Letter to Request a Personal Loan Payment

Everyone faces some kind of financial crisis in some instances of his life. In such situations, a loan is the most used helping hand. A loan from a bank is taken or a friend is requested to grant financial help via loan. But in this loan story, the interesting point comes when some people forget to repay the loan after taking it. This ‘forgetfulness’ is not always intentional but in many cases it is.

Regardless of whether a person is pretending to have forgotten the loan or has actually forgotten, you have to write a letter to bring their lost memory back. A letter requesting personal loan payment can be written for this purpose. As mentioned earlier that a delay in payment can be due to diverse reasons, it is hence sane to write a letter in a requesting tone, and avoid any humiliating remarks or threats.

Sample -1 Requesting a loan payment

I write this letter to you to request a personal loan payment for financing the purchase of a house. As you know, I have been an employee of this company for 10 years, where I started as an entry-level engineer in 2011. I have been lucky to be part of numerous flagship projects of the company, and I have made earnest efforts to make significant contributions toward timely and effective service delivery.

Apart from my professional pursuits, I have also been mindful of my domestic obligations and have assiduously put aside savings for a personal dream of owning my own house. While I am quite close to reaching my target amount, as you are aware a recent announcement of tax incentives by the Government for money invested in real estate has pushed the real estate market up, including a rise in rents which has squeezed my savings.

The recent trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future and has convinced me to move towards making a reasonable acquisition in as early a timeframe as possible, to avoid rates shooting beyond reach.

Therefore, I request a grant of a personal loan of $[amount], which I will pay back over a period of [years] through monthly installments of [amount]. I assure you that this assistance from the company will not only help me in achieving a personal dream but will also help me in pursuing my professional obligations more wholeheartedly.

Looking forward to your compassionate consideration.


I [title] [name] have been working as [designation] in [department name] since [year]. In my time here I have always tried to give my best. I am sure that you would agree that I have been a loyal and dedicated worker for all these years.

I am writing to you under extreme stress and after exhausting all other options. My Infant daughter was diagnosed with Hypo-plastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). If it is not treated timely, it is fatal. Two treatment options are available one is Heart Transplant and the other is a surgical procedure having three steps called staged palliation.

The Cardiothoracic Surgeon after thoroughly going over my daughter’s test results recommended that we go for Staged Palliation. It is not only a very complicated procedure but a very expensive one too. She has already undergone two surgeries and her third surgery is due on [date] but we have run out of funds.

We have already spent all our savings on the first two surgeries. We have taken loans from friends and family. We have even sold our car but sadly, we do not have enough funds for the third surgical procedure. My daughter would not survive if she does not undergo this procedure by [date].

I want to request you please grant me a loan of [amount]. This amount would cover her hospital stay charges, surgery charges, doctor fees, and medicines. Sir, I and my family are going through a very stressful time and we really need your help. I am ready to pay this amount back in installments from my Pay or any other way you find appropriate.

Looking forward to your understanding and help.

Sample -3 Request a payback of payment

I hope you and everybody else in your family are well. Dear [enter name], I am writing this letter to you in order to remind you that you had taken a loan of [enter amount] in [enter year/month] due to the financial crisis that you were facing at that time. You said that you’ll repay the loan by [enter month-year].

I am glad to hear that you have started your own business and generating good revenues too. For that, all my good wishes are with you. However, I would like to request you the payment of the loan that I owe you. I am sure you’re now financially enough stable to repay that. I’ll be grateful to you if you do it at your earliest. Many thanks.

Request Letter for a Copy of Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an official and legal document that is used to record the birth details of an individual. It is one of the first documents that are made after one is born and keeps having importance until an alternate document to be used in its place is issued. Because the document is important, it should be kept with utmost care.

Sometimes, even though kept carefully important documents are lost. When such an incident occurs, it is preferred to request a copy of that document from the authorities as soon as possible.

The birth certificate, however, is not always requested by an individual for himself. This request can be made if a copy of someone else’s birth certificate is required for the purpose of verification, research, investigation, etc. However, the native laws should be kept under consideration regarding issuance. Below are sample letters that can be used to request a copy of the birth certificate.

Request made by the office

Please send a copy of your birth certificate along with the other documents for applying to our facility. Please send the copy before [DATE] so that we may begin with our procedures.

Kindly send it as soon as possible otherwise you be made to apply again for the [SERVICE/Other] next month of [Month] before [DATE].

Please Note:

  1. It should not be the original birth certificate.
  2. It should not be the national identity card in place of the birth certificate.
  3. If you have any issues regarding the birth certificate matter kindly contact us as soon as you receive our letter/email on the provided contact numbers or email as provided.

Request made by an individual

I am [enter name], daughter/son of [enter name] living in [enter place]. My date of birth is [enter date]. I am writing this letter to you in order to request a copy of my birth certificate. I am not sure when did I use it the last time but unfortunately could not find it in my documents now when I need it.

I urgently need my certificate since I have to use it for an official purpose [purpose may be written]. Kindly issue me a copy of my birth certificate.

The dues of the certificate as per the rules are enclosed with the letter. I shall be grateful if you inform me when you post the copy. My contact number is [123-4567-8901] Thank you!

Letter to Change Order of Wedding Cards due to Date Change

Plans don’t always become a reality. Sometimes, due to some unexpected happening, planned projects have to be canceled and new strategies should be made according to the need of the circumstances. Particularly in the case of marriages, it happens sometimes that the marriages are either postponed or canceled due to some sad or unexpected incidents.

Since marriage is a happy event, one wants the attention of everybody with a happy face so that the event can be enjoyed to the fullest. When the circumstances do not allow a joyful gathering, the event is postponed for a later better time. With such decisions, other matters also need to be tackled accordingly. The cancellation or change in the orders of wedding cards is among one such urgent ‘’to do’ things’.


I am writing to inform you that I need to make some changes to my wedding cars which for which I placed an order on 12th Feb 20XX. My invoice number is 8920 and the total amount of 250 USD was paid in advance on 10th Feb, the receipt of which is attached with this letter.

Due to some personal reasons, my wedding date has been changed to 20th Feb 20XX from 18th Feb 20XX and the time has been also changed from 1 pm to 3 pm. I am writing to request your company to please accommodate these changes in my cards. The first line of my cards will now read ‘I request the pleasure of your company to my wedding on 20th Feb 20XX and the time will change on the second paragraph of the card to 3 pm. The rest of the details including the venue remains the same.

 I am aware that these changes are last minute, and your company strongly discourages last-minute changes to the orders. We would be very grateful if you could incorporate these changes. In case my cards have already been printed, I would request you to please cancel that order and print new ones.

I am willing to pay the cancellation charges and the extra ten percent charge for reprinting. Please get back to me at your earliest regarding this matter.

Thank you for your consideration



Hope this letter finds you in the best of health. I am writing regarding the order I placed on 1st Feb 20XX of my wedding cards. The order number is 2810 and the payment was to be made in installments. The first installment has been paid and the second was due after I received my order.

I wish to let you know that my wedding date has been changed from the previous 1st March 20XX due to the unavailability of a few guests on that day. The new date is 3rd March and the time is 5 pm. The venue, RSVP, and rest of the details shall remain the same. I request you to please change the date of my wedding on my card and replace it with the correct date which is 3rd March 20XX.

I apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused due to this late-minute change. I assure you that it was necessary and could not have been avoided. I have enclosed 200 dollars with this letter to compensate for the inconvenience this has caused you.

I hope that these changes will be incorporated, and our cards will be sent to us within 5 days as you previously committed. Thank you so much for your continued support throughout this time.

We appreciate your service and have recommended your business to several of our family and friends. Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this change.



I had placed an order of 500 cards for a wedding ceremony. The order was to be delivered within two weeks. I’m writing to you just after three days of placing the order that I want to change the order details.

Due to some unexpected circumstances, the wedding cannot take place on the date provided to you to mention on the cards. We are postponing the wedding ceremony for now. You are requested to hold my order. I shall inform you of the new dates in the coming week. The rest of the order should be kept the same. I only want to change the date the details of which will be given to you soon. Thank you for your services.

Permission Request Letter to Organise an Event at University

I am [X] writing to request to you organize an event named [X] at [X]. We are a group of [X] students in the 2nd semester from the [X] department. Our event is about project [X]. Our group has decided to make the project as unique as possible while also seeking to upgrade the quality of professionalism in the field of media sciences. We’d also like to set an example of out-of-the-box thinking. For that, we’ve lined out a project the details of which are given below.

Event Name: Revival Ramp Event

Introduction & Objectives:

Our main objective behind organizing the event ”Revival Ramp” is to organize a fashion show that will highlight the traditional dresses of [PLACE NAME], the use and promotion both of which have faded away somewhere in the fast blows of the promotions of other sorts of casual wear. Our focus is not merely dressed. We’ll also include footwear, headwear, jewelry, and other cultural accessories.

In case we successfully organize such a show, we’d be able to promote our traditional and cultural dresses/accessories of ours in a versatile manner that will eventually help revive the shades of cultural belongingness back and will also help promote our traditions.

Award Ceremony

To make the event interesting, engaging, and enticing, we’d also like to add an award ceremony to our prospective event. Doing a lot and not getting recognized for the efforts is a real-time pain that hundreds of people belonging to different fields are feeling around us.

Having our affiliation with the Media Sciences group, we’d like to light some candles of participation to compensate those who’ve given their blood and sweat to the field of media and yet dwindled unrecognized.

In the award ceremony titled ”The Unseen Heroes”, we’d like to pay tribute to the people of the media whose efforts have been massive yet recognized least. For that, we’ll present them with Awards of appreciation from the University of Arizona and from the Media Sciences Department. They say, ”The deepest principle in human nature is craving to be appreciated”, we want to appreciate those who deserve it.

This effort, little though it may seem will not only introduce some unseen and unsung heroes to the world but will also change the trend of frivolity towards recognizing and celebrating the silent legends.


At the closing ceremony, we’ve planned to pay homage to the [SINGER/DESIGNER/other] with a few songs to which a singer will be invited.

To organize this event, we require your permission. The motives, as well as the details of the event, have been mentioned above. We are now looking forward to the approval of this application so that we may head toward the proper organization.


Students, Media Sciences Department
6th semester.

Download Details:

Sample Letter

Size: 31 Kb


Part Time Job Request Letter by Students

Students need financial assistance throughout their academic time span. At different places, rules are different that permit students to work under different criteria. Some students may feel difficulty without working to cope with their study expenses and hence can make a formal request to the authorities for part-time work.

Following is given a letter that can be utilized to send your request in a formal way. This letter is for all those students who wish to write on their behalf to convey the message of doing a part-time job.


I [name] am a student of BE (Telecom). I am currently in my last semester. I have come to know about a vacancy for a lab assistant in the EE Department. I am writing to apply for the job as I am in urgent need of work due to some financial problems. As it is my last semester and I am currently doing my final year project with my group. I feel that I can manage this part-time job on the side along with my Project without compromising any of them.

Sir, I have a cumulative GPA of 3.9. As for my teaching experience, I have been helping my class fellows in exam prep since the first semester so I am confident that I can assist the teachers in the Lab. I am attaching my transcript and my professor’s recommendations. Please consider me for the job. I will not disappoint you.

Looking forward to your kind consideration.


I am a student of journalism in [university name]. Currently, I am in my first year. I have learned about an opening in your reputed publication for a part-time job to sort the mail for the editor. I want to apply for this job. I am attaching my CV with this letter.

I have been working in my school magazine since eighth grade. I was also the editor of my college magazine. I am a very hard-working student and you will find me a dedicated worker. Working in your newspaper has been my dream since childhood. It would be a learning experience bound to widen my horizon.

Please consider me for this job. I will put in my best and I will not give you a reason to complain.

Looking forward to a positive response from your side.



The “Authorities” / “Editor of a Newspaper” etc.

The Daily “The News”, Edenberg


Dear Sir,

We are several students, whose signatures are given at the end of the letter, who wish to lay down for the urgent attention and solution simultaneously at all levels, a serious problem of lack of amounts of money.

Except for some, the majority of the students come from poor families, whose earnings are too meager to cope with the expenses of their education, books, and boarding. Dearness is sky-high, it strikes the students with a double-edged sword because their parents not only provide for their family members back home, but they must defray the expenditures of students living in hostels.

Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper, we wish to transpire our demand to the authorities concerned both at the college level; the Home Ministry, the Civil Secretariat, and the public at large to legally allow the students to do some jobs in their spare time in the evenings.

Doing so the young students can earn some amount of that will go to enhance their power of spending, an avid desire to stand on their feet and a practical step towards gaining more self-confidence.

Home Ministry with the consultation of the Education Minister issues a notification on a formal basis to the Director of Education (colleges) in this respect. It will go a long way to alleviate the financial problem of students, especially those who live in Hostels.


Most Respectfully,

Name: [X]

Letter Requesting Funds from Authorities

In today’s time funds are a great source of helping others. A lot of NGO’s are working for helping the needy and deserving. NGO’s follow a proper channel to raise funds, which is also beneficial in creating awareness among different sectors of society. Awareness brings motivation among people in different sectors of society.

A lot of big companies are always found interested in providing a different kind of funds. Such kind of letters always requires very polite and humble requests. And fundraising campaigns need to have an attractive package to get the required amounts.

For serious considerations, a proposal of the fund should be detailed, organized and specific providing all needed and valuable information because a lot of requests and proposals come together.

Some foundations have already prescribed their special and specific areas of interest, so we need to find them accordingly. For this purpose, research methodology proves very helpful. A short to the point request is always considered.


I am writing to request funds for the refugee camp set up at [name of place]. I am serving as [designation] at this camp since [date]. When I was sent here, the conditions were really bad. The tents were insufficient.

Due to mismanagement, the food would either go to waste or finish before the new supplies arrived. Also there were no doctors and number of the sick and the injured was rising with every passing day.

I organized the camp, arranged more tents. Rationed the food supplies and arranged doctors’ visit twice a month. Now the conditions have somewhat stabilized but due to approaching winters, the requirement for blankets and warm clothing is increasing.

We are already stretching the low funds available to us to make the ends meet. We have no money to cater for these additional expenses.

Please grant us more funds to procure the following:

  • Blankets
  • Warm clothing for [number] of people
  • Fuel for keeping the camp warm.

Looking forward to swift action from your side,


I am the principal of the [name] branch of your school system. The building of our branch is [name] years old. It is in need of immediate renovation. The walls need a fresh coat of paint and the washrooms need new fittings. Also the furniture is broken and needs to be replaced. The auditorium needs new curtains and audio equipment like mike etc.

We need funds for the renovation and restoration of the school building as it is now affecting the school’s image and the student’s activities. Please pay immediate attention to this issue as some areas of the building are increasingly becoming unsafe to use.

To avoid any unfortunate incident and ensure student’s and staff’s safety, currently all such areas have been sealed but this is not a permanent solution.

The science laboratories lack proper equipment due to breakage and no restocking. Our science students have been complaining for a long time and we have tried to address their grievance to some extent but it is not possible without more funds.

Please look in to this matter on priority basis. Looking forward to swift action from your side.


Blue Hill Dreams.
David Wordsworth
56 St. Blue Avenue, Nevada.


Mr. Williams Wheelock
Sunrise Innovations Ltd.
Block 11C, Renton Avenue, Las Vegas.

Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are doing great. It has been a long time I have formally approached you. I am sending you the request for granting the funds as our NGO is starting a school for the deserving children. You are aware of our NGO that It has been working since last ten years. Our reputation is good enough as we believe trust of the people is always considered more valuable.

We did all the necessary research on your company which shows that you are specifically interested in granting funds for the educational sector. Enclosed with my letter are the required cost, budget and time needed to build the school.

I hope a better and quick response from your foundation. As per your reputation you were always been participating in educational sector solely and through different organizations. Your kind consideration will bring a lot of talented and brilliant students who are willing to study.

I look forward to your generous response.


David Wordsworth

Funds Manager, Blue Hill Dream

Download Details:

Size: 33 KB




Letter of Request for Material Needed

Sample -1

I am Henry, nominated head of [Kingston Project] and I am writing you in response to your letter in which you have directed me to inform you about the progress of the project. I want to request you for the supply of material as soon as possible. This is due to the reason that the project pace was great a week ago but then, we had to face such a problem that was not being anticipated.

I was working along with my team to complete this project successfully and within the decided time frame but suddenly we encountered a problem. My assistant informed me that if we keep progressing at such a speed, the material supply was going to vanish and, in that case, we will have to stop the project which was not an acceptable situation because the project is expected to be completed within a couple of weeks and we cannot afford any further delay.

If you remember then I had already informed you verbally and you also promised with me at that time regarding a quick supply of material but unfortunately, no further material has been supplied and I am afraid that in case of non-availability of material, we will no more be able to work on this project. 

Now, I am again requesting that immediate availability of material must be made possible at the project site within a day so that we may proceed. A list of required material is also being attached with this letter. I hope you will give due consideration to my request and arrange the required material as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Size: 15 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Sample -2

Subject: Request of material needed for [X]

Dear Stewart,

My name is Alex, working as an assistant manager in [ABC Chemicals]. I am writing this letter to request you about the supply of raw material in our production unit. You also know that we are in business relations for more than a decade and we always request you for material supply. This time, we have received another big order from a multinational company, and they need their product within a couple of months which is only possible when the material will be available immediately and in adequate quantity. I need your kind cooperation in this regard.

I am attaching with this letter, a list of material which we need immediately. We are expected to start the production within this week, and we need your kind help in the successful accomplishment of this project. You are also assured through this letter that an early and advance payment will be made to your bank account as soon as possible.

I hope you will entertain my request and supply us with the material at your earliest. You may contact me on my personal cell number or through email if you have any further queries in this regard. Please send me your reply through an acknowledgment email at your earliest. Waiting for a positive response from your side.

Yours sincerely.

Size: 15 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Dear Mr. /Ms [name]

I [name] serving as [designation] in [organization name] am writing to you on behalf of our [name] department. We have currently undertaken a project [name] of [Client Company]. As you are the top supplier in this field, we would like to request the materials listed below.

[List of materials required] [Quantity]

Kindly send in the price quotation at your earliest as we would prefer the materials to be delivered by [date]. In case of quarries please contact Ms [name], [designation] of our [name] department. You can call at [phone number] or email at [email address]. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship.


Dear Mr. /Ms [name]

I [name] serving as [designation] in [organization name] am writing to you on behalf of our [name] department. We are a leading company in the field of [Name]. We have currently undertaken a project [name] of [Client Company]. We usually source our materials from [supplier name] but since the requirement of raw material is far greater for this project. So, we are sending out this request to your respectable company for supplies. We require the following materials in the quantities mentioned.

 [List of materials required] [Quantity]

Our project is moving at a very fast pace and we require these materials latest by [date] so kindly confirm their availability along with the price quotation at your earliest. In case of quarries please contact Ms [name], [designation] of our [name] department. You can call at [phone number] or email at [email address]. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Yours sincerely,

Salary Certificate Request Letter Samples


Re. Request for Salary Certificate for the Home Loan Application in the Bank [NAME]

Dear Sir, I am [NAME]. I have been working in your company since 20XX which means I have completed [X] years working here. I joined the company in 20XX as a [POSITION]. Later, in 20XX, I was promoted to the designation of a [POSITION]. I am working on the rank [x] which means I am eligible to apply for loans of certain kinds from different finance institutes or companies to get loans or credits. For this, I need a salary certificate, for which I am writing this letter.

I have applied for a home loan in a private financial institute/company named [NAME]. I have applied for the 30-months installment plan which means the loan shall be paid back in thirty months. I have to submit a few official documents to the company to get approval for the loan. For that, I need two guarantors of the same cadre and a salary certificate.

Therefore, I am writing to request a salary certificate with certain credentials mentioned. The certificate must have my salary mentioned in exact numbers, type of employment, terms of reference, and approval by the company’s accounts department.

I request you to grant me my salary certificate as soon as possible. In case of late release of salary certificate, the process shall be lagged due to further processing. Please contact me if there is any confusion. I am thankful to you for your cooperation.


Size: 16 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Re. Salary Certificate Request Letter

Dear Sir,

This letter has been penned to request the salary certificate. I have applied for a car loan from a financial aid company. The company’s name is [NAME] and it is situated in [AREA]. The company provides loans for different purposes on wide ranges depending on the cadre and grading of the borrower’s current employment status.

The company offers various installment plans to get back the loan that is client-friendly. It is anticipated that no hustle or trouble would be caused in repayment of the loan.

On [DATE], I applied for a car loan from the mentioned company. The company has given consent to my car loan. After doing the basic screening, they asked me to submit a few official documents that should be verified and duly stamped by the DALP. the requisite documents also include a current salary certificate.

The salary certificate should have my employment status, cadre, current salary in numbers and words, and other credentials. I request you to grant me a salary certificate as soon as before [DATE]. Late submission can cause complications and inconvenience.

For further, please call me at [PHONE], or write to me at [EMAIL]. I have enclosed the company’s letter asking for a salary certificate. I have also included my salary slip and credit report for your convenience and any processing at the departmental level. I shall be grateful if you approve my request and direct the release of the salary certificate. Thank you.


Size: 16 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Letter Requesting Discount on Price


I am John Smith, CEO of Smith interior Design. We have had a good business partnership with your hardware company for the past six months and have regularly been purchasing bathroom tiles from you to use in our interior design business. I have noticed a sharp increase in the price of your tiles by $3 per unit.

I am writing this letter today to request a discount on the price of these tiles as they are not market competitive anymore. We have been approached by another vendor who is offering us tiles at a lower rate than yours. However, as we have been on good business terms with your company for a while now, I would like to continue getting our supplies for you but at a discount.

We request you to please provide us with the tiles at the previous rate or to give us some discount so we can continue with our partnership which has been fruitful throughout this time. We hope that you will give us a positive response and will do the needful at your earliest so we can purchase our next order of tiles.

Our company has signed for a new interior design project starting from next week and therefore we need to get our order of tiles as soon as possible. Please reach out to us with your response at your earliest. Feel free to email me at [email] or call at [X].

Thank you for your consideration.


Size: 17 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


John smith

Dear Ms. Anne Scarlett,

Hope you are well. With reference to our previous meeting, I wish to inform you that we have chosen to purchase your jewelry designs for our daughter’s wedding which is scheduled to happen on 15th November 2021.

We made this decision based on the fact that your jewelry is of good quality, and you have a wide variety of stones and color customization available. I do however wish to request a discount on your jewelry items as they are at least fifteen percent more expensive than your competitors in the market.

As much as we like the designs, we still think it would be a bit too expensive for us to purchase all the wedding jewelry from you. We can however work this out if you offer us a discount of ten percent on the total purchase of five jewelry sets that we require.

Many well-known celebrities and media personalities will attend our daughter’s wedding and it will also be a chance for you to market your jewels to them.

Moreover, I will personally recommend your store to my friends and family if you agree to cooperate with us and offer us a discount on our purchase. This agreement shall prove to be beneficial to both of us. Please reach out to us with your response as soon as possible as we have little time left to make all the arrangements for the wedding.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ms. Sonia Jonas.

Size: 17 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Request Letter to Re-join the Company


I hope you will be well. I am Liam Watson; an old employee of your company Herring holdings and I had been working there as an assistant manager for past three years.

Unfortunately, I had to resign from my position at your company last year as I had some domestic issues. My mother was quite sick, and she needed my help at home.

She is feeling a lot better now as I was able to get her proper medical treatment for the past six months. Due to this whole ordeal, however, I have been left jobless and almost all my savings have been spent on my mothers’ medical bills. I am writing this letter today to request you to please let me re-join the company in my old position as an assistant manager.

I have worked for your company for almost three years and had maintained a good work record. I always met any deadlines I was given and was on good terms with my colleagues and superiors.

During the last six months that I was jobless and taking care of my mother, I took a lot of online courses to expand my skill set which will come in useful for your company. Taking into consideration my previous record, I hope you will consider re-hiring me in your company.

If the position of assistant manager has already been taken, I am happy to take any other position you can offer me at the moment. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Liam Watson.

Size: 16 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Dear sir,

Good day. My purpose in writing this letter today is to request to let me re-join the job at ABC company as a software engineer. I have worked at your company from April 2018 till April 2020. I left this job last year through proper resignation as I found another job at an office closer to my home.

Unfortunately, after working at the new place for six months, I realized that I made the mistake of leaving your company. The new job is not up to my expectations and there is very little opportunity for career growth.

I request you to please consider letting me re-join the company as a software engineer. I have had a great working experience at your company and my work was also appreciated by my seniors. I regret leaving the company and wish to join back and work under your supervision.

I assure you that I will work with your company for the long term now and not repeat any of the previous mistakes I made. I have found out that you have also been unable to find another person to fill my position so therefore I would request you to please re-hire me at my old position.

I am available for a meeting to discuss this in detail. Please feel free to contact me at [Email] for any feedback on this letter.

Thank you for your consideration.


John Doe.

Size: 26 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Request Letter to Company to Clear Dues

Sample -1

I am working as a sales director at the BlueBeacon Company for the past six months. I am writing this letter to inform you that I have not been paid salary for the month of August and September. I wrote a letter to HR twice to remind them to clear my dues, but they told me that the employees will be paid salary a few weeks late as the company is going through a financial crisis.  

Last week, I was informed by Mr. Jenkins that he has been getting his salary on time and only a few employees including me, have had their salary delayed. I respectfully wish to state that it is unfair that I am getting the salary late whereas others are getting it on time.

It is respectfully requested to please clear my due salary at your earliest as it is causing problems for me. I recently purchased some property and I do not have much savings left. Withholding my salary makes me miss my due installments and my children’s school fee. I am attaching my details below to make the process quicker.

Account title: John Doe
Account number: 028928 0828028
Bank Name: Chase Bank

Salary due: $3000 (for two months)

I hope that you will consider my request and clear my dues within this week. Looking forward to your cooperation in this matter.

Yours respectfully,

John Doe
Sales Director

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Sample -2

Dear Ms. Anna Marie,

Good day. I am writing this letter to request you to please clear my due salary which has been delayed for some reason. I have not been paid salary for the month of September which is now overdue by fifteen days. I have emailed HR and given them reminders, but I did not hear back from them. I double-checked from the bank as well and they informed me the salary has not been transferred yet. I also wish to bring to your notice that every month the salary is delayed by at least a week, but this time it has been overdue for about two weeks now.

I request you to please pay your employees on time as many of us have hand-to-mouth salaries. Delaying payments causes unnecessary stress on the workers and they get demotivated. I am the sole breadwinner of my family and delayed payments put a lot of pressure on me as I am unable to fulfill my household duties.

In addition, my medical bills need to be paid every month which get late, and I am charged a fine almost every time. I have also attached a copy of my medical bills with this letter for your reference. Considering my financial issues, I request the company to please clear my dues at your earliest so I can fulfill my duties towards my family. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Anderson

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Request Letter for Toilet Repairing

18 February 20XX
Mathew Arnold
8888 Street
(0000) 222-0000

Dear Mr. Arnold, I am Stalin and working in your institute for the last five years. From the day I have come here, I am facing the same issue again and again and I have reported to you several times to deal with this matter, but it seems that you are not serious about this at all. Not only me but others are also facing the same issue as I am facing. I want to draw your attention to the toilet repairing that needs to be done. Each time we go there its flush is always clogged and the pipes there are not working well and because of this flush does not work and remains clogged.

I want you to make this issue resolved as soon as possible. It has made us work there impossible because of the bad smell from toilet disturbs and no one is comfortable enough to work in this situation. Moreover, it is also unhygienic, we all have to eat food in break time and this thing invites germs to spread on food which is not good for health. Last week, Miss Matilda got diarrhea because of this and now she is hospitalized, and doctors have strictly advised her not to work in this unhealthy environment. We can also be the next victim if the same situation continues to prevail.

I hope that you will understand what has been mentioned above and you will do something for the repair of the toilet, and I have written this to you on the behalf of all the employees that are working here. We would be very thankful to you if you do something to resolve the issue.


Stalin Martha

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Sample -2

18 February 20XX
Robin Jack
New York, Street 666

Dear Mr. Jack,

I am writing this letter to you to remind you about the toilets repairing which are causing a big problem for all of us. I have complained about it to you last month and you have assured me that you will make it repaired in one or two days, but it was just verbally no practical action was taken for this. This time I am writing to you on a serious note to do something about it.

As you know very well that there is a rainy season nowadays and the pipes of the toilet do not work well and there remains water leakage because of which floor remains wet all the time and it becomes impossible for all of us to use it.

Moreover, flush also remains cluttered due to this and does not flush out things properly which is causing a big problem for all of us and we are unable to use it for the last seven days. Not only this, but water has also started coming out in our rooms as well and it is making the things dirty and smelly. We are in a big problem because of all of this and I want you to draw your attention to it.

Keeping in view the above-mentioned things, I want you to visit my office as soon as possible and find out a solution to this problem as it is very problematic now to breathe in such a smelly atmosphere. Here is my contact number [X]; you can contact me on this before coming. Thank you!


Molly John

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Advance Salary Request Letter

Sample -1

I am working in your company for the post of assistant manager for the last ten years and I have proved to a very hardworking and efficient worker from day first till now. I have tried my level best to provide the company best of my services. This letter is a request to you for the advanced salary request. Due to the financial crisis, I could not pay the college fee of my brother for the last three months and his name has now come on the draw list. His college principal has sent me a notice that if his fee is not paid at the given time, his name will be excluded, and he would not be able to take admission to the college again.

I should not have requested you for an advanced salary but now the circumstances have reached to level that there is no other option left than to request you. As you know my father has passed away, while he was alive, I did not have any worries about household expenses. After his death, all the household responsibilities have fallen on me and I am facing a severe financial crisis nowadays. I have to manage everything from grocery, crockery, monthly rent of the house to pay the fee of my younger siblings.

Under the view of all circumstances that I have mentioned above, I request you to please give me an advanced salary of three months so may I be able to pay the college fee of my brother on time otherwise he would not be able to continue his studies again.

I hope that you will give a kind consideration to my request for an advanced salary as I am in dire need of it. I would be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.


Sachin Tagore

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Letter -2

11 January 20XX,
Martin Luther
Valley Stream, RT67

Dear Mr. Luther,

I have greatly enjoyed working with your company for seven months as Supervising Director. During this time, I’m sure you would also be agreed that I did not take any uninformed leaves or was involved in any kind of misconduct. I have performed the tasks and targets way beyond your expectations and had been consistent in my performance. I also remained available for other responsibilities as well and worked extra hours for the company’s sake when you wanted me. I was also asked energetically for more responsibilities. I also remained available on weekends when you required us for the completion of projects.

Considering what has been mentioned above, I would like to ask you for an advanced salary of two months. I had also discussed this matter with you verbally that my wife is suffering from a brain tumor and for her treatment, I need a huge amount of money. I have sold many expensive things from my house, but these are not enough to meet the treatment of my wife. There are many other expenses of the house and I am running through the financial crisis nowadays.

Therefore, I request you to give me an advanced salary of two months, so may I be able to get her proper treatment. I also know that the company has always tried hard to provide good to its employees and is involved in productivity.

I hope you will give a kind consideration to this and will help me to come out from this darkest phase of life. I promise that I will work hard more positively in the future.


Putin Alexei

Size: 20 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Letter to Landlord Requesting Necessary Repairs

18 February 20XX
Robin Elif
2345 Street
(0000) 2345-666
Dear Mr. Elif,

I hope you are doing well. Currently, I am living in your apartment on rent situated in ABC town. I am living there for the last three years. I would like to bring to your kind attention some things that need to be heard on an urgent basis. I had already brought this matter to your notice about the maintenance of the house but you did not listen to what I said and now the situation is very serious, so I want you to repair the house as soon as possible.

As you know very well that winter season is about to start and the roofs of two rooms leak from the center during rainy days and it is no less than a risk to live under this roof. Moreover, the gas pipe is broken from many points. For temporarily, I have repaired it but, in the future, it can burst out at any time which is very alarming, and it would result in the loss of life as well. So, avoiding any of these happenings I would like you to repair the house as soon as possible. Otherwise, you would be responsible for all the outcomes.

You can also visit the house in your free time and can check the situation. I hope that you will do prompt action for the house repairing but make sure to contact me before your visit to the house so that I will stop my other activities of that day. Hope you will visit soon!


Sherman Alexi

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Sample Letter -2

18 February 20XX
John Adam
(0000) 7777-9999

Dear Mr. Adam,

I am Linda Hutcheon, living in your ABC compartment. I had informed you numerous times about the repair that needs to be done in the house but you did not respond. Not only this I also called you so many times on your landline number but you did not even bother to receive my call. So, I am writing this email to you to attract your attention to the maintenance of the house.

As you know very well that the weather in Hampshire has come to the freezing point now but there is a lack of water supply in the house and due to this, we have to face a lot of problems. Moreover, there is a non-availability of electricity, it comes only for a few hours in the daytime because the wires are broken and it also causes a short-circuit. I have four children and they all are of young age and I do not want them to face any kind of trouble, so I want you to repair the house. I will also send you the details of the things that I have repaired already and I want you to pay me for this.

I hope that you will understand the situation well and will do help for repairing the house. I want you to do this before the start of the coming month and it is already the 18th of the month. You can visit as well to look upon the condition of the house. I would be very thankful to you if you took prompt action regarding this.


Linda Hutcheon

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Housing Allowance Request Message to Boss


I am Stephan Jones and working as a representative in your organization over the past few years. The purpose of writing this message is to seek your favor in a matter.

I belong to Amsterdam and have come to New York for job purposes. I live in a rented house here situated a few meters from the company. The salary that I receive is not enough to meet my expenses and at the end of the month, I remain empty-handed. More than half of my salary is spent on paying house rent and other expenses.

It was mentioned in the company’s policy that the employees who come from another city will get housing allowance or accommodation from the company. Till now nothing has been done to implement this. I request you now to please issue me a housing allowance in addition to my monthly salary. I have attached all the necessary documents with this message. Hope that you decide something in this regard. Thank you.


Hello sir. I am Margret Seth and have been an employee in your organization. I have been here in this company for the past eight years and it is an honor for me to work with you. I am writing down this message to ask for the housing allowance that is due for the last two months.

I had taken my issue to the accounts manager and I was made satisfied that the amount will be transferred to my account in the next five days. Twenty days have been passed now but all in vain.

Therefore, I request you to investigate this matter immediately and resolve my issue. All the necessary documents are fastened to this message. Kindly have a look at them. Thank you.


I hereby write this message to ask for the housing allowance that was stipulated in the policy of the college. I am a Chemistry teacher at ABC College and have been posted here for about the last three months.

Currently, I am living in a house of rent along with my family near the college. The rent is so much high that 40% of my salary is spent on it. While the rest of the amount is not enough to meet all the household expenses. Two more teachers had been appointed with me and they are living allotted houses given to them by the college.

Now I want to request you to give me a housing allowance for the last three months: March, April, and May. All the bills and concerned documents are added to this message. Kindly take immediate action on this matter and give me allowance as soon as possible. In case of further information, you can ask me. Thank you.


I am Smith Levies, and I am working as an executive officer in ABC Companies for the last seven years. This message aims to ask for housing allowance for the month of November and December. As per the organization’s policy, the group to which I belong is entitled to a housing allowance. But it is sad to say that allowance has not been credited to my account yet for the months above mentioned.

I have fulfilled all the requirements necessary for this purpose but still, I have not received 5,000$ in allowance. I have never come across this problem before and it is very difficult for me to evacuate the house in which I have spent almost seven years.

Moreover, I have made many visits to the account’s office for the same purpose. I would like to request you now to please investigate the matter. If you find any updates regarding this matter then please do let me know. Thanking you in advance.

Size: 18 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Food Allowance Request Messages


With due reverence, it is stated that I am the executive manager in your company. I have been providing my services here for the past ten years. I travel to distant places for the promotion of company’s new products. Now five or six more countries have been added to my propagative sector and food is much costly in that countries. I cannot afford food expenses within the given salary; therefore, it is requested to you give me a food allowance while visiting these countries. I will be much thankful to you for giving me the favor.  


Hope you are fine and doing well. The purpose of penning down this message is to ask for a food allowance. I need it besides my monthly salary. Meeting food expenses is becoming very difficult for me. I am living currently in a leased room because I have come from Massachusetts. More than half of my salary is spent on paying rents and bills. Due to this, I cannot buy healthy food. Lack of a healthy diet is affecting my health badly and I am unable to focus properly on my work.

Therefore, I request you to grant me a food allowance monthly. It will help me a lot in focusing on work properly as well as maintaining a healthy diet. I will never forget this act of kindness of yrs. Thank you.


I am Martin Jones and have been an employee in your company for the post of area manager. I have to visit numerous places in a week as part of my official visit. The company gives me a travel allowance each month but I have to eat food from the restaurants that cost much. I cannot manage both food and travel expenses in the given amount.

Therefore, it is my humble request to you to provide me food allowance. It will release my lot of burden and hence I can be able to focus on my work more eagerly. I shall be very grateful to you for granting me this favor. Thanks in advance.


This message is meant to make a request for a food allowance. Most respectfully, it is stated that I am in need of a food allowance on monthly basis. The salary that I get each is not sufficient to meet my food expenses and this thing is becoming problematic for me. There are some less expensive food pints near the company but they do not provide hygienic food. I got food poisoning after eating from there. The restaurants that provide hygienic food are much expensive and I cannot afford to eat from there.

Half of my salary is spent on paying rents, bills, and food expenses and I cannot manage the whole month with the amount. Considering all the above-mentioned situation I request you to give me a food allowance in addition to my monthly salary. This would be an act of kindness on your behalf.

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



Hello sir, I am Steward Luther and have been working as a sales executive in your ABC Company. Last month, I have been upgraded to the post of inspection which means that my number of visits is also increased. With the given fuel allowance, I cannot manage my food expenses and most of my salary is spent on paying food bills. I have to eat almost seven or eight times a week from hotels while visiting distant places for official work. I had made a request last time too but nothing was done in this regard.

This situation is creating a lot of problems for me as I am not focusing attentively on my work. I request you therefore to allow me food allowance on every visit. I will be thankful to you.

Request Letter to Principal for Original Certificate


I hope you will be fine and enjoying the best of health. My name is Rogers and I am writing you this letter in order to forward you a formal request for the issuance of my original A-levels certificates.

This can also be verified from the record that I have been a student at your school during the Academic session of 20XX-20XX bearing roll number X. I passed my A-levels with distinction by securing the first position in the class.

Moreover, I also earned my name in sports because I was declared the best athlete of the year for five consecutive years. In order to proceed with my higher education, I am seeking admission to [ABC] university and it is mandatory for a student to present his/her original certificates along with a duly signed character certificate before the admission committee of the university.

I, therefore, request you to grant me original certificates issued by the university so that I would be able to secure admission for under graduation studies. To determine my eligibility for the character certificate, you can also ask my class teacher about me.

Kindly issue me the said certificates as soon as possible and if there are any other formalities, please let me know. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours obediently.

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



Dear Sir,

My name is Anderson and I have been a student of A-Levels in this institution during the academic session 20XX-20XX. Through this letter I want to inform you that I have passed the said examination under roll number X, by getting 6 A grades, thereby securing the first position in my school and therefore I am sending you my formal request to issue me the original result card of A-levels along with my character certificate.

I am hoping to secure admission to [ABC] university which is known as one of the prestigious institutions in the country. It is mentioned in their prospectus that the presentation of original documents such as result cards and character certificates before the admission committee is a pre-requisite in order to secure admission in any undergraduate program of the university.

You are therefore requested to issue me said certificates as soon as possible so that I would be able to secure admission in a degree program of my choice.

It can be verified from the records that I have cleared my all expenses for the school. Moreover, you can find witnesses from my class and other subject teachers in order to determine my eligibility for a character certificate. If there is any other requirement for getting original certificates, please let me know so that these can be fulfilled at the earliest.

In the end, please entertain my request and dispatch my original result card and character certificate to my home address at your earliest. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours obediently.

Size: 20 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Transfer Request Letter due to Family Problem


My name is Angela, working as marketing manager in this company for the last five years and through this letter, I would like to submit my formal request for transfer to New York to the Michigan office of this company.

Last month, my husband was transferred to the Michigan office and this is the main reason due to which I have been forced to forward this request of mine. I have been associated with this company for the last five years. I gained fabulous experience and groomed myself a lot while working in this company and I do not want to discontinue it due to my husband’s transfer.

What I believe and want to say here is that this transfer would be beneficial for me and this company as well. If you give me this favor, my traveling time from Michigan to New York to meet my husband will be saved and, in this way, I would be able to perform my assigned duties in an efficient way.

I know that I am a part of a prestigious organization and would like to remain its part throughout. So, with just a change in my working city, it would be easy for me to continue my job. You can also understand the fact that it becomes difficult for a woman to live without her husband in a strange city.

I would be thankful to you if we can talk and work out a possible solution that is beneficial for me and the company as well. If you agree with my transfer request, I am ready to assist you and can train a junior or any incumbent whom you will hire to fill my vacancy. I assure you to give my best in this regard. I had a wonderful journey with this company and gained an amazing experience while working here.

I am thanking you in anticipation for considering my request and waiting for your positive response.


Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



Subject: Request of transfer from [X] to [Y].

Dear Sir,

I am Andrews, finance manager of Stars Chemicals and this letter of mine is a humble request to transfer New York to my native state, Michigan. You must understand that I am not leaving the company and my loyalty to this company is the same as it was ten years ago, the time when I joined this company. But now, due to a family problem, it has become indispensable for me to send you a transfer request.

You know that I am living here alone and my family members are there in Michigan. Everything was going well and I came across a sad incident. My wife was diagnosed with blood cancer after a series of clinical tests.

Dear Sir, I have three children and two of them are school going. Although my parents are living with my wife they are too old to take good care of her. Also, with my little income, I cannot afford a maid. In last month’s newsletter, it was announced by the management of the company that a new branch is going to be established very soon and fortunately, that place is near my house.

To me, the only solution to this problem is that I should be transferred to that office so that I could take good care of my wife and children.

Sir, my family is a top priority and if I am not transferred, it will be difficult for me to continue my job owing to the prevailing circumstances. But I am hoping you will entertain my request and direct the respective department to issue my transfer order as soon as possible. It will indeed be a great virtue from you and I thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely.

Size: 22 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Advance Salary Request Message to Boss


Respected sir, I, (name), (designation) at [X] organization am writing this to request you to please pay me the advance salary for the month of [X]. As you know that I am shifting my apartment this month and that is why I am running short of money and I need to buy a few necessities for the new apartment. I am an employee in this company for the last 3 years and never asked you for such a favor, but I am in dire need of money in this situation. Please consider my request. I shall never forget your supportive attitude.


Respected madam, this is a formal request for the salary of the month [NAME] and I would like to repay this advance within 12 months. I require this money for my sister’s wedding. This wedding ceremony is urgent, and all the events took place suddenly that is why I couldn’t arrange the money earlier. My sister is the only daughter of our parents and I want to make her wedding ceremony a special one.

I hope my request will be entertained so I and my family can cherish the moments of being with our loved ones. I will be very thankful to you in this regard.


Respected sir, I am (name), (designation) of the company. I have been working in this organization for the last 6 years, but I am writing this to you for the first time to request you to please pay me the advance salary for the next month as I am in very urgent need of the payment of hospitals bills of my mother who is suffering from severe health issues and has been admitted in the hospital for last 15 days.

I am in a very critical condition as there is no other source to get money. I hope you will consider my application on a priority basis. Your positive response will be highly appreciated by me. 

Anticipating your reply on an urgent basis.


Respected sir, as you know, our auspicious holy festival is arriving soon, and everyone is waiting impatiently in this regard. I request you to kindly disburse my salary in advance as the Christmas holidays are approaching next week. As you know I am a low-paid worker of the organization and Christmas expenses are very high.

Moreover, it is very difficult to meet the needs of the whole family that is why I humbly request you to grant an advance salary for the month of [X] so I and my family could enjoy this holy festival with great pleasure.

I request you to please approve my advance as soon as possible. I will be very thankful to you for this kindness.


Respected sir, I am writing this to ask you for an advance salary and I’m very hopeful that you will consider it. Two days prior my car was hit by a truck and was battered badly. After talking to the workshop owner in detail he told me that it was better to buy a new car instead of using this one because its condition was bad. Some of the bills were covered by insurance but I thought I should take a new car as it’s a necessity for me. I had some money in my savings, but I was short on some amount.

If you will consider my request, I shall be very grateful because I don’t have any other source from where I could get cash immediately. So, I’ve turned to you and I hope you will help me. Thank you so much for your cooperation in advance.

Letter Requesting School Science Lab Upgrade

Sample -1

I hope you will be doing well. My name is Anderson, a student of O-Level. On behalf of my whole class, I am requesting you to upgrade our school’s science laboratory through this letter. Most of the equipment, being used in the laboratory, is broken and we have noticed that some of them are even rusted and seem that these have never been washed properly.

Usually, in such a condition, equipment loses its reliability and does not remain usable. But I regret to say that we have to perform the practical work with some old and rusted instruments which are not good.

The laboratory is left with only a few chemicals and measuring instruments such as meter rods, measuring tapes, etc. Learning new things and gaining new knowledge through experimentations has become impossible for us in such a poorly conditioned laboratory and we are not gaining as much as is required at this level of study.

Dear Sir, I want to mention here that the focus of modern-day teaching is mostly on the project and inquiry-based learning rather than bookish knowledge. These two modes of study are only possible when our school will be equipped with a well-established laboratory. Also, to compete with other school children around us, we need an upgraded science laboratory in our school.

After consultation with the laboratory attendant, I have made a list of all the chemicals, reagents, and equipment that are used frequently in nearly all experiments. It will really be a great virtue from your side if you arrange all the laboratory material as per requirements. We really wish to see the new and upgraded science laboratory as soon as possible. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours obediently,

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Sample -2

Subject: Requesting upgrade of school science lab

Dear Sir,

I am a student of O-Levels and through this letter, on behalf of my classmates, I want to draw your attention towards the up-gradation of our school science. Nowadays, we are facing serious problems regarding lab facilities such as chemicals, reagents, salts, and other measuring and analytical instruments which are frequently used nowadays and it must be present in any of science laboratory.

Also, our lab is lagging in terms of the new O-Level syllabus. Currently, we are being provided with lab facilities that are not enough to meet the demands of modern-day education which emphasizes mainly experimentation and project-based learning rather than bookish knowledge only. Also, keeping in view a big strength of the school, our science lab must be upgraded.

Yet we are coming across another problem. The instruments which are provided to us are either broken or rusted. Performance through such equipment affects the reliability of any experiment in a negative way and chances of learning will be zero in that case.

We also discussed this matter with our class teacher but he told us that he was helpless in this regard and that we must talk to you. You are hereby requested to visit our science lab so that you can see the poor condition of it as soon as possible.

I hope you will consider and entertain our request, buy new instruments for laboratory and fulfill all requirements of it to transform it as an upgraded one. Please find that list which has been prepared by us after consultation with our science teacher for our science activities.

Yours obediently,

Size: 22 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

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