvement has enhanced the ease in life and minimized human error but the chances of error cannot be ruled out completely. There are many errors being reported daily instead of the computerized billing system.

Therefore, these computer-generated bills and automated remote systems also need to be verified for their correct functioning. A complaint letter to the utility company, hotel, and bill payment at the store can reimburse the money of the effective person.


I [name] consumer number [number] am writing to register a complaint. My electricity bill for this month is not accurate. I always note the meter reading at the beginning and end of the month. According to my calculation, we used around [number] units in the month of December but the bill sent was much higher than this.

It is not an isolated case, as I have been noticing a pattern for the last three months. The number of units being charged is higher than the number shown by the meter reading. Please look into this matter as I had taken the meter reading, the day the meter reader arrived so the two values could not be so different.

Looking forward to your kind consideration and quick action


I am writing this letter to register my complaint regarding an error in the billing. We had reserved your restaurant [name] on [date] from seven o’clock to nine-thirty in the evening for my daughter’s birthday. We had been told that we would be charged [amount] per guest plus [amount] for the decor.

We had informed the management that we are expecting around twenty guests and that the arrangements should be made accordingly. However, on the day of the event, five additional guests arrived.

On informing the manager, we were assured that there would not be any problem. The event went very smoothly and we are satisfied with the arrangements and have also recommended your restaurant to friends and family.

Today we received the bill, which, to our surprise, was for thirty guests, which is not accurate as the number of guests was only twenty-five. The manager on duty Mr. [name] can vouch for this. Please look into this matter and rectify the billing error.

Looking forward to your positive response.


Frere Gardens
Henry De Watson
Block 35B, Columbus Avenue, New York.

July 14th, 20XX

Mr. Robert Jackson.
Resort Hotel.
15 St. Race Court Avenue, Las Vegas.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well and your business is flourishing. I stayed at your hotel last week during my visit to New York. I spent three days at the hotel which was very comfortable and remarkable with all regards. All the staff was very cooperative and all the facilities were as per the standard mentioned on the website. But I have a complaint about the billing which I was unable to check while paying the bill.

As per the boarding and lodging Performa, I was informed that Breakfast is complimentary and no bill would be charged in this regard but in the end, I had to pay the bill for breakfast.

Initially, I did not verify the bill but when I reached back to my station then I verified it and found an extra bill for the breakfast. I called the customer care service and I was informed to write a complaint letter along with the copy of the said Bill. I am sending a copy of the bill, therefore, kindly reimburse my extra bill and send money to my home address or pay via wire transfer.


Henry De Watson.

Complaint Letter about Inadequate Facilities at Club


I [name] am writing to complain about the inadequate sports facilities provided at the Club. We had got a membership after seeing your advertisements showing beautiful swimming pools and a mini Golf Club. On further inquiry, we were told that the gymnasium would be ready in a month too and by becoming members, the entire family would be able to enjoy all these facilities.

What a farce that proved to be. Let me begin with the swimming pools. The first day I arrived at the pool with my children I was informed that children above twelve were not allowed with younger kids. This is highly inconvenient as no parent has time to drive to the pool twice a day, once with their 9 years old and then with their 13 years old. When we went into the shower area, we were shocked that the washrooms were filthy, and the showers had no water.

Only three out of the fifteen showers were working and there was a long line in front of all the cubicles. After this ordeal when we finally entered the pool, we were shocked to discover that the pool water was murky and smelly. Upon inquiry, it was discovered that it was changed once a month and chlorinated once a week. This is against all health regulations and very dangerous to the health of everyone swimming in it. Needless to say, we got out and left immediately.

The next thing we tried was the mini Golf club. To cut a long story short, there is no equipment available in the Golf club, and the entire place though well maintained is more often than not rented out for private parties and never available for golfing. The gymnasium which was to be completed in a month is still not open after six months.

We are highly disappointed by such unprofessionalism. Please address the issues highlighted as we are really tempted to cancel our membership as it is a total waste of money.


I [name], am a member of this prestigious club since [year]. I have seen the prime of this club when it was the center of all the cultural and artistic events of the city. It saddens me to say that those days have passed. Now our club is fast becoming a relic of the past. And if nothing is done to improve the state of affairs it would soon be too late to revive it back to its glory.

I would start with the swimming pools which require immediate attention. The shower area requires complete renovation and a sauna needs to be added which all the other modern swimming pools offer. The indoor restaurant has a very limited menu and it needs to be made more diverse. The interiors have become dull and drab and should be replaced by something modern yet comfortable. The outdoor restaurant has very limited timings they should be extended at least by two hours.

Painting and sculpture exhibitions, music nights, and poetry recitation used to be regular events in the good old days but now hardly any noteworthy event is organized in months. This results in boredom and loss of interest in the members.

There have been a couple of incidents lately which have put the security of our club in question. There are no CCTV cameras in the corridors or the lockers in the gymnasium. Although the incidents that have happened till now are quite insignificant it is only a matter of time before things take a more sinister turn. Inadequate club security is a very pressing issue and should be addressed on an emergency basis. Last but not the least, the valet service was discontinued which is very inconvenient for senior members like me. We want it to be reinstated.

I hope you would look upon these issues and address them as they are urgently required, and they would go a long way in bringing our club back into the spotlight.


I am in receipt of your circular letter of the 15th May 20XX reminding the members who have not paid up their subscriptions for the period ending this month, to do so immediately. I was absent from [PLACE] for nearly six months; hence the arrears are due from me.

I visited the club the day before yesterday and was most unpleasantly surprised to notice the change that has come over the place since I left [PLACE] six months ago, there were very few chairs on the premises and even those that were there scattered all over the place, the lounge being perhaps, the only place empty of them.

The billiard table was not in good repair, and there were no markers to help the members who were willing to make use of the table, defective as it was. Games, like Chess and Draughts, were hardly enough to go around, and the Cards were absolutely disgusting -torn and hand-soiled. The library was shut -rather an unusual thing to happen -but when I had the room opened, I did not find even half the book in. Even some of the reference books were not on their shelves, though, as a rule, they ought not to be loaned out.

The Tennis and Badminton courts were being used, but I was shocked at the monopolizing attitude of some of the players. While a score of members was watching, waiting for their turns, the few in occupation of the courts, went on playing, heedless of others.

It may be said that, overall, the premise of your club has never been so shabby as they are now; nor has the club ever before been so poorly organized.

I hope you will personally consider the matter and get things right. If the present state of affairs has been brought about by the lack of funds or by irresponsible attitude of some members, your views and difficulties before the whole house. I feel certain that every reasonable member will cooperate in putting an end to the awful condition prevailing at the club.

I enclose $300 in cash, being my subscription up to date.

Yours faithfully,

Stephan Frances

Complaint Letter for Overcharge

It is a famous saying that “to err is human and to forgive is divine.” It means that errors and mistakes can happen to anyone. Even, the machines can have errors. The fact is that nothing is perfect in this world. Human beings are the most flexible creature on earth. This is the reason why mistakes happen from them. But it does not mean that one should always err willfully and then seek forgiveness.

Individuals should try to be most careful regarding all matters of life. They should try to avoid mistakes and errors as much as they can. When a person keeps on doing wrong, a time comes that people lose trust in him and, a time comes when people don’t even trust in his truth. In the same way, sometimes we suffer from the problem of overcharge at restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, utility payments, etc. We can claim in such cases with the proof of receipt for reimbursement.


Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you with great regret to bring a complaint in your notice I have with your store. I am a regular customer of Tesco as I live close by and do all my grocery shopping from this store biweekly. All your staff recognizes me well because of the number of times I visit this store. Although I have never had such a problem before, this time, your management caused me great inconvenience.

I had bought 5 items from your store from 3 different sections. My total payment should have been $30 as per the price mentioned on the isles. However, your cashier deducted $50 from my credit card. Thankfully, I was notified on my cell phone by my credit card company.

Nonetheless, your cashier was reluctant in making any amends to the payment made despite being on the faulty side. I registered a complaint to your customer care services department, but no one paid attention to it leaving me with no other option but to write a complaint letter to you for the overcharge. I have attached the invoice and the images of the original price tags for the record. 

I request you to investigate the matter and redeem my rightful dues. I intend to go to the consumer’s court if this case is not solved without further inconvenience as I already have gone through enough trouble because of this misunderstanding.

I’ll much appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Kyle Daniel
21 St. Golden Crest Avenue, Washington DC.

25th June 20XX

Mr. Peter Carlos.
Creamery Restaurant.
17 St. Bridge Avenue, Washington DC.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am hereby to make a complaint about an overcharge at your restaurant. Last night, I had a birthday party for my daughter. I booked the ballroom of your restaurant. The arrangements included in the deal were the decoration, magic show, face painting, singing competition. I had also ordered special goody bags for your restaurant, kiddy meals, and buffet dinner. All arrangements were up to the mark. The party was a great success. All kids along with their parents enjoyed it well.

But, today I found out in the bill that I was overcharged. I gave you the details of all the arrangements you were supposed to make. But the cake was not included in it. I bought it on my own. But the charges of a 10-pound cake were included in the bill. I am sending you a copy of the receipt and other details along with the bill. Please pay back the overcharged amount in this account number [X]. Please pay back in a day or two.

Yours Truly,

Kyle Daniel.

Complaint Letter for Unhealthy Drinking Water

A healthy body brings a healthy mind and a healthy body is achieved with a healthy diet. Among healthy diets, water is the main constituent. Water is an essential ingredient in human life. The human body consists of 75 percent of water so it needs plenty of water intake in a single day. A proper intake of water keeps one away from almost ninety percent of severe illnesses and diseases. All the body functions work with water. If not taken properly, it results in dehydration.

The quality of water is an important factor to be considered. Contaminated or impure water can put life at stake. Proper filtration plants must be installed in all residential areas, public areas, and business estates. The water-providing authorities should also keep a proper check and balance of all filtration plants. Timely replacements must be done according to the life of filtration plants. When impure drinking water is discovered, a complaint must be lodged to concerning authorities.


Dear Counselor,

This is Mark Buffalo writing from your district, Arizona, to bring your attention to a grave issue our community is going through. We use tap water for drinking and cooking purposes because as claimed by the authorities, it is completely hygienic and safe to do so. However, for the last couple of weeks, we have been noticing contamination in the water. At first, we ignored it assuming it to be a short time problem, but it has now been weeks since the tap water is constantly unhealthy and unhygienic to drink or cook.

Because of this, people in our community have fallen seriously ill. Some of the children had undergone diarrhea and food poisoning owing to which they were admitted to the hospital as well. We have been trying to contact the water and sanitary department, but no one registered our complaint nor come to visit us to probe the matter.

We have been left with no other option but to write this letter of complaint to you for this unhealthy drinking water. We request you visit our community to attend to our complaints and further investigate the issue. If our complaint is not catered to, we will have left with no option but to take another extreme measure.

Moreover, we cannot afford to buy clean, drinkable water for our everyday purposes as it is not budget-friendly for us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Hill Town Residency
Robert Wilson
Block 12B, White Pearl Avenue, Las Vegas

July 15th, 20XX

Mr. Hayden Christopher
The Owner
Hill Town Residency Head Office.
34 St. Diamond Avenue, Las Vegas.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to register a complaint about unhealthy drinking water being discovered in our residence. I am complaining on behalf of all the householders. We are facing similar problems for some weeks. The hot water taps bring little worms which can clearly state that filtered water is somewhere mixed with some dirty water. The taste of water is like rust which sounds much troublesome, especially for kids. It is an alarming situation.

You understand that water is needed twenty-four-seven. All the kids in the community are getting ill. After diagnosis, doctors stated the reason for unhealthy drinking water. I need you to take serious note of this issue. And replace the filtration plants along with a monthly check on them. Otherwise, I would be complaining to the mayor to take necessary actions.

I request you resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Robert Wilson.

Resident, Hill Town Residency.

Complaint Letter for New Product Doesn’t Work

Companies and businesses need to understand the buying behavior of consumers. Buying behavior can be emotional or rational depending on the prevailing situations. This is the main factor that attributes to their growth and progress. This in return leads to success.

Another important factor is the quality of the product. It is the main ingredient of a product ever since. Managing quality is a crucial task. But if the quality is maintained properly, it gives customer satisfaction and loyalty. The company needs to focus on quality standards then it can easily generate long-term profit.

Faulty products lead to dissatisfaction among customers. Eventually, they choose alternatives. This issue must be foreseen to avoid any loss regarding expensive products. Poor quality indirectly increases the cost of the product. So, it is better to maintain quality effectively and efficiently. When customers buy defective or non-operational products, they can promptly complain and ask for replacements and problems faced due to this issue. In return, the company should respond promptly and excuse an inconvenience.


Dear Manager,

This is Maryam Afridi writing this letter to you to register my complaint. I am a regular customer of Danny as me and my family is tech-savvy people. We like to experience the latest technological gadgets and Danny has been our favorite company since the last year now. I have tried multiple power banks and other mobile and TV accessories such as earphones and smart TV.

However, this time at the end of the year sales, I bought 3 new products given my previous good experience with the company. My family had to travel abroad so I ordered 3 newly released power banks but to my utter disappointment, not a single product was working.

I cannot explain the extent of inconvenience we had to go through during our travels because of your faulty products. We were stranded at the airport as our phone’s batteries died and we had no source of charging it. We have decided not to continue with your brand anymore.

Therefore, I request you to not only refund my amount in my bank account but either fix your products or take them off your website, so no other customer is deceived as we were. I have enclosed the payment invoice of all 3 products in this letter for the record. The total amount was [X].

I appreciate your cooperation in this.


Hostile Residency
Jimmy Corbin.
Block 30B, Bridge Avenue, San Francisco.

June 26th, 20XX

Mr. Axel Theodore.
Chase Electronics Store.
34 St. Great Wall Avenue, San Francisco.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am Jimmy Corbin. I am writing to complain about the purchase I made on 25th June 20XX. I bought a foot massager and air fryer from your store but unfortunately, both did not work. I am much surprised as they are very normal products and they are simply out of order. The foot massager’s fan is not working. The air fryer is completely out of order when I turned it on. My residence is one hour far from your store. And due to my busy schedule, I hardly get time for such things.

I have enclosed the receipt for my purchase and a copy of the warranty card for both products. I want a replacement within this week, as I need these two products. It would be much better if you send a replacement to my home. I can be reached at [X].

I am waiting for quick action.


Jimmy Corbin

Complaint Letter for Damaged Goods

The goods are those objects which can be touched. They are manufactured, marketed, and sold. The selling of goods is based on a variety of factors. Their condition, price, branding, and labeling are much important. Consumers consider all these factors before purchasing. So, the manufacturers are much responsible for providing the best quality as per the demand of consumers. Otherwise, people just opt for alternatives and substitutes.

Another important factor is the packaging and seal. The goods which are being sent by any mode must be quality sealed and packaged to avoid any damage. If damage occurs, the manufacturers suffer much loss. As they must replace the damaged ones. As well as the cost of the damaged goods cannot be covered.

As a result, it is a much more complex process. And proper focus, time, and teamwork are needed to avoid any kind of damages or losses. When any retailer or consumer receives damaged goods, they can lawfully complain about replacement or reimbursement.


Dear Manager,

This is Mike Baldwin, an old and loyal customer of Heir company writing to register my complaint about a recent bad experience I had with your company. I had recently ordered a refrigerator (Sr. No abc12345, color Silver) from your Bay Area store which was supposed to be delivered in 5 working days. Regrettably, it reached me after 10 days as I constantly pushed the customer care department to dispatch it repeatedly.

To my displeasure, when I opened the refrigerator to assemble, its front door was damaged. It looks like it was damaged either during the packing or delivery. Anyhow, this put me through great trouble as I had guests coming to stay at my place and my previous fridge stopped working out of nowhere. Hence, I ordered on an urgent basis. But it was not only delivered very late but damaged as well.

I, now, request you for a refund of my money immediately so I can purchase the product from another store. Moreover, this bad experience forced me to decide to discontinue you. Please see the invoice and customer care contact records I had enclosed in this letter as a record. I hope for speedy cooperation on this.


Superior Products Retail Store
Williams Jonathan
18 St. Fifth Nicholas Avenue, New Hampshire.

June 10th, 20XX

Mr. Richard Mc. Jordan
National Fresh Products Company.
23 Renton St. Horse Court Avenue, New Hampshire.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well. I am writing to complain about the damaged goods I have received. Five days ago, I had ordered twenty cartons of canned fruits and vegetables for my retail store. The order was worth $950. I received it after five days as per the deal. When my workers opened them after receiving them, they found all of them damaged very poorly.

The tins of canned fruits were leaked and labeling was wiped off. The bottles of canned vegetables were all broken and leaked. All cartons were much messy and full of insects. It was totally unexpected from such an old and familiar company. I am much dissatisfied. I have enclosed the receipts along with the details of the order. I need a full replacement of the order. Otherwise, reimburse the full amount within two working days.

I am waiting for a prompt response.


Williams Jonathan.
Superior Products Retail Store.

Complaint Letter for Wrong Product Delivered

With global advancement, almost all retail outlets and stores have provided the facility of online purchase as well as free delivery. People are having many advantages of this facility. A very small product to a very big product can be delivered at home nowadays. Especially, it is much beneficial for those who have a very busy work schedule. This facility is not as easy as it looks.

Proper teamwork and effort are being required from the companies to produce error-free results. Additionally, the updates of online websites are needed to be done timely according to new launches as well as deals and discounts management are also complex processes indirectly.

Hence, it shows that much experience, skill, and expertise are needed in the delivery of goods through online purchases. But still, nothing can be 100 percent perfect. The chances of errors always exist. Often a wrong or defective product is delivered. Then complaints should be done for replacement or refund.

Complaint Letter for Wrong Product Delivered

Malcolm High School.
Elsa Chanson.
24 St. Ocean Avenue, New York.

August 23, 20XX

Mr. Nicholas Butcher
Marketing Manager
Symbols Electronics Online Store.
36 St. Sun Set Avenue, New York.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to register a complaint about the wrong product I received today. I am Elsa Chanson, Vice Principal of Malcolm High School. I had ordered ten projectors with a sound system three days ago. The order stated that delivery will be done within three days.

As per the order, I received the delivery today. Unfortunately, I received the wrong product. When I opened it, I found 25 inches LCDs! It sounds much troublesome to me.

Our annual dramatics and Presentation Gala is just starting within four days. It will take two days for the installation of the projectors in their respective places. So, I have just two days left for bringing the projectors and sound system. I request you to send me the correct product within the stated time. I have enclosed the printed copy of my online order along with the letter.

I am waiting for a prompt replacement.


Elsa Chanson.
Vice Principal, Malcolm High School.

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Dear Sir\ Ma’am

I am an old customer and always get my bed linen and towels from you. I am a huge fan of your fabric quality and design aesthetic. On [date] I placed an order for a King-size Duvet cover [code number] from your website. I received my parcel today but the size of the duvet cover is not what I had ordered. It is in Queen Size, which is of no use to me.

I was not expecting this type of negligence from a reputed company like yours, as all my previous experiences have been excellent.

I am going out of the city in a few days and need this duvet cover before that. So please give me a returning address and replace this with the correct size. If it is out of stock, please refund my amount.

Looking forward to your cooperation and swift reply.

Complaint Letter for Clerk’s Rude Behavior

Behavior is the most vital part of a person’s personality. Personally, or professionally one’s life revolves around how he behaves. Firstly, our behavior is built with the brought up by our parents. In this phenomenon, the environment of the home also matters a lot. Secondly, our educational career also influences a lot of our behavior. Good behavior adds grace to personality. A person with good manners is esteemed in every walk of life.

A person with good manners and behavior knows how to cope with tough situations. Such kinds of people never lose their temper in hard situations. In contrast, a person who is ill-mannered is always hated by society. And people try to avoid the company of these kinds of people. In short, one must try to be as polite as he can both personally and professionally. When some rude behavior is being observed in the work environment, a complaint or warning can be given to be careful in the future.


I am writing to register my complaint against the clerk in the finance department of your hospital. I am a patient with Diabetes and I have to come to the hospital every month to get a refill of my medicines. Traveling this far, waiting in the line to see the doctor only to have the prescription filled then waiting in line to get my medicine; all this is very tiring for me so when I was told about the option of telemedicine, I wanted to explore it.

It was with this intention that I approached the information office but the clerk on duty was very rude. At first, he was busy on his mobile and he kept on talking on the phone. He was on a personal call despite a long line of patients waiting for his attention outside the window.

After waiting patiently for ten minutes, I interrupted him and told him to discuss his family gossip in his own time and pay some attention to the ever-growing line behind me. He became extremely discourteous and started shouting at me. He would not even listen when people behind me tried to make him see that I am an old man and a patient who is extremely tired after traveling and waiting in lines all day.

I felt insulted and very upset by this entire interaction and preferred to leave and go back home instead of any more argument as I had no energy left to fight it out with an uncouth man but when I got home I realized that if I do not report this incident, this person would be rude to someone else and another patient would have to suffer his rudeness and uncouth behavior like me.        

Please reprimand this clerk in the strictest manner and teach your staff how to deal with patients. Looking forward to strict action by you


I am writing to report the incident which took place on [date] in your school’s clerk office. My children are students in your school in grade eight and grade seven. Due to some family emergency, I went out of town with my family three months ago. Before we could come back lockdown was imposed and we were stuck in there. In all this, we could not pay my children’s school fees.

When I finally got back and I came to the school to collect my children’s fee bill the clerk added a late fee fine equivalent to two months fee. When I objected to that he became very rude and started insulting me in front of everyone present. Our argument lengthened and the clerk created quite a scene. It was a very embarrassing incident. I could not have imagined such insolence and boorishness.

You should train your staff members on public dealing. My children have been studying in this school for a long time. I have always paid their dues on time. In fact, we have always contributed generously to school be it the renovation of the auditorium or the new squash courts. Needless to say, I am very disappointed, if this is how your staff deals with people what would the students learn by watching them, as you are well aware that children learn by example, not by fancy lectures.

Looking forward to a strict reprimand of this clerk and generally a better behavior of school staff towards us parents.

I hope you would investigate this matter urgently.


James Darwin
56 St. Red Star Avenue, Florida.

July 29th, 20XX

Mr. David Wheelock
The City School.
15 St. Crest Avenue, Florida.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am hereby to complain about the rude behavior of your clerk. Yesterday, I came to the school for taking the registration form for my son. I became a victim of your clerk’s rude behavior. When I entered the reception to ask about the registration form, he responded much rudely. He was busy gossiping and eating. He said so rudely that come after twenty minutes.

I kept on insisting give me the forms as I took a half-hour short leave from my office. He just shut the window in the end and made me wait for an hour. Even after an hour, he did not open the window. And I went back without the form. I am much annoyed by his behavior.

I request you to take strict actions against him. This behavior is not acceptable from an educational institution where the basic motto is good manners. I request you to give grooming classes to your employees.


James Darwin.

Complaint Letter for Health Insurance Services

Health is attributed to a sound and fit body that is free from all kinds of disorders. And hygiene refers to those measures that prevent illness and diseases. Health and hygiene together give a peaceful happy life free from all worries. When proper care of health is taken, everything seems joyous. And ill-health leads to frustration and worries even if life is fruitful. Good health is tetra times better than being a millionaire. Nowadays, a lot of companies are providing the facility of health insurance.

A health insurance company provides insurance against any medical expenses incurred by individuals. These companies can be governmental, private, or non-profit. The health insurance policy is a contract between the provider and an individual. This contract is renewable monthly or annually. Such companies can be found through any advertisement mode like print media, newspapers, etc.

The companies provide a proper plan like pre-paid services regarding various health issues. When some problem is found regarding the insurance, a complaint must be lodged to sort out the issue.


I got a health insurance policy from you in [name of the year]. I have been paying all the dues for the past [number] years. Last month I had a road accident as I was coming back from the office. I ended up with broken ribs and the tibia of my left leg was fractured. When I tried to claim my insurance policy they informed me that it did not cover the post-surgery costs of the hospital stay.

This is extremely unfair as I have been regular in my payments and I had obtained this policy for emergency situations like this. The hospital stay cannot avoid due to the nature of my injuries and I cannot afford it if you deny my claim. I am forwarding my reports and prescription please get your medical team to assess these on their own and provide me with the required funds.

Looking forward to a positive response from your side.


I [name] got a health insurance policy from you five years ago and I have been very regular in the payment of dues. Four months back I was diagnosed with diabetes. When I forwarded my claim application, I was told that everything would be sorted within a month and payments would start from next month. However even after all this time, I have not received any money and whenever I call, your agent tells me that the documents are being processed.

Diabetes is considered the most expensive chronic disease. The cost of insulin, syringes, test strips, doctor visits, laboratory tests everything adds up to about [amount] per month. A person who is relying on his salary to make the ends meet cannot afford to bear the expenses of this disease. Please speed up the processing so that I can get my medication on time without worrying about the expenses.

Looking forward to your positive response and swift action.


Sea View Apartments
Michael M. Bullock
Block 13B, Skylarks Avenue, New Jersey.


Mr. Robert W. Xavier
St. Joseph Hospital
16 Fleet St. Red Cross Avenue, New Jersey.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to complain about the health insurance services. I have received the bill for my wife’s major accident from St. Joseph hospital today. The bill mentioned that my insurance company just paid 15% of the bill. It sounds much terrible. As per the signed contract, my pre-paid insurance is bound to pay 95% of the bill in case of major accidents.

This 15% does not make any difference. All local hospitals are offering 10% off in case of major accidents without having an insurance policy. Then my policy sounds useless in comparison to such benefits being offered locally. I request you to pay the rest of the bill as per the signed contract. And please pay the rest of the bill. I must suggest you review the policy to avoid such inconvenience in the future.

I hope for prompt action.

With Regards,

Michael M. Bullock.

Complaint Letter about Food Quality

The quality of food is the main subject of concern. A healthy diet is attributed to the quality of food. Food quality management is obliged to maintain and control the food type that is being delivered to the consumers. The weather and climatic changes have a strong effect on food quality.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are best to consume in this season. Preserved fruits and vegetables affect the quality of food. The human body is easily prone to get affected by contamination or bacterial effects of any kind of food.

Many times, it happens that if we eat some food that is not fresh, we get food poisoning. Sometimes, restaurants also deliver low-quality or spoiled food that has adverse effects on the health of a person. The ingredients, packaging along labeling are important regarding food quality. When someone faces the issue of spoiled or poisonous food, he should make a complaint to the food authority. Also, he can make compliance to the providers of that food to make them aware and careful in the future.


I [name] am writing to complain about the quality of food your catering service delivered at my daughter’s birthday. We had booked your premium package and paid a hefty sum expecting a certain quality and standard.

The first issue we faced was the very late delivery of the food. Our guests were here and the birthday party had started and the food had not been delivered. When you finally delivered the food we were very disappointed to find that the quantity was much less than expected. We served the food immediately but it was already cold and it was very embarrassing for us as hosts.

After heating everything, when we served the food, everyone started complaining about the taste. The savory dishes were either too salty or totally bland. The sweet items were too sweet. All the fried stuff had become soggy due to reheating. Had you delivered on time, at least this issue could have been avoided?

You have truly let us down. We had heard about your excellent service and hence paid you higher than the market rate but the food delivered was very substandard and we were embarrassed in front of our guests who hardly ate anything.

Please look into this matter and reprimand your staff as this kind of service is sure to bring a bad name to your company. Looking forward to swift action and improvement in the quality of food in the future.


I am writing to complain about the food quality of your buffet dinner yesterday. My family and I visited your restaurant located in the posh locality of [area name].

We had seen the advertisements all over the city claiming that yours was the best buffet in town. We had such high hopes as we are frequent visitors and like the food in your restaurant otherwise but we were shocked to see the pathetic food quality in the buffet. The presentation of the food was very unappealing. It was just piled up and kept falling down the sides of the serving dishes. That was the first thing that turned us off.

The next issue was the taste. The food was very bland and felt stale. Particularly the fried items were soggy and it was clear that they have been repeatedly reheated. We hardly took a bite of everything and left as the food was inedible. My wife started vomiting at midnight and her condition worsened till morning. The doctor said it was food poisoning. Although we cannot be sure the only thing she had eaten prior to that was at your restaurant.

Please look into this matter seriously as it is like playing with people’s health and can cause serious harm if not improved.


Afro Care Company
Chris Mc. Dave
24 St. Town Avenue, Carson.

Yesterday we had dinner at your restaurant. This dinner was arranged by [X] for [Y]. I am extremely disappointed with the consequences. My boss was simply amazed at the food quality. As it was a family dinner, food quality was the main concern. Three of the kids got severe illnesses after reaching home. And the doctor diagnosed that the food was contaminated that lead to infection in the kids.

My boss is much angry about the choice of restaurant. Based on the architecture and decoration of your restaurant, I thought it to be the best in food quality. But, you just disappointed us. I request you to keep the priority on the quality of food rather than external decoration.

Hope you will be careful in the future.


Chris Mc. Dave.
Supply Manager, Afro Care Company.

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