Apology Letter for Prank

We all are very fond of playing pranks with our friends, colleagues, and relatives. But sometimes, our pranks can go the other way around, and rather than creating humor, they can become a cause to hurt people. Such an apology should show how much we regret the prank we have done.

By writing an apology letter, we try to show people that we care for them and our actions were unintentional. Our apology letter should include a statement that shows how much we regret it. Secondly, we should take complete responsibility for our actions. And finally, a remedy to the situation is very important.

Forget the fact whoever was right or wrong, the apology should state that the other person’s feelings have been hurt. Accepting complete responsibility is very important; never blame the other person for your actions in the apology. Do not justify your actions.


dearest Headmistress,

I am writing to you to tell you how sorry I am for the incident that took place on [dd/mm/yyyy], [day], and to express my immense regret. A few of my classmates decided to play a silly prank and talked me into their prank. They told me it is just for a good laugh and nothing could possibly go wrong. We did not realize that it would go this far and that this much damage would be caused.

That morning we bought our water guns for school and during the art period, we filled them with acrylic paints. I am sorry to say that I was the one who came up with the idea of filling the water guns with dark colors so that the effect would be more prominent.

At recess time all the teachers were having their lunch either in the staffroom or outside, so we decided to use our paint-filled water guns during this time. We sprayed our classroom with paint guns and spilled the leftover paint on the floor. We put our water guns away in the cupboard where the teachers kept their files. We thought we could get away with it easily, and that nobody would notice that, rather than spending recess with our class fellows outside, we were damaging school property.

However, we were proved wrong when the class monitor came back to the class as he had forgotten his water bottle and had come to take it, and he saw everything. He reported us to the teachers, who were extremely mad at our misdemeanor, and we were told off strictly.

Throughout the day we got many livid looks from our class fellows as their bags were covered in the paint and their books were drenched. We are humiliated and hope that you can forgive us, though we realize that the damage caused by our folly cannot be repaired just by apologizing.

I and my class fellows are ready to clean up the mess we made and we realize that our act of idiocy has harmed school property. I speak for all my companions when I say that this sort of offensive behavior will not be repeated, and I assure you that we will be on our best behavior from now onwards.

I now realize that this was very thoughtless of us and I offer my sincerest apologies to you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.


Dearest Mrs. [name],

I am writing this letter to apologize for my unruliness.

I realize that in a community all residents should respect each other and I recognize that I made a mistake when I let your parrot out of his cage when you were on vacation and were not home.

It was a foolish dare that caused this trouble. I was playing with my friends when it started to rain and we found ourselves in the middle of a hailstorm. Due to these boulder-sized hailstones, we were forced to go indoors, where we decided to play truth or dare. When it was my turn, I chose to dare, and my friends decided to give me the dare to go and let my parrot out of his cage and bring him to my house.

When I told them I couldn’t do that since that would be stealing, they talked me into it by saying that I won’t be alone and that it would not be stealing as we would return the parrot after a few days.

I now realize that this was extremely foolish of me and that I should not have taken your parrot without permission. We went to your lawn and climbed over the wall with the help of a ladder.

I grabbed your beautiful African grey from his cage and put him in a smaller cage that my friends were holding open. We then took it to my house and hid it in my room.

I feel awful now to think that not only did I steal your parrot, I felt proud about achieving what seemed to be a feat. I can promise you one thing though, that he was well cared for. I looked after him as if he was my own pet and looked after him with loads of love. I returned it as soon as I realized my folly and once more please let me say that I cannot express in words my regret. Looking forward to your forgiveness.

Apology Letter for Prank -3

The other day I and my friends were watching this funny movie where we got an idea for doing this prank. You were not with us, so we decided to play this prank on you. We did not realize how much this could have hurt you.

I am sorry to hurt you. I have lost many friends due to my immature behavior. You have been a wonderful friend and it will hurt me further if our friendship dies for such a small reason.

I know saying sorry will not fix things, but I can make sure that it will never happen again. You have been on my mind for days and I want to make myself feel better by apologizing to you. I know you do not deserve to be hurt the way I did, but it was just to create a funny moment in our life.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I would want to meet you personally so that I can explain myself and you also get a chance to take your grievances out.

Letter Apologizing for Missing the Registration Deadline

Registrations are important in fact very important. The purpose of registration is to get the details of the applicants, have an idea of the number of people applying, and most importantly to complete official requirements and formalities.

Registrations are open for a particular duration and once they are closed, you are supposed to have missed your chance. But it is not as serious always. Sometimes, you can make an apology for missing the due date and can resume the opportunity for you to get registered. An apology letter for missing the registration deadline can be written for this purpose.


I [name] want to apply for the scholarship program offered by your prestigious organization. I want to apologize for missing the registration deadline. Sir, I have always been a very responsible person and the reason I have missed the registration deadline is that I was unwell and admitted to [name] Hospital.

I tested positive for COVID on [date]. All my documents were ready for submission when I fell ill but as I was sick, it slipped my mind that the deadline was after two days. When I got better, the registration deadline passed but I am still sending you all my documents in the hope that my previous academic record and research in this field might convince you to select me.

I have been working on python for the last [number] of years, which is a prerequisite for the training program you are offering the scholarship for. I am sending my references and they can vouch for my expertise in this language.

It has been my dream to study cloud App programming but due to a lack of funds, I was not able to do that until now. When I heard about this scholarship program, it sounded like a Godsend. Then I fell ill and lost all hope when I realized that the registration date has passed, however, my teachers encouraged me to apply and try to explain my position.

If selected, I would not disappoint you. Looking forward to a favorable consideration.


I wanted to book a stall in the Arts and Handicrafts Exhibition being organized by [name] on [date] at [venue name] but due to some personal reasons, I missed the registration deadline. Please forgive me and accept my application for the allotment of a stall.

I am a gardener and I have been putting up my plants for sale in exhibitions all over the city since [year name]. In addition to an extensive collection of seasonal plants and trees.

I also grow some plant varieties, which are very rare, and they have captured the fancy of the public wherever I have exhibited them. I have a new batch of these rare cacti and succulents ready for sale. Please accept my application and reserve my stall. Another very popular attraction on my stall is the organic compost I make. It is an item, which is always in demand. I also stock garden accessories that are both cute and practical.

My stall is bound to attract many of my loyal customers to your event. Hence, it would be a mutually beneficial decision on your end. Looking forward to your acceptance of my apology and allotment of a stall.


I am writing this letter to you regarding the registration date for [enter details]. The last date of registration was [enter date]. Unfortunately, I could not get myself registered before that closing date which I always do. I was informed that the date has passed when I came for registration. I would like to apologize for missing the registration deadline and request you kindly allow me to submit my registration form now.

If there are any dues for late registration, I’ll pay as well. Since this [course/seminar etc.] is very important to me, I do not want to miss it at any cost. Kindly accept my apologies and allow me to register myself for which I shall be highly grateful. Thank you!

Letter of Apology for Stealing

The main objective of writing the apology letter is to ask for forgiveness. Apology letters are not common these days and they are not considered to be the mode of communication anymore. But still, most people prefer writing a letter for apologizing.

Writing a letter to apologize for stealing is a unique thing. If you have committed the mistake of stealing, then you can write a letter without any hesitation and ask for forgiveness by expressing that you are feeling sorry for it.

The language that you use in the letter should be polite since you are asking for forgiveness and it should be formal as well. Include the statements in the letter that can justify the reasons for stealing. At the end of the letter, apologize and also promise that you will not do it again.

Sample -1: Letter of Apology for Stealing

Stealing is a shameful act and I am very much ashamed of my action because of which I am writing this letter to you. I know this is the worst experience of my life but I have learned from it a lot.

I have understood that stealing is not a moral act and it never ends up in anything useful. Now I have realized that it was my biggest mistake of mine and I will never try to go through the same act again.

I want to apologize for stealing the [market stock] from [your shop]. I would like to say thanks to you for not getting me arrested by the police or taking any other legal action. I promise that I will not repeat any such shameful act ever again.


I want you to know that I am sorry for my shameful and heinous act of stealing your cell phone. I can only imagine your feelings after this incident. I know that any explanation cannot defend my immoral behavior. I am feeling extremely sorry while writing you this letter. Please accept my heartiest apology for the inconvenience you faced. I also value your patience with my act. You could have taken legal action against me but you didn’t.

Since that day, I am under a lot of stress and hesitating to meet you face to face. If I had thought about the consequences even for a single moment I would never have done such an act. I know I have made my head down in front of my colleague and management.

I have not even a single word to say in my defense. I know how bad it feels when you come to know that your best friend has stolen from you and that too when he has been the most trusted one. I truly regret my action which has caused me to steal from your drawer.

I cannot forget the support and care you provided me when I was new to this office. But, despite your support and true friendship, I went astray and performed this unlawful act. I regret my action and would like to say sorry. Please forgive me for considering it the first and last mistake of my life. I assure you this would never happen again and I shall be loyal to you throughout my life.

I hope you still have some space in your heart to forgive me.



With the deepest regret, I am writing you this letter and would like to say you sorry for the unlawful act of stealing from your office. I can only have an idea of how uncomfortable you must have been feeling at that time. I know that I have made myself liable for legal action after my unlawful act.

After listening to my colleagues, I came to know that you were upset because one of your most important documents was stolen by me. I remember you have been considering me as one of your trusted employees and helped me through thick and thin. On many occasions, you quoted my name as an example of an honest employee in front of the whole team. Now, it gives me a lot of trouble that I have caused your trust to break.  

I forgot while stealing that you were the person who guided me in the right direction. You have been among those persons who influenced my life in a positive way and I want to win your trust once again. I am taking full responsibility for my act without saying any word in my defense.

I understand that you take your importance seriously and was surprised when it was revealed through CCTV footage that it was I who stole your documents. I am enclosing your documents with this letter.

Please receive the deepest apology from my side. Please let me know anything else I can do to regain your trust. I assure you this will never happen again.

Thank you in anticipation for accepting my apology.


Personal Apology Letter for Wrong Press Statement

This letter is written soon after the incident of giving the wrong press statement. The main focus of the letter should not be on the actions that have been performed before but it should focus on what steps you will take to resolve all those issues.

Apologizing in the letter solves the problem and can settle things. You can apologize directly in the letter to avoid giving long details. It is important to let the reader know that you have understood what he has faced after the wrong press statement.

If you think that you have taken some measures in order to correct the mistake of the wrong statement, then mention it. You can tell the whole incident how this all happened and do not blame anyone. If you think that you did not know about the problem, then say thanks to the reader for notifying you. In the end, you can say that you expect that your personal apology letter will be accepted.


I want to apologize seriously for the press statement which I gave you. I was in rush because of mixed-up notes and was unable to mention the correct position yours. I have now realized my mistake and I took several steps to ensure that the wrong statement about you is no more aired.

I have made a report that will clearly demonstrate your accurate position. I know that I have made a mistake and I will do everything to compensate for this mistake. Please accept my apology regarding the issue of the wrong statement.


I want to express my regret for a serious mistake which has caused great harm to your reputation. I hereby apologize for the wrong statement I gave against you in front of the press. I connected the issue of [X] and [X] directly with you and you were not involved in it at all. I made this blunder and I am extremely sorry for that. Believe me, it was not my intention to commit this act deliberately.

There was a big gathering in the conference hall and everybody was rushing towards me to give me a handshake. In this situation of haste and excitement, my notes were mixed and I failed to justify your position. Instead of praising you, I made your connection with the corrupt group.

Unfortunately, because of my wrong statement, your distorted image has been created and I take full responsibility for my mistake without making any excuse. I should have read my notes well before making any kind of statement. To err is the human.

Considering this point, I thought of seeking an apology through this letter. It’s the only way through which I can regain my trust and strengthen my relationship with you.

I truly value our friendship. Therefore, as soon as I realized my error, I took all possible measures to prevent my statement from going on air. Meanwhile, I have arranged a separate press conference in which I will clarify your accurate position before the public.

I hope you will understand my position and grant an apology to me.



With deep regret, I apologize to you personally for making the wrong statement against you in front of the press. Instead of acknowledging your excellence, I represented your distorted image. I know it was frustrating for you to be misrepresented before the media.

Please understand this incident took place because of a misunderstanding. My statement was wrong, and I made it without knowing the whole issue. I have no excuse for committing such a great mistake.  

Adams, you know that media persons my office frequently. Sometimes, I become too quick in making a statement without knowing all the facts properly. As soon as I realized I had made mistake, I quickly printed a notice of clarification explaining your accurate position. I gave each media person a copy of this notice and strictly restrained them to make my statement on air.

Above mentioned steps are not enough to make up for that inconvenience that has been caused to your fame. But this gesture of mine can help me assist in rebuilding your trust in me. We have been good friends and will be forever.

Our friendship must not be affected by an incident that took place because of a misunderstanding. Once again, I am sorry for my wrong statement. I will get a lesson from it and refrain from making such kinds of statements without good knowledge of the issue.

Please feel free to let me know your concerns over this issue. You can contact me at [cell number] during office hours.


Apology Letter for Providing Incorrect Information

Letter -1

I [title][name] from [organization name] am writing to you about the meeting we had on [date]. In our meeting, you placed an order for [amount] of [product]. I had told you that the price of [product] is [price] per [item] and we had closed the deal. However, this morning we received an email from the headquarter stating that the [price per item] has increased to [new price per item] and all orders taken after [date] would be charged according to the new price.

I am sending you a new contract based on the new charges. I understand that such inconveniences can be very infuriating. Thank you for your patience.

For further quarries, please call Mr. [name] at [phone number] or email at [email address].

Letter -2

I [title] [name] from [organization name] am writing to you for the meeting we had on [date]. In our meeting, I had told you that Mr. [name] from our [department name] would be visiting you on [date]. I am sorry as I did not check Mr. [name]’s schedule first so I ended up giving you incorrect information. He would be able to visit you earliest by [date] and any progress on the [project name] can only be made after his visit when he submits his report.

I apologize for the inconvenience I might have caused unintentionally and hope this hasn’t caused you undue stress. For further quarries, please call Mr. [name] at [phone number] or email at [email address].

Writing an apology letter

If you give incorrect information then to cover up your mistake you must write an apology letter for it. An apology letter will show that you are a conscientious and well-organized person and that the mistake you did was made unconsciously. Whether you have provided incorrect information on purpose or without purpose, you should write an apology letter. Apologizing for your mistake will leave a good impression on the client.

In business, a small mistake can cause major loss so you have to be very careful in each and every act in the industry. Whether your mistake causes great or less loss, you can cover up it through an apology letter for providing incorrect information. It will make your chances high of being understood and pardoned. Do not worry about the situation just concentrate on how will you come up with the loss and fix the damage.

You will have to be apologetic about your fault and take full responsibility for what mistake you have done. If you write an apology letter in business letter terminology and language then it will be helpful for you to get pardoned.

This apology letter will also be helpful to get back to your clients and business partners. You should start the letter by saying apologetic remarks and then in the middle tell the reader how your mistake happened. In the end, be thankful to the reader to let you know about the mistake and ask them to give you a chance to overcome it.

Apology Letter for Providing Incorrect Information

I beg your pardon for disappointing you by providing the incorrect information as I didn’t do it purposely. I can know how much difficulty you have faced because of my mistake. I am really sorry for the mistake I have made. I can assure you it would not happen again. It is very important for me to get back your trust and I will try my level best to regain your trust and confidence in me.

Hotel Guest Services Apology Letter

Letter -1

I [title] [name] from [name] hotel am writing to you about your stay at our hotel from [date] to [date]. I wanted to apologize for the inconvenience you faced while staying with us.

We understand that you had reserved the rooms facing the beach but when you reached the hotel we couldn’t give you those and you were given room [number] and [number]. As we had informed you earlier, we had no idea at the time of confirming your reservation that on the day of your arrival there would be an issue of gas leakage in those rooms rendering them unfit for occupation.

We hope you would understand the impossible situation we found ourselves in. We hope you enjoyed the complimentary fruit basket we sent up to your room. Also, we would like to give you a voucher for 10% off on your next reservation. Your satisfaction and comfort are our biggest priority and we deeply regret any inconvenience or undue stress you faced on arrival.   

Looking forward to your kind patronage in the future too.

Letter -2

I [title] [name] from [name] hotel am writing to you about your stay at our hotel from [date] to [date]. I wanted to apologize for the inconvenience you faced while staying with us.

We recognize that at the time of reservation we had committed that you will get a free trip to the nearby village and a visit to the local handicrafts market but upon arrival, we couldn’t fulfill either of these commitments. As we informed you earlier, we had no idea that during your stay there would be a strike going on in the area, and the handicrafts market would not be accessible.

No one could predict that things will take a turn for the worse and we wouldn’t be able to deliver the package we routinely provide. Despite all these unforeseeable circumstances, we tried to make your trip as eventful as possible. We hope you enjoyed the visit to the historical caves of [name] and the visit to the fruit orchard.

Also, we would like to give you a voucher for 10% off on your next reservation. Your contentment and comfort are our biggest concerns and we deeply regret any inconvenience or unnecessary stress you faced during your stay with us.  

Looking forward to your kind patronage in the future too.

Hotels are a major part of the service industry. Running a hotel means you have to treat every guest with respect and provide them with the best service possible. Hotel guests can be a good way to advertise the hotel by using word of mouth. So, if a customer gets upset over bad service, it is very important to write him/her an apology letter.

The apology letter should include:

  • The problem that made the guest upset
  • Discuss the ways you plan to attend and fix the issue
  • Write an assurance that it will not be repeated in the future
  • Add some offers or discounts to keep up the ties with the guest

Hotel Guest Services Apology Letter

I would like to offer my sincere apology for the problems you faced during your stay at our [hotel name etc.]. I am still looking into this matter to see how this problem occurred. It is very rare to have problems with our booking system but sometimes even the technology/computer systems can deceive us. Whatever the reasons might be, your stay at our hotel was not a very pleasant experience and we are very sorry for that.

I hope, once the issue was solved, your stay with us was pleasant and you enjoyed the rest of your holiday. I am glad we were able to get you the room you were looking for. I hope you enjoyed the free meal we sent to you to cheer you up. We would love to see you again so; we are offering you a [10% etc.] [any other discount or offer] on your next visit to our hotel.

We are always concerned about all our guests and it makes us feel very bad when even a single guest goes unsatisfied. We will make sure that such problems do not occur in the future. The hotel staff tried their best to fix your issue, I hope this satisfied you and gave you some comfort. I would love to hear about any other negative experiences you had with us.

I hope you will stay with us the next time you visit this town.

Incorrect Billing Amount Apology Letter

Making errors is natural for any person. But when such errors involve financial amounts, rectifying the error and writing an apology becomes very important. An incorrect billing amount apology letter should:

  • Begin the letter by saying sorry
  • Clearly, state the problem and explain what went wrong
  • Try to solve the problem by maintaining a healthy relationship with the client for future
  • Write the apology as soon as you get to know about the error
  • Focus on solutions to rectify the situation rather than placing focus on the mistake
  • Keep the letter brief and to the point
  • Never blame the customer. Take the complete responsibility of the error


We were reviewing our invoices, to make sure that we provide quality services to our customers and to keep an eye on any errors, as numerical errors are very easy and common to commit.

I was really embarrassed to discover an error on our invoice [number] which was sent to you on [date]. On examining the invoice carefully, I found that we had charged you for [units] when actually the units purchased were [units]. I will be grateful if you can also review your records to confirm the amount of [units] purchased to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the amount payable.

We will issue you a new invoice and nullify the previous one. The details of the new invoice are as follows:

  • [Enter Details]
  • [Enter Details]
  • [Enter Details]

I assure you that I will personally review all the invoices before they are sent to you in the future. Feel free to discuss any concerns regarding this error and I will be more than happy to assist you.


Thank you very much for pointing out a serious mistake in our bill. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience you might have faced because of this error. Our team has investigated the matter after your complaint and found that we sent you the wrong bill. Our billing system is not automated, and the typist made mistake while typing the billing amount. I can feel how negatively it would have affected you.

To err is the human. Keeping this fact in mind please accept our heartiest apology for the error in your billing amount. We are looking forward to upgrading our system and assure you that such a mistake would never be made in the future. You are our valued customer, and we want to serve you best. I hope you will not be annoyed anymore.

I am enclosing the original corrected bill with this letter. Please collect it and we again thank you for informing us to rectify our mistake.

Size: 19 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



I am extremely sorry that you received an incorrect bill from our side. Our invoices are sometimes prepared by newly inducted persons who do not get all the necessary information about the product being purchased. The same was the situation the day you purchased from our store. I forgot to tell the billing person that you were purchasing the discounted product. Therefore, we failed to apply a 30 percent promotional discount. Please accept our sincere apology for that billing error. We checked our records as soon as you informed us. After investigating the matter, we concluded that we were by mistake.

Alongside, we want to say thank you for informing us about our mistake. You don’t need to worry about payment of this wrong bill until you receive the corrected one. We have now updated our system and such a mistake will not be repeated in the future.

I have forward a new bill request with the corrected amount to the accounts department. They have started working on it and your problem will be resolved by tomorrow. A revised bill will be posted to you thereafter. You are our respected customer. We again apologize for our mistake and request you to neglect it.

Size: 20 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Poor Services Apology Letter


My name is [name] [designation] from [telecom company name]. I am writing to apologize for the inconvenience you faced on [date]. As you know that due to the storm there were very strong gusts of wind and a very heavy downpour of rain which damaged our infrastructure resulting in no signals. The cell phone and internet services were completely shut down and we fully realize that this made a time of crisis more difficult for everyone.

Due to environmental changes and global warming, we cannot ignore the possibility of natural disasters. We can only ensure that we are better prepared for them in the future. This incident has made us see the vulnerabilities in our system and we have already started to work on more resilient backup systems which would kick in if any such incidents happen again.

We are currently working on the cell towers that were downed and as the roads are being cleared of the debris, it is becoming easier to access the destroyed structures and restore them. The services have already been restored fully in some areas and partially in others.

In the end, we would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation. We aim to serve you better in the future.


I am [name] from [parlour name]. I am writing to you in reference to the incident that took place on [date] when you came to our [name] branch to get your hair cut and dyed. We sincerely apologize for all the trouble you faced. You had shown our hairstylist a picture but she couldn’t give you the exact cut and when you informed her that you don’t like the haircut, her response was not polite.

She shouldn’t have argued with you, as we believe that the customer is always right. Rest assured that she has been severely reprimanded as we have zero tolerance for such behavior and all our employees are duly informed about our customer service policy at the time of hiring.

You had come to the salon with an image in your head that you had clearly shown to her. She should have delivered the same. We are extremely sorry that your hair was not cut in your desired style and that you left the salon in a bad mood. We realize that this problem will not end in a day as you would have to wait till your hair grow long enough to be cut again and you would have to live with our stylist’s mistake till then.

Trust me this is an exception and not a norm as we pride ourselves on our customer service and our client’s satisfaction is our main goal. As a token of our regret and goodwill, we are sending you a coupon worth [money]. You can avail of the services equivalent to this amount at any of our salons. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Looking forward to serving you again.

A poor service apology letter is written by the management to apologize for the poor service delivered. These letters are normally written as a response to a complaint made by a customer. Senior personnel or a senior manager is responsible for answering the complaints of their customers by means of such letters. The letter should state any steps taken by the management to deal with the complaint.

An apology letter should:

  • Have a very polite tone
  • Mention some actions taken as a remedy to make the customer feel valued
  • Include a brief description stating the reasons for providing poor service
  • State that the company accepts their mistake and will take measures to not repeat the mistake again


Your anger over poor performance on our service contract seems absolutely justified. If I were in your position, I would have been equally or more upset. We have been in conversation with our staff responsible for providing you with the services. Your objections are genuine and your words are our bond. We will inspect the services each time the service personnel attends to you. We are keeping a close eye on our shortcomings and lack of attention will not be accepted by any service personnel.

I would like to hear your feedback the next time you receive our services. We are determined to rectify our mistakes, making sure they never happen again.

Customer Services Apology Letter


I am [name] from [hotel name] and I am writing to you about the incident that took place on [date]. We understand that you had booked room number [number] in our all-inclusive resort in [location] on [date] but when you reached the resort, you were told that the room you had requested for, is not available. We want to apologize for this mishap. It was a case of double booking due to some software glitch but we highly regret the undue stress and inconvenience you had to face.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service and efficiency of our staff. This incident is very embarrassing for us and we really want to make it up to you. We are sending you a coupon for two days free stay at any of our hotels. This coupon is valid for the next six months and is all-inclusive meaning it covers all three meals and Gymnasium, swimming pool use, and any other in-house facilities available at the branch you choose.

In the end, we would like to convey our regret over this unfortunate mix-up and assure you that you would never face any such issue in the future. Looking forward to serving you again.


I am [title] [name] from [department name] of [bank name]. I am writing to you to apologize for the incident that took place in our [name] branch on [DATE]. You came to collect your checkbook at [time] and you were made to wait for [time] in the end, you were told that your checkbook is not ready. This created a bad taste and led to an argument between you and the manager.

We highly regret this and want to apologize on behalf of the manager and the bank administration. The manager has been severely reprimanded as we do not tolerate such rude and inconsiderate behavior with our valued clients.

We are very sorry that your time was wasted and you were made to wait for so long. Also, we can comprehend the complications that the extended wait for your checkbook must have caused you. Also, we have looked into the problem and are expediting the procedure so that your checkbook is delivered to you ASAP.

Also, the checkbook charges would not be deducted from your account. We want to assure you that you wouldn’t have to face any such issue in the future. We would like to thank you for your patience and your kind patronage.

When a service provider fails to maintain a reasonable standard of service, a service apology letter can be used to express regret over the inability to perform well. The best customer apology letter is one that is received before actual failure or error sets begin. A customer apology letter should:

  • Free of any technical or business jargon
  • The content of the letter should be straightforward
  • Express the feeling of regret over the inconvenience caused due to the issue
  • The letter should indicate that such events are not common and they occur rarely
  • If the letter is sent after the error has occurred, the occurrence should be explained briefly
  • The letter should end with a rectification as a solution to the issue that occurred


We have come to know of an issue faced by you in the last few days. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you faced because of our conduct and poor service.

Customer service is not only our norm but also our highest priority. We regret that we were not able to meet your expectations. We reviewed the situation to analyze the causes of the inconvenience. We would always strive for perfection. So, we have taken steps to rectify this situation and make sure that this situation never happens again.

As a sign of regret and apology, we would want to present you with [discounted prices, upgraded services]. We understand that our customers deserve the best and we deeply value your relationship with our company. Please accept our sincere apology and feel free to discuss any further concerns regarding this issue.

Letter to Apologize for Incorrect Billing

Anyone can make a mistake. Sometimes mistakes are made during billing or charging the clients. A bill is made twice, a wrong amount is charged or other such mishaps may occur. This happens either due to some issue with the calculation devices, computers, etc., or because of the negligence of the operator. In any case, nonetheless, it leaves an impression on the customer that the billing was intentionally made with wrong calculations. It is then the duty of the biller or the company to make sure the customer/client that what happened was only due to a mistake.

A convincing apology letter should be written since these kinds of incidents even if they take place accidentally, leave blots on your reputation. An apology letter to a client for wrong billing should always be written if a client complains about wrong billing or you observe it yourself.

Letter -1

Good day! I am writing on behalf of Capital Telecom Company. We wish to inform you that we erroneously overbilled you for the month of October for your telephone usage. After you pointed out the error to us, we investigated this matter at our end and found out the discrepancy.

According to our records, your bill amounted to USD 90 whereas due to a printing error, you were billed USD 190. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and take full responsibility for it. We will adjust the difference in your next month’s bill and hopefully, this will not be repeated.

You are our valuable customer and have been using our service for quite a long time. We appreciate your sincerity with our company. We understand that this error in billing has caused you inconvenience as you had to pay almost double the amount that you usually pay. Please accept our sincerest apologies.

We appreciate you reaching out to us and identifying the error and giving us an opportunity to resolve it. We do however request you to please give us a little margin of human error as most of the work is done manually by our employees. We are in the process of shifting to more automated procedures and office operations which will ensure seamless and error-free service to our valuable customers. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope that this will not affect our business relation.


Emre John
Manager Capital Telecom.


Dear Mr. Alex Nicholson,

Good day to you. This letter is a response to your query to our department about an error in your electricity bill, invoice number [X], for the month of November. We had it checked on our end and indeed there has been a mistake and you have erroneously been over-charged by USD 50. We sincerely apologize for this error and want to inform you that this was purely a meter reading mistake.

Our employee misread the meter which led to us overcharging you and therefore your bill was much more than it usually is.  We can either refund you the extra amount or adjust the difference in your next month’s bill. Please let us know which one you will prefer.

We are grateful that you informed us about this error and gave us an opportunity to rectify it. You have been patient throughout the process and for that, we thank you sincerely.

We wish to let you know that some of the procedures such as meter reading are done by our employees manually therefore, there is a chance of human error. However, we always strive to keep these errors to the minimum and appreciate any feedback our respectable customers have regarding our service.

Please fill out the survey form attached with this letter and let us know if you are satisfied with how your issue was resolved. In addition, you may give us any suggestions you want. Thank you for being a valued customer.

IESCO electricity provider.

Letter -3

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

We received your letter complaining that you have been billed incorrectly by us. This has never happened before so it was hard to believe that such an error occurred. At your request, we looked into the billing information and also made use of the documents that you sent us. We are very sorry to say that we figured out it was a mistake done from our side. It was due to [enter reason]. Please accept our humble apologies. We have credited your account to refund you what was charged by mistake and assure you that you’ll not have to face this inconvenience again.  Thank you!

Size: 16 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Apology Letter to Principal for Bad Behavior

There can be many reasons for writing the apology letter to the principal of the institutes. Often the students studying in the institute commit such mistakes such as rules breaking or behaving badly with someone which can be very dangerous for their educational career. The principal is the in charge of the institute and he can decide to expel the student because of his bad behavior, however, apologizing can solve lots of problems.

When you are writing the letter, it is good to add the subject in the letter. The subject saves a lot of time of the reader since it can tell a lot about the letter. Try to write the letter briefly. It is better not to add the unnecessary details in the letter.

You can also exclude the details of misbehavior, however, if you think you should clear it then you can give the reasons of misbehavior briefly. After starting the letter, do not jump directly to apologizing rather add some greeting sentences in the start.

Then come to the main point and admit that you have committed the mistake of misbehaving and then express the feelings of regret which you are having after misbehaving. Although it is too hard to admit your mistake since there is a possibility that the principal will forgive you, you can ask for forgiveness.

Also, assure in the letter that you are not going to do the same mistake again. Check the letter for all the grammatical errors before sending it to the principal.


I am (name) student of grade (number) and captain of the school cricket team. I want to apologize for the misconduct me and my team displayed on the cricket ground during the match held on date. Sir we understand cricket is the pride of our school and the match held between our school and (name of school) on (date) was a very important one, as the team winning this match would have qualified for the semi-finals.

When the match started, the boys of the other team started misbehaving by calling us bad names. Their behavior worsened after winning the toss.

We tried to ignore them as directed by our coach but during the game a point came when the boys could not hold their anger in, any longer and they started replying in kind. Things kept deteriorating up to the point where a fight broke out and the match had to be cancelled.

I am extremely sorry on behalf of my team. I know that these are not the values that we have been taught in this school and I understand how embarrassing our behavior must have been for you. I want to apologize to you and to the entire school for losing our cool and acknowledge that you expected better behavior from us.

Sir I assure you that such an incident would never be repeated, and we fully realize the impact of our behavior and are very embarrassed for not coming up to your expectations.

Please forgive us this time and we would not give you a reason to complain again.

Looking forward to your forgiveness.


Respected Madam/Principal

I want to apologize for the bad performance I showed in the interschool water rocket Competition where I was representing our school.

Madam it is not that I did not take this seriously or was careless, but the problem is that I could not prepare as well as the occasion demanded because I was taken ill two days before the competition. I had high fever and chills so I could not practice properly.

On the day of the competition, I could only do the bare minimum before I ran out of time. My sickness is the reason why my performance was not up to the required standard. I’m sorry to let you and my school down like this. But I want to assure you that this will not happen again. Please forgive me as it was due to reasons beyond my control.

Looking forward to your forgiveness.


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am really very sorry that I broke the school rules. I know that everyone should follow the rules and whatever I did was completely wrong.

I know that the rules are made to keep the discipline in the institute and to keep the students of the school safe. I again apologize for my misconduct and I assure that from now on I will be working hard to show the respect towards you and the teaching staff.

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

Apology Letter for Spreading Disease

We might be having some disease without even knowing it. Sometimes we delay seeing the doctor or we have no idea that we are suffering from some illness. In such a situation, when we find that we are suffering an ailment, the first thing we should do is to inform our close ones so that they can maintain a necessary distance from us. We should also apologize for our unawareness due to which we have put them at risk of contracting the same disease.


I am writing to express my immense regret over the unfortunate transmission of COVID by me in the office. In my defense, I had no idea that I was infected when I came to the office on [date]. I had no symptoms whatsoever and I was following all the preventive measures announced by NCOC.

I have been told that ten people were infected out of the fifteen who attended the meeting with me. I want to apologize to all of them for the trouble and inconvenience caused and I want to wish them good health and speedy recovery.

I understand what a painful and grueling time they had to undergo due to this disease and I am really embarrassed that I was the source of their pain. I want to assure you and all my colleagues that if I had any idea that I was infected, I would have duly informed the office and taken the day off.

Looking forward to your understanding and forgiveness.


We want to express our deepest regret and sincere apology to all our customers for the unfortunate incident that took place on [date] at our restaurant [name]. Many food poisoning cases were reported to us by our dear customers on [date]. When we looked into the matter the meat used in the food that evening was found to be past its expiry date and that was the cause of this dreadful incident.

We have placed several checks and balances in place to avoid such incidents but due to the negligence of a staff member, we were put in this embarrassing situation. Rest assured that we have dealt with the person responsible in the strictest manner and changed the SOP to ensure that such an incident is never repeated.

We fully realize the extent of damage caused by this incident and we are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience and distress caused by this horrible incident but we want to assure all our patrons that food quality and safety are our utmost priority and such negligence would never be allowed again.

Looking forward to your forgiveness and continued support.


I had a very good time with you over coffee and reading our favorite novel together. I was feeling some weird marks on my face and skin that day. Later, when I went to the doctor, I found out that I was infected with [disease name].

I learned from my doctor that it is a contagious disease that can be transmitted easily to anyone in close contact. After knowing this, the first person who came to my mind was you. I am very sorry to inform you about this contagious disease and I feel very embarrassed also. But if I would have been aware of my health conditions before, I would have never met you.

I would advise you to see the doctor as soon as possible and try to get the necessary tests to know if you have contracted the same disease. I am ready to pay for your tests and the medication as well. I will wait to hear from you soon so that I can share my doctor’s advice with you as well.

Meeting you has always been a pleasure. I hope this incident will not become an obstacle in our relationship. Your health and safety mean a lot to me. I have been very worried about you lately. Please contact me soon and let me know how you feel.


[Your Name]

Apology Letter on Behalf of Partner

We tend to have different behaviors at times due to our life stresses. As human beings, we might behave in unpredictable ways, and in such situations; an apology becomes a must if we need to keep up our relationships with our friends and relatives.

State any reasons for the behavior, being honest will help the other person to understand the situation. Also mention that you have been a calm and polite person and under some pressures, you reacted in a certain way. Be sincere in your apology and promise to work on yourself and improve your behavior for the future.


I want to apologize for the way my partner, Mr [name] behaved during the meeting held on [date] to discuss the progress of our project which your firm is handling. The progress of the project has fallen behind schedule which upset Mr [name] greatly.

The problem is that our clients are awaiting the handover of the flats very anxiously and are constantly inquiring about the status. Which is not possible for us until your firm completes the woodwork. As you know every delay causes monetary loss and a loss of repute to our firm, still I feel that he should have been more patient and not given in to his burst of anger.

Please accept my apology on his behalf and move ahead with the project at an increased pace as any further delay is bad for both companies. Looking forward to your understanding and cooperation,


I am writing on behalf of Mr. [name] who is a partner in our firm [name]. We received your letter inviting us to the annual fundraising dinner to be held on [date]. Mr. [name] is currently out of the country and would not be back before [date]and hence he would be unable to attend the event.

However, two of our senior executives would be there to show our support and contribute to the worthy cause. We appreciate you for your contributions and all the hard work you put in to help pediatric cancer patients who cannot afford the treatment. Our company has always contributed very generously to this cause and will continue to do so.

In the end, we would like to applaud you for your efforts once again and wish you all the best for the future.


We were so delighted to have dinner with you last night. It had been a long time since we got connected with you and we were really in need of this change. My husband is very fond of your family and he is always very excited to meet you guys. You know how social he is and he enjoys meeting people and talking with them.

For the past few days, my husband is having a lot of mood swings. He recently got fired from his job. He had been very passionate to work for this company and being fired has left him very upset and disturbed.  I have tried a lot to make him feel better but my efforts are all in vain. He has a very calm person but it takes a few minutes for him to become rude and aggressive.

Last night, he just lost his temper over the dinner table. I tried hard to control him but once he loses his temper, it gets really hard for him to manage himself. We found it best to leave at that very moment because we will never want to hurt our friends.

I am sure you will understand our condition. My husband feels much better now and he has realized his mistake as well. We want to apologize to you and your family in person so my husband has planned a dinner for you. Please let me know the most convenient time for you to visit.

Accept our sincere apology and let’s connect back soon.


[Your Name]

Apology Letter for Accidental Damage

We might accidentally break items that we borrowed or in presence of the people who own these items. In such circumstances, we should apologize quickly so that our relationship does not get affected.

Briefly, explain what happened and how did the accident take place. Accept your mistake despite an accident. Explain that you have been a very caring and concerned person. Apologize sincerely and try to make up for the loss either by getting the item fixed or by purchasing the same new item.

Try to sympathize with the loss and makeup in whatever way you can.


I am writing to apologize for the damage to your vehicle caused by my son. I am extremely sorry for the loss and inconvenience caused by his carelessness. I want to assure you that I will reimburse you for whatever the repairs cost.

My son is a licensed driver and has been driving for two years now. I fail to understand why he did not see your car parked in the corner. We have reprimanded him strictly and instructed him to be more careful in the future. Please forgive him as it is the first time he has been careless in his driving as he has never given us or anyone in the neighborhood a reason to complain before this.

Looking forward to your understanding and forgiveness.


I am writing to express my deep regret and embarrassment for the damage we caused to your backyard wall. As you are well aware that we have just bought this house. As it has stayed unoccupied for a long time so it needed a lot of repairs. Currently, we are in the process of renovation and repairs. Yesterday when the workers were installing tough tiles and water pipes on our side of the old wall between our backyards, they accidentally damaged it.

I want to apologize for the inconvenience and disturbance this caused to you and your family but it was an honest and totally unintentional mistake. I want to reassure you that I will get the wall repaired and painted immediately. It is unfortunate that the first time we are interacting is due to this unpleasant incident. We look forward to making your acquaintance and I am sure that you would find it in your heart to forgive this mistake and move forward.

Looking forward to your forgiveness and understanding.


Running out of money has become my habit now. I always use all my pocket money before the end of the month and then I have to borrow your things to avoid buying them. It has been very kind of you to lend me your things and be helpful in my time of need.

You know I am a student of algebra and having a calculator is my utmost need. I had been saving up money to buy a scientific calculator, only to find out that I still had overdue fees to pay. Due to this, my financial position got worst further and I had to borrow your calculator.

Yesterday, when I was trying to place your calculator safely in my cupboard, it just slipped from my hand and when I picked it up, I saw it was broken. It was merely an accident but I do accept the fact that I am the one responsible for your loss. I have already given your calculator for repair and I am very hopeful that it will be working fine soon. Also, if it doesn’t get fixed, I have made arrangements to buy you the same new calculator.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience that I may have caused you. I highly appreciate your patience over this incident. I have always kept regard for your actions. You always help me when I need you. I promise to compensate you for your loss in whatever way possible.


[Your Name]

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Apology Letter for Cancelling Nanny Services

Canceling a service can be very hard as we might not want to make the person feel hurt. So, the apology has to be very polite by explaining the reason to cancel the service. It will help the person understand the reasons easily.

Mention the date from which you plan to cancel the contract of services. Be grateful for the services and appreciate the efforts and interest invested by the person.

Recommend the service provider to some other people as a remedy so that they do not feel at loss. End the letter with a positive note that you will resume the services if needed in the future.


I am writing to cancel the Nanny services we had requested earlier. We had requested you to provide us with a trained and trustworthy nanny who can take care of two kids aged 3 and 5. Our requirements were that she should be able to cook for the kids and clean after them.

Pick and drop them off from school and ensure that they are ready when the tutor comes in the evening. She would also help them in organizing their bags for the school the next day.

We were waiting for you to get in touch with us with a suitable choice when a family friend contacted us and offered us to employ their nanny as they were moving out of the country and no longer required her services. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to your understanding.


I am writing to cancel the nanny services; we had got from your agency. We found Mrs (name), the nanny you provided, to be a very organized and polite person. She has taken excellent care of our children in the past six months that she has worked for us, and we have no complaints regarding her performance but now my husband has been posted to (city name) and as the kids and I would accompany him, we no longer require her services.

The kids would surely miss her. The way she instilled discipline in our children, in a kind yet firm way and the way she handled our younger one in his illness are truly admirable instances that we would remember all our lives. We want to wish Mrs (name) all the best for the future and thank you for providing us with an excellent service when we needed it the most.

Wishing you more success in your business.


You have been a wonderful nanny and you have been with us since I had my first child. I was so delighted to see you with the kind of interest you would take to look after the kids. It was your love and support that helped me have two more kids without even feeling the need for any other person’s help.

You had been one of the most amazing teachers my kids had as you taught them and fed them with love. You have been grooming and bringing them up in the best way you can.

The kids are very fond of you ever since and they love spending time with you. Each one is attached to you in their own way and you have established a unique relationship with each one of them. It really takes a lot to look after someone’s child and bring them up as your own.

If it was not for your support, it would have been very hard for me and my husband to work and build upon our careers. We will always be very appreciative of your selfless efforts. It is hard for me to say that we no longer require your services as we are moving to some other city.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It will be very hard for me and the kids to manage without you. One of my friends has been looking for a trustworthy nanny like yourself and I have recommended you. You will always be missed.


[Your Name]

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Size: 38 KB


Letter of Apology on Student’s Behalf

During the course of academic education, there come times when students can show misbehavior in their attitude. In the case, the student is an adult he can be given a realization of his mistake and can be convinced to apologize for his behavior.

However, some students who are not as mature as to realize their mistake can only be given a counseling session and the proper apology is to be made by someone else on their behalf. The letter given below can be written to seek an apology from someone on behalf of a student for misbehavior or wrong conduct with the teacher or other school staff.


I deeply regret the incident that took place on [date]. Our class was in the chemistry Laboratory for the science experiment with our teacher Mr. [name] and the Lab assistant Mr. [name]. Mr. [name] explained the basic concepts to us. Then he explained the steps involved and told us to start working in pairs.

When I went to collect the chemicals required to perform the experiment, the lab assistant was busy so I took the bottle placed on his desk and came back to our place I had no idea that instead of [chemical] the bottle had [chemical] and mixing it with [third chemical] would cause a blast and burn my friend’s hand.

I am extremely sorry for the pain and discomfort I caused my friend and the damage to the laboratory equipment. It was due to my negligence that everyone involved had to suffer. I will pay for all the damages done to the laboratory and also help in the clean-up process.

Please forgive me as it was an honest mistake and not done out of malice or mischief. I have learned my lesson and would never be careless with the chemicals and always ensure that I am using the correct chemical in my experiment.

Looking forward to your forgiveness,


I want to convey my son’s deep regret and embarrassment about the incident that happened on [date]. The students were really excited due to the spring break coming up and wanted to have an end-of-term party.

They did not inform the parents that the school had not allowed them to have a party and they were arranging it on their own. Hence we provided them with the party supplies. The hooliganism and rowdiness the boys started are really regrettable.

I have strictly reprimanded my son on this thoughtless and stupid incident and he has promised not to get involved in any such foolishness again.

Please forgive him and overlook his mistake this one time and you have my guarantee that such an incident would not be repeated in the future. He will help in the cleaning up and pay for any damages to the wall paint or class furniture from his pocket money.

Everyone makes mistakes once in a while but if we learn from those mistakes and do not repeat them, then we can grow wiser and all is not lost. Looking forward to your forgiveness,

Yours sincerely.


Dear Sir/Madam,

As an [principal] of [enter school name], I am writing to you in order to apologize on behalf of one of our students. I was informed of the whole incident that took place at [enter event] which was organized at your school. The purpose of the event was to engage students in co-curricular activities and allow them to learn through different competitions.

Unfortunately, they took the competition on personal grounds and found the final decision of the judge biased, one of our students misbehaved with him. He failed to realize that in competitions, only one can win and the rest are runner-ups. Even if the decision was biased, he should not have behaved the way he did. After I personally talked to him, he realized his mistake and was sorry.

I am also extremely sorry that such an incident disturbed the environment which was otherwise supposed to be refreshing and joyful. Please accept my heartiest apologies on behalf of our student [enter name].

Thank you!


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Apology Letter for Not Attending Church Meeting

Voluntary acts should be a part of our life as we owe a responsibility to our society and community. The church services are meant for everyone and the church holds regular meetings to keep the events organized.

If you skip any of these meetings, a polite apology can be helpful. Briefly, explain any reasons for not attending the meeting. Also, mention that you have been actively taking part in the church activity previously, and missing a meeting has not been very common for you.

State when you will be attending the meetings again and inform that you are keeping up with the meetings by being in touch with the people who are attending these meetings.


I am writing to ask for your forgiveness as I could not attend the church meeting held on [date]. I understand that the meeting was arranged to discuss and brainstorm ideas for raising funds for the war-struck areas of [name]. As a [designation], my attendance was important and my absence must have caused inconvenience in the proceedings for which I am truly sorry.

The reason I could not attend the meeting was that I was diagnosed with Corona Virus Disease the previous evening. I have been taking all the precautions and following all the SOPs but despite being vaccinated I was struck by this horrible disease. Although my symptoms are mild and I hope to make full recovery shortly, it was not possible for me to come to the church on [date] and risk putting everyone in harm’s way.

I am sure that now that you know my predicament you would find it in your heart to forgive me and overlook the inconvenience to you and my fellow church members. In the end, I would like to request you to pray for my health and complete recovery.

Looking forward to your forgiveness and kind prayers,

Yours sincerely,


I want to apologize for not attending the church meeting held on [date], especially because I was the most vocal about the importance of holding a meeting to discuss the increasing number of accidents due to rash driving in our neighborhood. I am really embarrassed and deeply regret not being able to join you.

The reason for not being able to show up is that my mother-in-law had a heart attack in the early hours of the morning and had to be rushed to the hospital where she is still detained. Ever since the death of my father-in-law, my wife and I are her primary caregivers hence we could not spare a single moment from the moment she fell ill. We were by her side constantly and in all the stress and concerns about her health, the meeting slipped our mind.

I am sure that since now you know the reason for my absence, you would forgive me. I would also like to request you to pray for my mother-in-law’s good health.

Looking forward to your understanding and forgiveness,

Yours sincerely.


Dear [Recipient Name],

I have always loved to be a part of the church and the activities going in and around the church ever since I was a teenager. I always encourage my friends as well to take part in church work. I don’t just do it for myself, but I truly believe that we owe some amount of service to our society and I want to play an active part in reviving the church and bringing the culture of attending the church back to life.

I missed the last two church meetings. Although, it has been the first time ever since in the last few years.  As you may know, I am approaching my final exams at the University and it’s just two more weeks to go. I had a lot of revisions and extra classes to cope with. Time has been flying and now I realized that I am not prepared for the finals.

I have promised myself to stay at home and study well for exams. As my University is about to finish and then I will be having more time for all the things that I want to do. Please accept my apology for not attending the church meetings. I have been speaking to a church friend to find out the happenings and agendas of the meetings.

I am just waiting for my exams to finish and then you will see me again taking an active part in the church meeting.


[Your Name]

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Size: 41 KB


Bad Customer Service Apology Letter

Service industries have to be very keen on the services they offer to their clients. The clients deserve the best service in exchange for the money they pay. Uncertain circumstances can result in poor services being offered to the clients.

Writing an apology as a result of bad service is very important. The best way is to write an apology as soon as you find out that a problem has occurred. Writing an apology letter even the customer didn’t complain can leave a lasting positive effect on the client and for the business.

Explain what the problem was, why did it happen and when did it happen. Try not to make any excuses for the mistake done as it will upset the client further. Include a reassurance that such mistakes will not take place in the future.

Offer some sort of compensation. Be proactive and make sure that the client relationship is maintained. The language of the letter should be short & simple.


I am [name], owner of the restaurant [restaurant name] and I am writing this letter to apologize for the inconvenience you faced at our restaurant on [date]. I understand that you had ordered our special Moroccan Steak in medium rare but when the order arrived it was fully done and you had to send it back and wait for it to be remade. This caused an unnecessary delay and spoiled the experience for you.

We really pride ourselves on our customer service and it is a matter of great concern and humiliation for us that you did not enjoy your dinner. We have investigated the matter and the guilty party has been reprimanded. We want to assure you that you would never face any such thing in the future.

Our customer satisfaction comes before everything else and we believe in giving the customers a memorable and relaxing experience.

As a token of our regret over this incident, we would like to offer you a gift card worth [amount], you can avail this to enjoy a free dinner at our restaurant any time within the next six months. Looking forward to serving you better next time,

Yours sincerely,


I am the owner of the [salon name] and I am writing to apologize for the bad service you received at our parlor on [date]. I have come to know that you wanted your hair to be dyed in a particular shade of Ash Gold but our hair expert could not give you your desired shade. We deeply regret the stress and the inconvenience you faced.

We have discussed the matter in detail with our hair expert and we have figured out why we could not give you the desired shade. We want to invite you back to the parlor and give us one more chance to have a go at it. This time I would be personally present and ensure that you are satisfied. Our customers come first to us and their satisfaction is our goal.

Looking forward to serving you again,

Yours sincerely.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for writing to us and bringing up the matter to our eyes. With sincere regret, we want to tell you that we feel very embarrassed that we were not able to provide you with the service you were looking forward to.

The situation was very uncertain and it is very rare to come through such situations. We have taken your feedback very seriously. You have faced an inconvenience due to our products/services and we would take every step to improve our services. We take full responsibility for our mistake and we would want to make sure that it will not happen again.

We value our customers a lot and we would like to retain you as our customer. Please accept our apology and we would like to thank you for understanding us.


[Manager Name]

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Size: 25 KB


Personal Apology Letter on Someone’s Behalf

You don’t always have to apologize for the mistake made solely by you. Sometimes, diversity of fate puts you in conditions when you have to apologize for the mistakes and behaviors that were not done by your side but maintain an indirect link with you.

A human being is a social animal. It cannot but live in society. While living in societies it is natural to have disagreements, misunderstandings and at moments WWF fights too. In order to resolve such cases, at least one of the involved people should enlarge his heart to present an apology so that things can be ‘let go’.

An apology letter on someone’s behalf is not much different than the letter written by yourself on your part because of apology, after all, is an apology. This letter given below can be used to seek an apology from someone on an individual’s behalf.


I want to apologize profusely for the way the students at my school behaved when they visited your museum last week. It is really embarrassing for me the way they shouted and ran all over the place and littered the place. This is not what they have been taught in school as we put a lot of emphasis on discipline and etiquette.

Visiting museums helps the students envision the things they have only read in books. It increases their understanding of the past and the way things worked. It is a great lesson in history and sociology and teaches the students empathy apart from everything else. It is due to this reason that a trip to the museum is arranged every year for the sixth graders.

The rowdiness of a few students spoiled the learning experience for everyone and caused embarrassment to the entire school. They have been identified by the teachers and fellow students. The students responsible for this incident have been reprimanded appropriately along with the teachers whose negligence caused the situation to get out of hand.

We are extremely sorry for the loss and inconvenience caused and for the disturbance to the other visitors. Please send me the complete detail of everything you had to get repaired and the school will reimburse all the damages.

Please accept my apology on their behalf and rest assured that we have taken appropriate disciplinary action and you would never have to face any such incident again. Looking forward to visiting your museum again.


I am writing to apologize on behalf of my house help who broke the branches of your Apple tree while trying to steal some fruit from them. This is very embarrassing for us as we always try not to be a source of discomfort or inconvenience to our neighbors.

We know that your fruit trees are your pride and you work all year on them and the branches breaking like this must have hurt you a lot.

We have reprimanded the culprit and clearly explained that this type of behavior would not be tolerated and breaking fruit from someone’s house without their permission comes under theft and we would not tolerate a thief in our house. The reason we have not fired him right away is that we have found him to be an honest person. He is a new hire and is young, uneducated, and very simple-minded.

We feel that he has done this in innocence and not with any bad intent. However, we have fully explained to him that this is not allowed and this is his last chance. Another mistake like this and he would be fired. We are sure that he would not repeat this mistake.

We would be very vigilant but if you have any other complaints, please let us know immediately. We would never want you to face inconvenience due to us. Looking forward to your forgiveness and understanding,

Yours Sincerely.


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope you and your family are enjoying life. My dear [enter name], I am writing this letter to you to apologize for what happened at the [birthday party] at my home that day. I am really sorry for the misbehavior that my [brother’s son] did with your [eldest boy].

I am not sure how they suddenly started fighting when they were having a good playtime a little earlier. He also misbehaved with you for which I am ashamed of you.

Please accept mine and [enter nephew’s name]’s mother’s heartiest apologies for whatever happened that day. She wasn’t present at the party but was remorseful to know about the incident. I hope you don’t consider me responsible for all that dear friend. I also wanted to inform you that I’ll be coming to meet you this [Sunday]. Till then take care.


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Apology Letter for Late Payment

In this day and age, our business relations matter a lot. Every relationship that has a monetary value attached to it needs a lot of attention and care. If we delay any payment due to any reason, it is our duty to apologize.

Firstly, politely apologize for the delay and mention that you remember the payment deadlines. Secondly, explain any reasons for the delayed payment and be honest with your reasons. Try to make the payment as soon as possible. Pay for any delayed loss caused to the client and give your vendor the confidence that he will receive timely payment in the future.


I am writing to apologize for the late payment of this month’s installment. I had bought a washing machine from your shop on [date] on monthly installments of [amount]. As you know that I have always been very regular in paying my installments but last month some unforeseen expenses came my way due to my entire family getting infected with Covid. The tests, medicines, and the varied expenses that come with such a disease left me short of cash.

As you know that I am a middle-class person and do not have the funds to bear extra expenses. I am really sorry for the inconvenience and stress it must have caused you but rest assured that I would pay the amount of the missed installment along with this month’s installment within two months. Please help me out by giving me this leverage. I would be extremely grateful.

Looking forward to your consideration and positive response,

Yours sincerely,


I am writing to apologize for the late payment of the furniture bill. Our office has recently been renovated and we had ordered all the furniture for the new space, by you. You delivered everything well in time as promised and the quality was above expectation.

It is humiliating for us that your payment has not already been made. The fact is that due to a lot of outgoing payments, our finance department is a little backlogged right now due to this reason the payment due to you, was delayed by two months.

We deeply regret the inconvenience and the unprofessionalism displayed but trust us it was not intentional, and your full payment would be made by the end of this week. The finance department has been directed to expedite the processing of your bill.

Looking forward to your understanding and consideration.

Yours sincerely.


Dear [Recipient Name],

Thank you so much for being a punctual vendor. I have a list of vendors and you have always been the best so far with the quality of your material and in terms of punctuality as well. I hope our business relationship grows stronger over time.

I work on very ethical business terms and I always try to pay all my vendors on time. But sometimes, we all get some delays in payments due to some of our own personal reasons. I had to pay various vendors in the last two weeks. I had sufficient funds in my account and I was expecting some payments from my customers. My customers delayed the payment due to which I was running short of cash and I was not able to pay you.

I am ready to pay any extra charges for the loss that I may have caused you. You can be sure that this delay was the result of some uncertain situation and that I will take extra measures to make sure that this will not happen again.

I have attached a cheque with this letter. I hope our business relations will continue as ever despite the little problems we face at times. I highly appreciate your patience and understanding over this matter. Please let me know any of your concerns. I will be more than happy to respond.


[Your Name]

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