Letter Announcing the Appointment of New Chairperson

This letter is written to inform everyone working in the company that the company has appointed a new chairperson. Since this letter is about the new position vacant so everyone reading the letter will be curious to know about the new person. The letter should include the details related to the new individual such as his qualification, personal details, working abilities & achievements, and past experience.

It should elaborate on the job duties and responsibilities of the new chairperson. This will be helpful for the new workers of the company. Also, request the staff to cooperate with him on the progress and development of the company.

The letter should be written in a positive tone and it should reflect the confidence and trust of the company in the person who has been hired as a chairperson. Include the dates when the newly hired chairperson will start working. At the end of the letter, write a positive note and your expectations from the chairperson.


We are pleased to announce that Mr. [name] has been appointed as the new Chairperson of our prestigious organization effective from [date].  Mr. [name] is a very experienced supervisor with a long experience in the field of banking and management. His last appointment was the head of investments in [name of company].

He has proved himself repeatedly, from bringing companies like [name of company] from the brink of collapse to making them a household name and exploring new and undiscovered avenues of growth. His wide experience and knowledge of E-commerce is another aspect, we are hoping this company would benefit from. A person of his competence would surely bring positive changes and new opportunities for growth for the company.

His job in our organization apart from supervising normal functioning would be to fully realize the potential of the company’s assets and this would enable us to add value to our shareholders hence increasing their trust and securing future investment by them.

His education [degree name] from [university name] and wide experience in related fields makes him a very appropriate candidate for this post and we are really looking forward to a time of growth and development for our company.


I am writing this letter to inform you about the appointment of a new Chairperson for our group of colleges. Mr. [name] is a renowned educationist and his contribution to the field of education is acknowledged both nationally and internationally.

He has a doctorate degree in Education Management from [university name]. His experience spanning over [number of years] years will be an asset for us as he has dealt with a variety of challenges over these years and we are confident that all that experience will help him in his new appointment.

His special focus would be improving the Research and Development area. Growth and progress, depend on constant learning. In addition, he intends to bring our sports teams to the national level. He has plans for improving the sports grounds and improving the overall sports facilities.

Providing Scholarships to deserving students has been our priority and this tradition would be continued in the future by the new Chairperson. He intends to bring more sponsors to our scholarship program.

We are lucky to have a person of his stature and hope that this would prove to be a long and fruitful working relationship and that our colleges truly benefit from his leadership.


We are very happy to announce that Mr. ABC will be our company’s new chairperson replacing [NAME HERE]. [NAME HERE] is a very talented person who has been working in the sales company for the last 20 years. We are happy to appoint such a capable person for this important position.

We are excited since he/she has accepted our proposal and he/she is willing to perform his/her duties. We request our entire company staff to cooperate with our new chairperson so that he/she can fulfill his/her responsibilities smoothly.

Letter to Refer Someone for an Administrative Position

There are many reasons for which an employee has to leave an organization such as health issues, graduation, family needs, and also for better opportunities. The employee who has great value in the company due to his work can be given a reference letter which can help him get the next job.

It is important to give all the details of the company in which the prospective employee had been working and also his job title and responsibilities. You can also mention the achievements which he has made during his job role.

The tone of the letter should be positive. In the letter, it can be stated how the person for whom the reference letter is being written, worked for administrative purposes. The basic skills of a person regarding administrative responsibilities should also be mentioned in the letter. The letter can be ended with the expectation that your recommendation will be considered.

Sample Letter #1

This is a reference letter for [Mr. ABC]. [Mr. ABC] has been working as an administrator in our company for the past five years. The title does not completely describe the skill level of our employees. He has the ability to work with cooperation and he also faced many challenges with strength.

S/he assisted not only the juniors but also the top management of the company. I hope that you will consider my reference and will try to get benefit from this multi-talented personality. You can contact me if you want to have further information related to the person.



I am happy to be requested to provide a reference letter for a brilliant and outstanding individual, Mr. Simpson. My direct contact with him took place in 2018 when I hired him as an accounts assistant. He has been working under my direct supervision for the last eight years and I am not feeling any hesitation while referring him to you.

While working with us, Simpson was responsible for the maintenance of all company accounts. Most impressive thing is that he was dealing with 42 different company offices to run all the affairs smoothly.

He was punctual and willing to accept challenges. In addition, he has an exceptional ability to identify problems and formulate workable solutions. By means of this ability, he helped us complete all the projects as per schedule. He used to interact with our clients in a pleasant manner which is why he took huge advantage of his pleasant personality over his competitors.

I will always remember him because of his intelligence and decision-making power. He gave his unique, innovative, and workable ideas and helped the company save thousands of dollars on several occasions.

Moreover, he took an active part in company meetings and always coined useful ideas to formulate good policies. Because of his countless abilities and contributions, I strongly recommend him to you. I am sure he will work more than your expectations and prove himself a useful addition to your staff.

I am sad on seeing him leave my company but at the same time, I am sure that he is pursuing a more challenging opportunity that suits him best. Moreover, I understand his problem to relocate his family. I have no reservations about him.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to ask anything about him.



I seldom write a reference letter without reservations, but I am doing so in the case of Mr. Lee who has applied for the post of administrative assistant and about whom I have been asked to provide a reference letter. I am pleased to give my strong recommendations about such a brilliant employee who never gave me any chance to complain.

He has been working for the last three years as an accounts assistant under my direct supervision. However, his degree is in administration, and he expressed his desire to transfer to an administrative position. I have no administrative position in my company otherwise I would not have let him go. I support his decision to seek such a position that is exactly in accordance with his qualification and interest.

He has been blessed with exceptional time management skills. He can handle multi-tasks and performs best under unfavorable conditions which is considered his best quality. He has also been an impressive designer for my company. He used his creative skills in designing appealing presentations and writing effective proposals. It helped us attract many clients.

Having earned a professional in administration, I believe Lee will prove himself a great asset to your company. With his pleasant personality and friendly behavior, he will bring in a lot of new customers and help you achieve monthly and annual targets.

Although I am sad that losing such a great asset, I do not want to create any hurdle in his way of professional development. That is why I am strongly recommending him for an administrative position in your company. I am sure you will be pleased with his professional working style. If you want to discuss anything more about Lee, do not hesitate to contact me.

I wish him all the best of luck with his move.

Letter Announcing Manager of the Year Award

The letter announcing the manager of the year award is used to announce the good news. The letter should be written in a positive tone. It should be written in such a way that it can promote goodwill in the group while keeping the focus on one person who has been nominated for the award of the manager of the year.

This type of letter not only does give good news but also serves as an inspiration for others. Announce the name of the person who is going to get this award. The efforts of the winner should be highlighted in the letter.

The achievements and the success of the person are also important to detail which let the people know about the reasons for which he/she is being awarded the award of manager of the year.

The prize which the winner is going to get can also be mentioned in the letter. At the end of the letter, congratulate the winner wholeheartedly and wish him/her good luck.

Sample Letter #1

Our heartiest congratulations to Mr [NAME HERE] who has been selected for the manager of the year award once again. S/he has worked as a sales manager in our company and has always stayed at the top among the best managers.

Due to this outstanding performance, he/she has been selected as the best manager in the company. We are also very pleased to announce that Mr [NAME HERE] will receive a big cash bonus from the company. We wish him/her the best of luck in the future.


I am pleased to announce the name of Mr. Thomson for the manager of the year award. I found him the most deserving candidate for this award. I have always seen Due to his commitment, he managed to rise from the position of assistant to his current designation.

He climbed this ladder in a professional way with such a hardworking attitude that can hardly be seen nowadays. I know that he is the kind of person who can go out of his way to achieve goals. In my opinion, his performance has been the best of any other manager in the field of sales. Therefore, he deserves this award.

This award is given to those managers who are devoted and able to demonstrate their exceptional skills towards their duties. Thomson’s abilities are not hidden from us. He worked hard and kept himself abreast of the most recent trends in the market.

I have seen him working for the company with dedication and since then, I have developed a huge respect for him. I am also aware of his knowledge, great skills, and the extended hours he worked for the company to help achieve its goals.

Several things have been considered in choosing the recipient of this award. These include the number of service years, leadership skills, and overall character of the employee. The thing which distinguishes him from the other candidates is his ability to handle stressful conditions. Apart from these abilities, he recognized himself as a master trainer and acted as a mentor for several newcomers.

This prestigious award will be represented to Thomson at the City banquet hall, Midway Street, Michigan on 1st August. I request everybody to make sure of his presence at the venue. Let us take this moment as a source of inspiration for us and work for the common interest of the company.

I wish you all the best of luck in winning this prestigious award in the future.


I am pleased to announce that the jury has recommended the name of Johnson for the manager of the year award 20XX. This is the most prestigious award and is given to those employees who show exceptional performance in their respective fields.

I know Thomson since 2011 when he joined this company. He was hired because of his excellent employment record. As an accounts assistant at XYZ Company, he met his targets. As Sales officer in Stars marketing, he showed record-breaking performance and achieved sales targets with success.  

Right from the first day of his joining, he was a professional and skilled staff member until he reached his current designation. As a manager of the sales department, he has made a great contribution to the company’s business.

He has been an influential employee and is bestowed with exceptional skills to complete all the assigned tasks well before the deadline. I have never seen such a great employee who gives supreme importance to his duties. Also, his desire to take on difficult projects and complete them successfully before the deadline makes him a suitable candidate for this award.

Apart from work, several things have been considered and the most impressive one is his pleasant personality. He has a pleasant and cheerful attitude toward his clients and subordinates. As a manager, he has been noticed to handle most difficult situations with patience.

All these characteristics reflect his best image in the company, and I will be happy to present this prestigious award to a candidate who deserves the most for it.

In recognition of Johnson’s services, an award-giving ceremony will be held at [name of place] on 1st August. You all are invited to make sure of your presence at the venue. I am sure you will be inspired.  

I wish you all a successful career ahead.

Letter to Appreciate an Employee for a Successful Project

The importance of teamwork in businesses cannot be negated. The whole setup of professional businesses is raised on the basis of teamwork. Individuals make a team and individuals are to be appreciated for good work generally as well individually.

All mature businesses understand the importance of appreciating their employees when they come up with exceptional work so, in order to recognize the sincere efforts of workers appreciation letters are well in practice. There is no other opinion that if an employee is admired for his work with good words and well in time his performance always increases.

Businesses deal with multiple projects at a time either of their own or of their clients. Since some projects are hefty enough and demand exceptional hard work and skills, an employee who makes such projects successful should be appreciated in particular. Below is a letter that can be used to appreciate an employee in order to make a project successful

Letter -1

Subject: appreciate an employee for a successful project

Dear Mr/ Ms [NAME]

It is with great pleasure that I [Official Title] [name] am writing to you on behalf of all of us here at [organization name]. You have been working with us since [date] as [designation]. You were assigned [project name] on [date]. The challenges presented by a project of this magnitude and scale were known to all. The fact that you were assigned this project was a testament to the [organization name]’s trust in your abilities.

We are glad to say that you have not disappointed us. The timely completion of the project and the quality of work are proof of your diligence and commitment. This [project name] has not only brought a good name to the [organization name] but also reaffirmed our faith in your hard work and dedication. The exceptional teamwork and enthusiasm shown and your perseverance in the face of all odds is appreciated and will be duly rewarded.

Keep up the good work!

Yours sincerely,


Size: 18 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Letter -2

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

This letter is to appreciate you and show my gratitude for your efforts to make the project of [enter project name] successful. I believe that success comes with teamwork. As the [enter title of employee] of the company, your efforts deserve to be applauded for this project. Your work has been admired by the clients very much. Despite that it was a tough project, you managed to finish well in time and made it one of our super successful projects. I dedicate the success of this project to you.

I am also glad to inform you that you have been awarded [increment in salary, three work leaves this month, etc.]

Please continue to do good work.  Thank you very much!

Your Name
[Senders Title] -Optional-

Size: 18 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Dear Mr/ Ms [NAME]

It is with great pleasure that I [Official Title] [name] am writing to you on behalf of all of us here at [organization name]. You were hired on [date] as [designation] and this was the first project assigned to you. You were assigned [project name] on [date]. You were closely monitored and your work ethic, perseverance, and assimilation into the team; all these factors were observed by your team leader and we are glad to say that you have proved yourself to be worthy of the trust placed in you by us assigning this project.

The timely completion of the project and the quality of work are proof of your hard work and diligence. All your efforts are appreciated and will be duly rewarded.

Keep up the good work!

Yours sincerely,

Thank you Letter to Pharmacy Technician

Letter -1

I am writing this letter to you to say thank you for your assistance. I was very worried because the billing machine was suddenly broken down. I am thankful to you that you visited my pharmacy and resolved my issue. The billing machine suddenly stopped working. The customers were in the queue to get the receipt of the bill but I was not able to generate it.

As you know our pharmacy has a systemized billing process and no medicines can be sent without the system-generated billing process. I was in a terrible fix, my co-workers were also on leave so I could not get the appropriate help that was needed.

I am very grateful to you that you took the time for me to repair my billing machine. I am very lucky to have such a supportive friend like you. You really helped me in my tough times and I forgot to pay my gratitude. I heartily thank you from the core of my heart. Moreover, I also forgot to pay you at that time as it was an overwhelming situation. I have sent the amount to your account and I am attaching the receipt of payment with this letter.

I am very grateful to you for this act of kindness. If I need any assistance in the future, I surely will contact you. Thank you for your support, help, and assistance. Best wishes.

Letter -2

I am writing this letter to you to say thank you for your assistance in my hard times. I had been suffering from a high fever and severe back pain for the last two nights. I did not have any medicine to take. Unfortunately, I was alone at home as my family was on their vacation trip. Also, I was not able to visit the doctor due to my poor health and condition.

In this difficult situation, you took the time for me to save myself. You gave me the proper medicine after consulting with a pharmacist and looked after me with humility. I heartily thank you from the core of my heart. I really was in a trouble. My friends were also busy with their work and no one came to visit me in my poor condition. 

I am very grateful to you that you took time from your busy schedule to visit me and help me in my fast recovery. I have no words for the support and assistance that you gave me in my hard times. Fortunately, by the grace of God, I am totally fine now. I am no longer a weak and ill person. After God, all the credits go to you. By taking the medicine provided by you, I am fully recovered within two days.

I am very thankful to you for your kind assistance, support and help. If I need any assistance I will surely call you in the future. Thanks again for everything you did. Best wishes. 

It is always a team effort and hard work of every individual of an organization that brings out the best results. In every department, be it medicine, engineering, business, or some art project, different people work in different positions in order to complete the task in time. In the case of medicine, along with the doctors, nurses, and other staff, the pharmacy technicians also have a prime task to perform.

It is thus necessary that their work is acknowledged and appreciated. Following is a thank you letter that can be used for this matter.

Letter -3: Short format

Dear [recipient’s name],

It has been a course of almost five years since you have been working with us. It has been a pleasure all along and I am writing this letter to acknowledge and appreciate your hard work and consistency. It is because of you that I never have to worry about the pharmacy department. You are a responsible individual and I almost never get any complaints regarding your work. For which I have decided to reward you with a bonus of [amount/reward etc.].

I again want to thank you for all your efforts. I admire your professional skills and think highly of you. I look forward to keeping on working together for a long time and I hope that you will continue to work hard and benefit our organization. Thank you very much for all the work you’ve done.

Business Anniversary Announcement Letter to Clients and Customers

Announcing a business anniversary letter is a letter to memorialize the anniversary of your business. It improves the good reputation of your business affiliates and customers. You may prefer to offer a party or give out gifts or rewards to the customers. You could also include things like a marketing brochure in this letter.

It should be short and must have a personalized touch. You could finish the letter with a compliment. Discuss a few of your previous achievements, and ideas for celebrations. Enjoy the customers’ faithfulness. If you include things like incentives or promotional offers, explain them.

Letter -1

I [title] [name] from [department] want to cordially invite you on the joyous occasion of our [number] 1st/4th anniversary of our beloved [name]. I am sure the old residents remember the humble beginnings of this company and have been a witness to all the hard work that went into bringing it to this stage. We would not have been here, had it not been for your continued support and trust. It is our valued tradition to include the community in our celebration. This time is no exception.

Please join us at [place name] on [date] from [time] to [time]. There would be a magic show and free ice cream for the kids and the adults can enjoy our latest collection at flat [discount] % off. This discount would continue for the whole week at all our outlets. The first [number] of customers would receive free delivery service.

Thank you for making these [number] years such a success! We look forward to serving you even better in the future.

Letter -2

It makes me a very pleased director of [COMPANY NAME] as I declare that we have surpassed another milestone in the record of our company. I take this celebration to thank each of you for getting a serious part of [COMPANY NAME].

What started off as a small firm with a just small number of members has risen up to stay tall between the business leads of the time with quite a few employees. Our company has innumerable accomplishments and successes, particularly from last year which proved to be extremely successful for our organization.

Without the assistance of our fantastic team, it would never have been this big. Every person of you plays a very significant role in the improvement of our organization. It is your passion, support, and commitment that have introduced us to this height. [COMPANY NAME] should ever remain indebted to the efforts of its employees.

We are also thankful to our customers and clients who had faith in us to assist them to provide perfect services and items. Their requirements, issues, and feedback have forced us to go ahead and strengthen intensely.

Our achievements story remains unfinished without the assistance of our customers and clients. Not only have they made us part of their lives but additionally helped us connect to the world. They distribute the word faster and in a much better way than any of our marketing means could.

We approach to keep our business and relationship growing with you and continue to offer you nothing less than the very best. With your assistance, we desire to take a look at new heights this year.

Letter to Terminate Employment Due to Workforce Reduction

How are employers able to pay their employees? It is by generating revenues from their business. But since businesses don’t remain static, they keep moving between profit and loss, there come times when a business faces financial pressures and continuous loss, and this bars the business employer to continue to pay his employees since no profit or progress is being made.

In such situations, in order to reduce the load, workforce reduction is done. That is, some employees are terminated. Because in such cases, an employee is not terminated for any of his faults but due to the debacle a business is facing, it is necessary to apologize to the employee for this termination, grant him a reference letter and employment confirmation letter so that he may find a better opportunity for himself.

Letter -1

I [Title] [Name] from [Department name] wish to inform you that the company has been suffering continuous losses for the past [number] months. The sales per branch have decreased greatly. In light of all this, the company has decided to reduce the number of branches per city. We regret to inform you that your branch is being merged with [branch name] and your services are no longer required. Your contract is also being terminated, effective [Date].

You will be given the next two months’ pay and your [provident] fund will also be paid in full. You were issued with a laptop at the time of hiring, please return that latest by [Date]. Your contact person in this regard would be Mr. [name] in [Department name]. You can contact him by

Phone: [phone number]
Email: [email address]

We would like to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have shown in the [number] years that you worked for [company name]. We apologize for the inconvenience this decision would cause you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [name]

I [Title] [Name] am writing to inform you about the decision to terminate your contract. As it was intimidated earlier that the management had decided to reduce the workforce by [number] percent. This painful decision had to be taken due to the unprecedented challenges caused by Covid. The hospitality industry was hit the worst by this pandemic and our hotel is no exception.

Workforce reduction was inevitable, but we delayed this painful step for as long as possible now it seems that the only way forward is with reduced staff at least till the time that things get back to normal.

You would be paid two months’ salary in advance. Also, when travel restrictions are removed and the hotel is operating at its full potential and we are rehiring, preference would be given to old employees. For clearance of your dues, please get in touch with Mr. [name] in [department name]. In the end, we would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put in while you were with us. We wish you all the best for the future.

Looking forward to your cooperation and understanding,

Yours sincerely,

Letter -3

Dear [recipient’s name],

I am sorry to inform you that your employment has been terminated. This is because we are reducing the workforce since the financial conditions of the business do not allow us to keep a large workforce. Also, because we have no projects at the moment, nor are we in a condition to start our own, we don’t have work to offer. Please note that this is not the case with you alone. We are keeping only a limited number of employees that we need and all other employees have been terminated.

Please accept an apology from [enter company] that you have to leave us this way. To help you find a better opportunity, we’ve enclosed an employment confirmation letter.

Wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

Letter to Reprimand Employee for not Meeting Deadlines

Letter -1

I [title] [name] am writing to you in reference to your last projects’ late submission. When you were assigned the project you were duly informed that it is time-sensitive and it was critical to its success that you complete your part in time. You were given frequent reminders in the meetings held to discuss progress but you still didn’t pick up your pace. Now since the tender was not prepared on time the [department name] team is left with no time to work on it and submit it before the deadline and hence we couldn’t apply for the tender.

The loss we have suffered is not just monetary as you have also wasted all the hard work of the team that worked on the project before you. All the man-hours spent in perfecting the proposal are now wasted. Be very clear that such negligence would not be tolerated again. Consider this to be a warning, if a similar situation arises again, we would be forced to think about the termination of your work contract.

Looking forward to better performance in the future,

Yours sincerely,


Dear Ms. [name]

I am writing to you on behalf of the school management. You were assigned the task of making a timetable for middle school on [date]. We were very clear that you have to submit it by [date]. The intent was that it should be communicated to the teachers and the students in time so that when the students come back after the winter vacations the new term can commence smoothly without any delay or inconvenience to anyone.

We still haven’t received the timetable at the time of writing this letter on [date], despite the frequent reminders by your Senior Mistress Ma’am [name]. Your negligence and tardiness have affected the whole middle school. Teachers are waiting to be assigned their timetables so that they can plan their lessons accordingly. The school is reopening tomorrow and the students have not yet been communicated their timetable.

This was a time-sensitive task and we had better expectations from you. Your failure to complete the task at hand in time has created a problem for everyone and this type of slackness is not tolerated in our school. We expect you to submit the timetable tonight by [time], latest. You have to see the principal tomorrow at noon to explain your position and why this extremely inconvenient delay happened.

Looking forward to more responsible behavior in the future,

Yours sincerely,

Letter -3

Dear [recipient’s name],

We hire employees to work for us. Being in this important line of business where competition is increasing every day, we want to make sure that our employees are competitive, potential, and punctual. I am sure that you know punctuality is not only to come to the workplace and meetings in time. It also includes completing the given work in the given time. Although your performance has not been the same earlier, I am disappointed with your performance.

You are not meeting the deadlines and this is not the first time that you are going beyond the deadlines. Your performance is affecting our reputation. Our clients have had an unsatisfactory experience with us since their project was not ready in time and it was you who was managing the projects.

I am afraid that if such a performance of yours continues, we’ll be left far behind in the business line. I want you to be conscious of meeting the deadlines given to you. In the case otherwise, I shall have no other choice but to send you a final decision. Thank you!

Letter to Notify Employee of a New or Change in Policy

Usually, the employees of a company are well aware of a company’s policies, however, the policies are not permanent. They may change as per requirements. At other times, a new policy is introduced. Though the change of a policy or the introduction of a new policy is brought into the knowledge of employees in official meetings, it is still important and a business norm too to individually inform the employees about the policies by sending them notification letters. This letter can be used in order to inform the employees about the new policy of salary withdrawal.


I [name], [designation] from the HR department, am writing to inform you about the change in policy decided on [date] in the annual [meeting name].  Earlier the number of casual leaves authorized to each employee was [number]. But now they have been reduced to [number] effective from [date].

This decision was taken in light of the increase in workload post-Covid and would be revised after [number] months. Hopefully, the backlog would be clear by then and the leaves would be reverted back to the old number. The employees who have already used up these casual leaves should contact HR to know what options they have as they vary from individual to individual. For any further queries, please contact Mr. [name] in [department name] at [phone number] or email him at [email address]. Looking forward to your understanding and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Staff,

This letter is being written to inform you about the new policy regarding internet usage decided in the meeting held on [date]. Although we have a very generous internet package for office work we received an email from the service provider last month that the internet usage was above the allocated limit and advised us to monitor the internet activity of all employees.

To our disappointment, an investigation into the matter revealed an extremely unprofessional attitude as we discovered that [number] percent of the usage was on social media, gaming, and movie downloads. This is very immature and is not expected from professionals of your caliber. This is unethical too as these facilities are provided in good faith that the employees would not exploit them.

We have decided the following course of action to deal with this issue: A detection software has been installed on the computers and whenever anyone uses the internet for anything other than work, a notification would be sent to the computer administrator who in turn will inform the HR. HR will then call the employee for an explanation and this would be recorded in the employee file maintained for each of you. Furthermore, non-work-related usage is prohibited even during lunch hours.

Please refrain from any such activity which would put you in an awkward position and be a source of embarrassment for you. Looking forward to a more professional attitude from all of you in the future.

Yours sincerely,


It is to notify you that we have introduced our new salary withdrawal policy. This will be a temporary policy. All employees are notified that the policy of monthly withdrawal of salary has been changed to weekly withdrawals.

You’ll now be able to withdraw your salaries on the weekly basis. Be clear that the monthly salary withdrawal has not been made fully unavailable. Both options are open for use until this new policy is made permanent, therefore, those employees who prefer the monthly withdrawal can continue to do so.

This policy will take effect from [enter date]. You are requested to submit your feedback on the policy after a month of its activation. Depending on the feedback, the policy will be made permanent or otherwise will be resumed to the older monthly withdrawal policy.

Thank you!


Letter Reprimanding Employee for Violating a Company Policy

Every company has its rules and regulations and the employees working in it are expected to follow those rules and regulations. An employee handbook also states the dos and don’t parameters that an employee is supposed to keep. In the case of the violation of any rule or policy of the company, prompt action should be taken and the respective employee should be criticized for doing so.

Letter -1

Dear Mr./Ms. [name],

I [title] [name] from [department name] department am writing to you because we received a complaint on [date] regarding the incident that took place on [date] at [time]. Mr./Ms. [name], when you were hired you signed a contract which clearly stated the terms of your employment and apart from other things also stated the company policies.

You were hired after you agreed to follow the rules and regulations which govern the office environment in our organization. The company policy is very clear in this regard. There is to be zero tolerance for harassment, foul language, and misbehavior of any sort.

We have made a disciplinary committee that will thoroughly investigate the allegations made against you. After interviewing all the relevant people and the aggrieved party, the committee will decide on the action to be taken.

Your disciplinary committee hearing is to be held on [date] at [time]. You are welcome to present any evidence you might have in your defense.

This letter can be written to reprimand an employee for violating the company of nondisclosure.

Letter -2

Dear [recipient’s name],

I hope that you’re aware of the company’s policies well since it’s been [enter period] that you are working at [enter company]. The non-disclosure policy of the company states that no information regarding our copyright models will be shared with other companies before or after the completion of the project.

We own rights to all project models that are designed at our workplace. You have been working on the project of [enter project name] which is a unique project that we are doing. However, I am very sad to learn that you disclosed the project details to some employees of the [enter company name] company in an informal meeting while you know that they are our competitors in the market.

I was not expecting this from a senior and trusted employee like you. Nonetheless, I want to give you a chance to make a clarification (if any), on this violation that you have made. For this, kindly meet me in the office at [enter time].

Letter to Respond to a Complaint about a Colleague’s Behavior

Employees of different mindsets and natures work under one room in the business environment. It is then natural for conflicts and issues to arise. Also, the attitudes of certain employee/employees can affect others. In such a case, there is no better choice but to reach the employer in private to report about the issue one is facing.

Usually, junior employees do not dare to complain about their colleagues especially if they are seniors since there are possibilities that their experience in using clever tactics will win them the suit, and the complainer will be left in disgust. Also, because employers do not entertain complaints from junior members with much attention and interest, they tend to remain quiet.

Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that all the employees are working with satisfaction and enjoying full rights. For this, it is necessary that the complaints of employees are responded to in time and properly no matter they are juniors or seniors. This sample letter can be used to respond to an employee’s complaint about a colleague’s behavior.

Letter -1

Dear Mr./Ms. [name],

I [title] [name] from [department name] department am writing to you in response to your complaint regarding the incident that took place on [date] at [time]. The working atmosphere at our esteemed company is very important to us. The company policy is very clear in this regard. There is to be zero tolerance for harassment, foul language, and misbehavior of any sort. Thank you for stepping forward and bringing the [HR department/ your supervising officer] in the loop.

We have made a disciplinary committee which will thoroughly investigate your complaint. After interviewing all the relevant people and the other party, the committee will decide what action needs to be taken. Rest assured that we are investigating the issue thoroughly and from all angles and would get back to you very soon. No one can get away with this sort of thing in our company.

Yours sincerely,


Letter -2

Dear [recipient’s name],

First of all, I would like to appreciate your courage in reaching me directly to resolve your problem. I always suggest employees bring their issues now to my office instead of stirring the hodgepodge of rumors and misunderstandings at the workplace. You have made a good choice by doing so.

Dear [enter employee name], I have read your complaint twice. I believe you are right in your say. Mr. [enter employee name] should not insult you for the mistakes you make since you are a new employee and because he has no right to do so. Even the company suggests that employees be informed of their mistakes privately and properly.

I received the same complaint from some other employees earlier this year, therefore, I now feel this is the time to take action. I will indeed talk to Mr. [enter colleague name] about this and I hope that you will not be treated this way in the future. Thank you for bringing the matter to my knowledge.

Letter to Respond to Complaint on Manager’s Attitude

Employees do not usually reach employers with their complaints. However, when they do, it is the employer who is responsible for responding to the complaints. When a response to a complaint is written that has been made by an employee it should be made sure that;

  • The employee is not criticized for taking his complaint to the employer.
  • He responded with a tone of appreciation and a clear impression that his complaint is valued.
  • Ensure the employee that his name will not be disclosed especially if the complaint is about senior members.
  • Ensure the employee that his complaint is read, and appreciated and prompt action will follow this appreciation as well.

This letter can be written in order to respond to an employee’s complaint about the manager’s attitude.


I am [title] [name] from the [department name] from [company name]. We received a complaint from you on [date] regarding the incident that took place in our [name] store on [date] at [time]. We have looked into the issue and after investigating the issue in full, we have come to the conclusion that Mr [name], the manager on duty was rude to you and he didn’t handle his professional responsibilities properly.

We apologize to you on behalf of the [company]. We have a very clear policy regarding customer service. Our customers always come first and their queries regarding any product are to be entertained politely, in detail, and till the customer is satisfied. The attitude of Mr. [name] is not acceptable and he has been severely reprimanded.

As a token of our regret and to recompense you somewhat for the inconvenience you faced, we are sending you a gift card worth [number]. You can claim it at any of our branches and purchase anything you fancy. We apologize to you once again and look forward to your kind patronage in the future too.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [name]

I [title] [name] from [company name] am writing to you in response to your complaint regarding Mr. [name], our [name of store] manager. We have looked into the issue. We understand that you had made a payment for [product name] in [month’s name] and were promised that it would be available by [date] but when you came to collect it, it had still not arrived. This led to an argument with the manager on duty.

We would like to clarify that the [product] delivery was late due to reasons beyond the control of either the manager or the [company name]. In this pandemic, things are a lot more unpredictable and shipping and delivery is one area that has been affected a lot. Having said that, the way the manager behaved is not allowed or tolerated in our [company].

It was his duty to explain the situation properly to you and address all your concerns very politely and professionally. We would like to apologize to you on his behalf and assure you that he has been reprimanded and you would never face this kind of attitude again at any of our outlets.

To show our remorse for this incident and appreciation for your patronage, we are sending you a complimentary [gifted accessory name] worth [number] which will greatly enhance your experience when you use your [ordered product].

In the end, we would once again apologize to you for this unpleasant incident and the delay you had to face. Also, we would like to thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this issue to our knowledge, this helps us improve the customer service experience you get when you visit our outlets. We look forward to your kind benefaction in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Letter -3

Dear [recipient’s name],

I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I have received your complaint letter and I have read it carefully, twice. Mr. [enter name], I am sorry that you had to face such kind of attitude from our manager Mr. [enter manager’s name]. He is a good man and I am disappointed to hear such a complaint about him. You mentioned that he [enter complaint].

I would like to ensure you that your complaint is valued and I will discuss this matter with him. I also want to ensure you that your name will not be used anywhere in the discussion. Your concern for resolving the issues of workplace matters very much and I encourage your decision of taking your complaint directly to my office. I will try not to disappoint you. Thank you!

Letter to Criticize an Employee for Excessive Telephone Usage

Not all employees are responsible employees. Employers sometimes have to deal with irresponsible employees. Such workers need notifications quite often in order to force them to keep their attitudes in compliance with the rules and regulations. But be sure that the twisted attitudes are not tolerated anywhere for long if they are not corrected after being criticized. This letter can be used to criticize an employee for excessive telephone usage.

Letter -1

I am writing this letter to you to remind you that the use of an office phone is for official purposes only. The employee handbook explains the clause and I hope that you have had a chance to read the handbook. You are seen busy with the phone quite often which I am sure is not for official purposes always. Apart from using the office phone, you have been observed using your own phone during office hours. You must know that the use of the personal phone during office hours has been allowed only for important or emergency calls.

In response to this letter, you either have to improve your attitude and avoid the use of the phone or otherwise mention a valid reason for why you are doing so. I don’t want you to come up with an argument though. In the end, I would again suggest you reread the office rules as you seem to have forgotten them. Thank you!

Letter -2

I am writing this letter to criticize Mr. XYZ for the excessive usage of the telephone. I am observing you for the last few days. I noticed that you are absent from your workplace and always busy using your mobile phone. 

It also comes to my attention that you did not meet your deadlines for the last two days. Also, you are not attending any meetings related to new projects. This level of negligence is not acceptable in my office at all. You are a hard-working employee of the XYZ Company but this attitude is not good for your job. 

You always keep busy yourself by using your mobile phone and playing games instead of working. If you are not interested in doing your job then please stay at your home and play games on your mobile phone. There is no place in my office for those people who wasted their time doing unnecessary activities. 

As you expect the best facilities and good salary package from me I also expect your good work and attention to your work. This is the last time I am warning you otherwise I will take strong action against you. Kindly change this attitude and pay attention to your work. I am giving you a second chance to improve yourself. I hope you will not disappoint me again in the future. Wishing you the best of luck. 



Letter -3

I am writing this letter to criticize Mr. [X] who is working as an assistant manager in our XYZ Company. It has come to my attention that you are no longer responsible for your duties. You spent all your working hours using your mobile phone. I am not expecting this kind of childish behavior from you. 

Instead of doing work you are always busy using your mobile phone and chit chat with people on different social media platforms. This attitude is not acceptable at all in my office. Moreover, it also comes to my knowledge that you did not complete your tasks and you are not attending the meetings. You are not complete the project that the company assigned to you. 

If you want to continue your job like this then there is no need to come into my office. I cannot afford your salary without any effort or hard work. You were the hardest worker employee of the [Company] but now you are totally different from that person. You become so lazy and irresponsible due to excessive usage of mobile phones. 

Also, I received so many complaints about your bad behavior and attitude. Your attitude is very bad towards your junior employee. Instead of doing your work on your own, you carry out the given task by giving it to junior employees. I hired these employees to work for the company, not for your work. Kindly change this attitude otherwise your job will be at stake. I hope you better understand my saying and will never disappoint me again in the future. Best of luck.



Letter to Criticize Employee Demanding Undue Reimbursements


I [Title] [Name] am writing to you on behalf of the [department name] regarding the application we received from you to reimburse you for your car repair. You were sent on a work trip to [city name] on [date]. The fact that you had an accident on the way back is very unfortunate but it is not the company’s fault and it is very inappropriate of you to make a claim for the damages.

We are very sorry for your loss and inconvenience but to demand the company pay the damages as it happened on a work trip is preposterous.  We don’t want to set such a precedent as your personal loss is not the result of the task assigned to you. It was a perfectly normal job and has nothing to do with your accident. You are now in a senior position and your subordinates look toward you. Such an irrational demand would misguide them and create unnecessary commotion and ill will.

We are rejecting the claim and expect more responsible behavior from you in the future.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [name]

I [Title] [Name] am writing to you on behalf of the [department name] regarding the application we received from you demanding the payment of your internet bill. This is highly irregular. You claim that since you were working on the [name] project, your internet bill has doubled and hence the company should reimburse you.

We do not agree with this claim as the said project was not assigned as a task to be done at home. You were welcome to stay in the office for as long as required to complete the task. However, if you want to go home and complete it there, for your own convenience, we are not bound to pay your internet bill.

We would also like to mention that the rest of your team has in fact stayed back and worked on the project from the office. Working from home is a privilege we offer, for our employees’ convenience but if it leads to such unreasonable demands, we would be forced to stop this practice.

Please refrain from making such absurd demands as they characterize you as an irresponsible person. We did not expect this from a valued employee like you. We expect more mature and reasonable behavior from you in the future.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [enter employee name],

I did not expect this irresponsible behavior from you. I am also not convinced yet that it was a mistake. After your international tour last month to the [enter country] for business purposes, you were asked to submit the report of your expenses and the costs so that reimbursement could be made to you.

Your report mentions you stayed at [enter hotel] which is an expensive hotel of [enter country name] while according to our knowledge you stayed at [enter hotel name] which is not as expensive as the hotel that you mentioned. The mistake in writing the hotel name is understood. You possibly had visited that hotel to meet someone and might have confused the hotel name while writing, however; I am unable to understand why the dues of the hotel are mentioned more than expected.

Mr. [enter employee name] also stayed at the same hotel three months ago when he was on a tour and his hotel dues were totally different from yours. Interestingly, his stay was double the time you stayed.

Let’s hope that it was only a mistake. You’re requested to meet me at my office so that you may be given a chance to explain your point.

Letter to Terminate Employee for Violating Medical Standards


I am [name] from [department name] and am writing to inform you about the findings of the medical board which investigated the case of misdiagnosis of your patient, [name]. Mr. [name] came to you on [date] with a complaint of [symptoms], you advised him of the following tests:

[List of tests]

After the lab reports came back, instead of identifying his disease as a straightforward case of [name of disease] you misdiagnosed it as [name of disease]. Your misdiagnosis almost cost that man his life and brought a very bad name to our prestigious hospital. This kind of negligent behavior is not expected or tolerated in [name] hospital. The care and welfare of our patients come before everything else.

Your employment contract clearly stated that negligence in providing medical care would not be tolerated. In light of the evidence that came to light and after hearing your defense, the board has decided to terminate your contract.

You would be paid one month’s salary in advance, as stated in your employment contract. You can contact Mr. [name] in [department name] for clearance of dues. We would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr. [name]

I [name] from [department name], am writing to inform you about the termination of your contract due to a violation of our medical standards. At the time of hiring, it was clarified that the job of [job title] required perfect eyesight and very good hand-eye coordination. Any lapse on the [job title] ‘s end could put a lot of people in harm’s way. You wrote an affidavit stating the same.

But the incident that took place on [date] clearly shows that you do not fulfill the medical standards required for the job. It is just a coincidence that no one was present in the area or else they would have been seriously injured when the mishap took place. Apart from that such an incident can also expose the company to a lawsuit and bring a bad name to our reputable organization. Taking all these things into consideration, your contract is being terminated effective [date].

You can claim this month’s pay but due to this violation, the company is not bound to pay any of the other benefits mentioned in the employment contract. For clearance of dues, please get in touch with Mr. [name] in [department name].

Yours sincerely,

Good physical health is necessary to perform well in the workplace. This is the reason why employers want to make sure that the employees they hire are physically fit to perform the day-to-day tasks. It is usually asked by the employee to confirm that they are physically fit and are not suffering from any serious disease. Later at some instance during the employment, if the medical report of an employee proves otherwise the employee can be terminated for violating the medical standards.


Dear [recipient’s name],

Like all businesses, we also want to make sure that the health conditions of our employees are up to those standards that will allow them to perform their duties well. It is for this reason that we ask for medical statements from our employees at the beginning of an employment contract.

You submitted your medical statement declaring that you are physically fit for the job and fulfill the medical standards of our company. However, it is sad to discover from the team of doctors that you are suffering from [enter suffering]. For this violation of medical standards, we have to terminate your employment with us. The termination will take effect from [enter date].

Despite this violation, we will not disclose the reason for termination. Please do not approach for the reference letter. However, an employment confirmation letter has been enclosed. Thank you!

Letter to Criticize Employee for Decline in Performance

Employees need to be notified, appreciated, and criticized for their performance. The feedback from the employers helps employees in keeping their performance satisfactory and as per the business’s requirements. Employees may sometimes perform poorly due to work stress or personal issues but when the performance continuously goes poor, this is the time to notify the employee that he should get conscious of his output. This letter can be written to an employee for performing poorly at work.


I [name] [designation] from [department name] am writing to you about your performance in the last quarter. You were hired on [date] as [designation] and sent on the basic training course to [branch name]. Your credentials as well as your performance in the basic training was very promising. The projects you were assigned immediately afterward bore testament that our decision to hire you was not wrong. Your team leader’s report of your performance was also full of praise and he expressed high hopes for you.

However, we have observed a gradual decline in your performance after the initial [number] months. We have been ignoring your team leader’s recent observations but now things have come to the point where we feel that intervention is necessary.

The first thing we would like to address is your lack of punctuality. Being punctual is not only important so that you can complete your work but also because others have to work with you and if you are not present here on time their work also gets affected. Then there is the issue of office discipline. Without proper decorum, a workplace cannot run smoothly and everyone’s productivity gets affected by rowdy and unprofessional behavior.

You have failed to meet the deadlines for the last two projects assigned to you. This has delayed the submission of projects to the client and affected the good name of our company. You are required to see Mr. [name] from [department name] at [time] on [date] to give an explanation about the reason for these delays.

Looking forward to a more reasonable and responsible approach from your side,

Yours sincerely,


Dear Ms. [name]

I [name] [designation] from [HR department] am writing to you on behalf of the school. You started your job here as an ad hoc teacher on [date] you took grade [number] here. Your teaching style and the techniques you used to capture the student’s imagination were a credit to you. Seeing your dedication and the student’s feedback, you were made permanent and given a senior class i.e., grade [number] in this school year.

However, your performance this year has been consistently declining. If you take so many off days the gap would be detrimental to your student’s understanding of the subject. Also, children observe the grown-ups around them especially the one sin mentoring position, and copy their behavior, what would they learn from a teacher who herself is not regular?

We have received complaints from parents saying that you have turned up for classes without proper lecture preparation. The student’s concepts are not clear and they had no idea how to attempt the homework you gave. This is a very alarming situation as we pride ourselves on the fact that our students don’t need tuition. Their concepts are clear here at school.

The fact that their concepts are not clear was also reflected in the result of your class in the mid-year exam. Nearly 80% of the class flunked the exam and the remaining students barely managed to scrape passing marks.

Copy checking remains another sore point. Parents have complained multiple times that the student’s notebooks are not checked and hence when they sit down to prepare for the exam, they memorize the erroneous work for which you cut marks when checking the paper.

In short, we are not satisfied with your performance and if this continued we would start considering the termination of your contract. We have decided to start a zero period for your class. You will do a recap of all the topics covered before the mid-terms, in these zero periods and clear the student’s concepts. In addition, you are required to see Mrs. [name] the senior mistress of middle school at [time] on [date] to discuss these issues at length and how to address them.

Looking forward to responsible and sensible behavior from your side from now onwards.

Yours Sincerely,


Dear [recipient’s name],

It has been [enter period] that you are working at [enter company]. Your performance has remained satisfactory throughout this period. I remember having written a couple of appreciation letters to you as well. However, I am greatly disappointed with the performance that you have shown in the past [enter period].

I am unable to understand the reason for it. You know that in businesses one seeks to elevate his graph and should get conscious if it declines. I was expecting an improvement in your performance since I first observed the decline in it because I had assumed that it could possibly be due to the stress that you might be facing. To my utter disappointment, I am still observing a decline in your performance.

Mr. [enter name], if there is something that is bothering you, please discuss it with me so that a solution could be found. I want you to get conscious of your performance as I definitely don’t wish to send you another letter of the same type. Thank you!

Letter to Criticize Employee(s) for Smoking


I [name] from [department name] am writing to you on behalf of the incident that took place on [date] in front of the conference room. That day a progress meeting was taking place in the main conference room and our respectable clients [firm name] were here. The regional head was also here and as soon as there was a break in the meeting you were found standing near the front desk, smoking a cigarette. As you know that conference room opens in the lobby from where the front desk is clearly visible.

Needless to say, it left a very bad impression on the esteemed guests and a lot of them expressed their disapproval to the official representatives at the conference. Our office is a no-smoking zone but you not only disregarded that but also didn’t care about the presence of the guests in the office.

These things leave a very bad impression not only about the individual but also tarnish the overall impression of the office. Looking forward to more professional and responsible behavior in the future,

Yours sincerely,


I am writing to caution you about the incident reported to HR on [date]. We as a restaurant, are a service industry and it is our task to ensure that the clients visiting us are comfortable and can enjoy their food in a peaceful and calm environment. The ambiance is just as important as the food we serve.

You were found smoking around the men’s washrooms and the smoke had spread all over the serving area on the terrace. The harmful effects of passive smoking are known to all and since we serve families in that area, a lot of very young children were present there and their families complained at once to the management. We have also come to know about one family who left the hotel as they felt disgusted by the cigarette smoke.

This kind of unprofessional attitude has no place in our restaurant and we would not tolerate this. Consider this a warning, if a similar situation arises again, we would be forced to terminate your contract.

Looking forward to more responsible behavior from your side in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Businesses have to follow rules and regulations in order to reach success since it is only when the proper terms and values are followed that a usual business turns into an unusual and exceptionally professional icon.

Most companies follow smoke-free policies for their official environments. This policy is implemented differently in different workplaces as the employer allows. At some places, smoking within office premises is totally banned. This is usually practiced among flourished and exceptionally professional organizations. Unlike this, some employers implement the smoke-free policy only for work hours, which means, employers are allowed to smoke during break hours within the office.

Nonetheless, whether the policy is implemented fully or partially if employees are found breaking the policy, they should be notified to criticize them so that they could be brought within the boundaries. This letter can be used to criticize employees for smoking.


To [enter recipient],

I did not expect this violation after a clear notification about the implementation of a smoke-free policy had been made. I am greatly disappointed as many of you are still found smoking within office premises that too in-office hours. This shows that the notification has not been taken seriously.

I want to inform you all that this kind of open violations of office rules is not tolerable. I see no reason for smoking in the office when those who smoke have already been told to use the assigned smoking spots outside the office. From now onwards, I hope to not see anybody smoking in the office. In the case of violation, expect a salary deduction as a fine for violating the policy. Thank you!

Letter to Confirm that an Error will be Corrected

I [title] [name] am writing to you from [department name] in reference to your complaint that your details entered in the office database are incorrect. We sincerely apologize for this mistake. Although we had circulated an email to the entire office before uploading it to the database, requesting everyone to confirm the information entered against their name as it was easier to rectify the error then. No response to the email was meant to signify that the information is correct.

Please provide us with the correct information now i.e., your date of birth, year of completion of your degree, and permanent address. It would be updated in the database within [number] days after you provide us with the information.

Regretting the inconvenience, you faced and hoping to rectify it ASAP,

Yours Sincerely,


I [title] [name] from [organization name] am writing to you about the order we received from you on [date]. Your usual order is for [name of product] in [quantity]. However, the order we received on [date] from you was for [quantity]. This is way above the normal order size so we looked into the matter and have amended it to the usual quantity after consulting your [designation] from [department] on [date] through email.

In case of any further queries, please feel free to contact Mr. [name] at [email address] or call him at [phone number].

Yours sincerely,

In businesses, sometimes an error occurs in official documents, project files, company journals, etc. If such an error is reported or is caught by the relevant persons themselves, a formal announcement should be made, confirming that the error will be corrected. Some errors are minute to be ignored but in businesses, nothing should be taken for granted. Even the minute errors when they are corrected with full responsibility prove the level of professionalism of that business’s professionals.

In such a letter, where an announcement is made regarding the correction of an error, a tone of confession and apology should opt especially when the error could have serious consequences. For example, if a business submitting its quarterly report makes an error, this can be a real-time problem for them. Or the errors in the financial transactions, project estimation, etc. can cause real damage to the reputation of the business. It is, therefore, important to write letters of confirmation of correction of errors if such an error is pointed out.


Dear [enter recipient],

After yesterday’s meeting, the meeting minutes were distributed among all the participants. Today I was informed by Mr. [enter the name of employee] about a mistake in the project’s total estimated amount. A digit is missing which is making the total amount half a million less than the actual amount. I am shocked that no one else caught this huge error including myself. I would like to confirm that this error will be corrected and that fresh copies of the minutes will be distributed among you. Thanks to Mr. [enter employee name].

Letter to Confirm a Transfer Promotion or Relocation

Businesses inform employees via letters if a transfer or allocation is made or a promotion is granted to an employee. Since documents are written proofs, they make the process of confirmation and reconfirmation easy.

A letter of confirmation is sent to an employee to confirm the announcement or decision that he is, in most cases already aware of. The purpose of sending a confirmation letter is to confirm the decision as well as to provide written proof of it. This letter, given below can be used to confirm a transfer or relocation of an employee.

Letter to confirm the promotion

Dear Mr. [name]

I [title] [name] from [department name] am writing to inform you about the result of the promotion board [year] held on [date]. You have been promoted to [designation] effective [date]. We would like to congratulate you on behalf of all the members of the board on this well-earned promotion.

Your performance over the last [number] years as [designation] was analyzed and it was decided that you have fulfilled your duties very efficiently and competently. The way you have led your team during the very difficult period of COVID and undertaken some truly challenging projects such as [name of project] while maintaining all the SOPs, is truly inspiring.

You not only completed these projects in time but the quality of work is a credit to you and your team. We acknowledge that the secret behind your team’s synergy is your exceptional leadership. Your professionalism and mentorship are an asset to our office.

You are requested to relieve Mr. [name] latest by [date]. You would be succeeded by Ms. [name]. Please complete the handover before the given date and submit the Employee Performance Reports of your team for the period [date] to [date] before that.

In the end, we would like to congratulate you once again and wish you all the best in your new post. Looking forward to the same outstanding performance. Keep it up!

Yours sincerely,

Letter to confirm the relocation

I [title] [name] from [department name] am writing to you to confirm the relocation of our warehouse currently located at [old address]. Due to a recent rise in the rent and deteriorating security conditions in this particular area, [Company Name] no longer finds this site appropriate for a viable business operation.

Despite repeated complaints to the area’s police authorities, the incidents of petty street crime have become more and more frequent. Our staff no longer feels safe working in the area. Also, the suppliers keep complaining about the inconvenience and constant risk they feel in delivering to an area that they consider unsafe. Also, some suppliers find this location to be too far from the city so ease of access is an issue too.

Keeping in view safety issues, cost-effectiveness, and ease of accessibility for our suppliers, I am pleased to inform you that we will be relocating to [new address] and would be operating from there with effect from [date]. All the orders to be delivered after this date must be sent to the new address. Not only is the new warehouse in a safer location but we also kept the issue of inaccessibility in mind and ensured that that would not be a problem.

Looking forward to a better working experience together,

Yours sincerely,

Letter to confirm the transfer of job

I [title] [name] from [HR department] am writing to inform you that you have been transferred to [department name]. You would join your new job from [date]. Before this date, you are requested to submit any pending projects and reports you might have. Mr. [name] would be replacing you as [designation] with whom you are expected to complete the handover within 7 days. A completion report in this respect will be submitted to your Department Supervisor and Director of Human Resources by [date].

In your new department, you will work as a Senior Marketing Analyst. The job description will primarily involve monitoring market trends of the under-mentioned companies, analyzing them critically with a view to producing investment-oriented reports for the investors:-

[List of companies]

Further details would be shared with you upon joining. You are to report to Mr [name] on [date]. He would guide you regarding the job requirements and all the relevant details.

Letter of transfer of employee

Dear [enter recipient],

An announcement was made regarding the allocation and promotion of some employees. This is to confirm that you have been transferred to our new office in [enter place].

Your duties there will remain the same as they are here since you are only transferred to the new office and your promotion has not yet been made. Although you will be able to enjoy some entitlements that were not granted to you here, your salary will remain the same. As you are about to move to a new place and new work environment, I would also like to advise you to maintain punctuality and professionalism at the new office as you will be a representative of our [Enter branch name] branch there. Your work hours at the new branch will start from [enter date]. Good luck!


[Your Name]

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